Monday, April 28, 2008


She thought of his cock all day at work. The way it felt in her hand, the texture of the skin on his velvety sheath and how the head of his prick would bulge out of its tight circle of skin when she pulled his foreskin tightly down.

Fidgeting in her chair, a passing co-worker remarked on her restlessness.

Her cunt felt tight and twitchy and she could feel her lips sliding together, the friction providing an exquisite teasing sensation that provoked her further. Beneath the cotton of her t-shirt, her nipples were stiff and erect and although warm, she didn't dare take off her jacket because of her swollen aroused breasts.

Anyone looking at her would clearly perceive the firm, hard outlines, their tips clearly aroused and at attention. Swollen and firm, they lifted and pushed out her blouse, begging to be licked and sucked.

She would have liked bigger breasts. There was something innately erotic about large heavy breasts with their swelling abundance of soft sweet flesh, the nipples large and firm against the jiggling mounds. She liked natural breasts because of the way they hung. Although the ideal seemed to be the perfectly round, perfectly formed large globes of flesh which jutted impudently from a woman's chest, she found natural breasts with their softer, more globular shape more attractive.

She loved the way heavy breasts allowed gravity to take its way, so that they hung slightly lower with heavy, soft undersides that begged to be lifted and sucked. She loved the sight of real cleavage, the way the folds of flesh from each breast hung against a woman's rib cage beckoned a hand to insert itself between, to push beneath where the big soft tit met the rib cage and lift up, filling and overflowing even a large hand.

She liked to fantasize about a faceless woman with big, luscious tits being available to her touch and feel. She would be as bad as a man in that way if that faceless, nameless woman was hers to manipulate. Most of all, she thought of having that girl to use as she would to increase his pleasure, to have another woman there with large, heavy breasts and a hot, tight juicy cunt to touch and feel and titillate.

She closed her eyes and felt almost ill. She could not wait for the next day and his so unexpected birthday surprise!

It had been hard, almost impossible really to work up the courage to actually follow through. The idea came to her one night, when lying sweaty and satisfied, she had idly asked him to tell her one of his most desired fantasies. This was a game they had played before and with excellent results.

"Sometimes." he said, "The reality is actually more exciting than the fantasy … like anal sex!" he said grinning at her.

"Other times, though, it is just simply that – a fantasy."

He confided then that since he was young, one of his most cherished fantasies, closely held, embellished and brought out again and again, was to have two women in his bed at once.

"Not just for me to fuck." he explained, running a finger along the curve of her breast.

"But to see you touch another woman …" he trailed off and was quiet.

Turning on her elbow, she ran her hand down his body and to her delight, felt the flaccid cock hardening.

"Tell me more." she said eagerly, pulling gently at the burgeoning member.

And he did. And that is how she sat in work, unbelievably aroused anticipating the culmination of his most treasured dream.

* * * * *

"God, this is gorgeous!" he said reverently, giving around the lushly appointed room. A king size bed took up one side of the very large area. Set off to one side was a comfortable, welcoming grouping of a small couch and chair, both turned to face a gas fireplace. Flames, flickering and warm, sent tendrils of red, orange and the palest yellow, lending a glow to the deep rich maroon of the walls.

A small table with elegantly appointed legs stood near the large, curtained window. On it, were champagne, brandy and a beautifully presented tray of fruit and cheeses. Crystal goblets glistened in the reflected fire, sending facets of light to shine like diamonds against the rich array.

Turning to him, she moved into his arms, fastening her lips to his in a clinging, deep kiss, running her fingers down the planes of his back to his firm buttocks which she squeezed and molded. She felt almost faint with lust, which combined with the trepidation she was consumed with, was making her feel quite wild.

She felt his response immediately against her flat groin, as his cock began to harden. Pulling back, she dropped her bag, and grabbing his hand, had him sit in the comfortably appointed armchair. Laughing, he allowed himself to be placed.

Monique turned to the table where she expertly popped the champagne, laughing as the frothy liquid bubbled over. Filling a goblet she brought it to him.

Leaning over, Monique ensured that Rob had a good look down the deep v of her top that plunged between her small breasts, exposing the soft slopes which shifted and bulged out of the tight neck of her shirt. As she went to stand, he stopped her, his hand firm.

Taking his hand, he pushed his fingers between the sweet, soft valley between the firm breasts, running his fingers over the soft mounds beneath and pushing insistently under the soft wisp of bra that barely contained them. She stood quiescent, closing her eyes and relishing the feel of his warm fingers on her sensitive breasts.

Then pulling his fingers, she kissed them, allowing one to trail between her soft lips where, closing her eyes, she suckled it. Then grinning as she heard him take in a deep breath, she moved away.

Putting on soft music, she returned and kneeling at his feet, fumbled at his fly. With eager fingers she unbuttoned first one button, then the other. Reaching inside, she pulled out his thick, semi-flaccid prick, running her fingers up and down its soft length, and pulling at the loose foreskin. Bending, she sucked his cock deep in her mouth, laving it with her tongue. She closed her eyes in ecstasy.

She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth, the salty tang of his pre-come juice blended with the hint of urine and sweat together with the clean sweet scent of his soap.

Beneath her expert ministrations, Robs cock began to swell and harden. Monique choked slightly as it lengthened and pulled back slightly to get better suction on its length. Rob took his hand, tangling it in his wife's red curls and pulling her head close to his groin. He groaned as his wife's expert tongue ran thrillingly up and down the shaft, flicking into the slit at the top, lapping at the clear fluid that was starting to leak.

A knock on the door jolted the two of them from their fun. He quickly jerked his pants closed, disconcerted at the interruption.

Monique felt almost sick, breathless, excited and aroused and also quite worried. How would he take this? Garnering her courage, she stood and going to the door, opened it.

She was petite and well rounded with tousled blond hair and sleepy eyes. She wore a tight form fitting mini dress which clung lovingly to each curve, outlining the heavy breasts, small waist and flaring hips.

"Candy?" Monique asked, then had to clear her throat as it came out as a croak.

"Yes, Monique?"

Monique nodded, her breath fast.

The girl smiled and reaching for Monique's hand, squeezed it reassuringly.

"I'm here to take care of you both." she said smiling warmly.

Nodding, taking a deep breath, Monique took the girl's hand and brought her into the room.

Rob looked quizzically at her, questioning the intrusion into what was to be their time together. Smiling tentatively, she brought the girl to him.

"Happy Birthday." she said.

His eyes widened and he looked at her incredulously. She smiled, feeling more confident. Stroking the girl's soft hand, she introduced her:

"Hon, this is Candy. Candy is visiting us for the entire evening."

Candy smiled. She liked the look of this couple, the woman, nervous but already flushed, the incredulous husband. She obviously couldn't be too choosy when it came to picking her clients and usually was able to tolerate most kinds. This, however, was going to be a treat and not a real hardship.

The woman was tall and lean, with really lovely legs and a great ass. The husband was remarkably nice looking with his short hair, athletic build and remarkably beautiful green eyes.

Realizing the couple was new to this type of thing, Candy realized she would have to take the initiative. She had noted the woman's eyes darting repeatedly to her breasts and correctly surmised that she was dying to touch them.

Men, Candy knew, loved to watch two women together anyway. Although technically, she was "his" treat, she figured she would give him an eyeful first.

Turning to Monique, she took her hands and pulled her close. Reaching up, she threaded her fingers into the thick curly hair of her client, pulling her mouth down to her own. Their lips met, clinging and soft. She felt the taller woman tremble slightly, her resistance slight but marked.

Candy took her hand and gently took Monique's hand in hers. She pulled back, her lips softly releasing the soft lips of her client. Watching her intently, Candy slowly pulled Monique's hand in into the deep v of her top, pushing it under one heavy breast.

Rob gasped as he watched Candy guide his wife's hand into her top and around the heavy globe of one large breast.

Rubbing his prick, he surreptitiously unzipped, allowing the stiff cock to escape the confines of his pants. Grasping his prick, he began to lazily pull the skin and up down its hard length, enthralled as he watched his wife caress another woman's breasts. He was amused and aroused by the woman she had chosen for him — the complete opposite to his wife's own long, lean length.

Monique closed her eyes. She was trembling violently as almost of its own volition her hand convulsively grasped the heavy breast. She had wanted to touch another woman's breast for so long. The skin was velvet soft and warm, so rubbery and slippery and sweet and so heavy in her palm.

She couldn't resist and gently squeezed the heavy flesh, then, sweetly, cupped the underside in her palm, weighing its bounty. Her blood felt heated and feverish. Helplessly, she ran her finger from the underside to the tip and delicately plucked at the thick nub of Candy's nipple.

Taking the thin straps of the girl's dress, Monique slipped them down her shoulders. Obediently, Candy moved her arms so she could slip them off She grinned. It hadn't taken much to get this woman going!

Monique grasped the top of the dress and pulled it down. She felt her cunt tighten as she saw the great breasts barely embraced by a wisp of a lace bra. They were very large, great pale mounds of tit flesh bulging from the white lace, the cleavage deep. Stepping back, she watched avidly as Candy straightened her shoulders, throwing the big heavy tits forward.

"God, they're beautiful!" she breathed reverently, almost afraid to touch again.

"Touch them." Candy offered and pouting, cupped her sweet tits in her palms, their nipples flushed and impudent, offering them to the other woman.

Monique took a deep breath. She actually felt weak-kneed. Glancing to Rob she flushed even hotter as her eyes took in the sight of his hand grasping a very erect, very red cock. His eyes, burning and bright, met hers.

"Touch her tits." he said hoarsely, running slippery fingers up and down the length of his prick.

Monique reached out. Tentatively, then almost convulsively, her hands cupped the heavy breasts. She closed her eyes, savouring the feel of the sweet flesh in her hands. Gently, she squeezed the bulging globes, not wanting to hurt the girl.

Then releasing one, relishing the way it sagged back against the girl's chest, she began to squeeze and mold the other, closing her eyes as she savoured the soft skin, the jiggling warmth. Impatiently, she reached behind the girl's back and undid the clasp of her bra.

Released from their prison, the girl's large tits flopped out enticingly, jiggling as the pressure of the bra was removed. Her nipples were a pale brown and very large, with stiff, dark tips. Moving to the front of the girl, but slightly to the side so she wouldn't impede Rob's vision, she filled her hands with one heavy breast, running her fingers over the burgeoning flesh and then to, the tip, where she carefully felt the nipple, liking the hard spongy texture and finding it both strange and exciting to actually be feeling another woman's breast. She glanced at him and felt her groin grow heavy as she saw his beloved cock, flushed and stiff, protruding from his pants.

She had an overwhelming need to suckle that breast. She looked yearningly at it, literally salivating at the thought of sucking that big nipple between her lips.

"Go ahead." Candy said.


"You want to suck it, don't you?" Candy asked, a smile crooking the sweet line of her large mouth.

"Go ahead. I really don't mind!"

Monique looked to Rob

"Suck her tit – she wants you to." he said.

"Come on! I want to see you do it!"

Monique took a deep breath. Then resolved, she brought the girl closer, then, pushing her back a bit, carefully cupped a big breast and leaning, touched the tip of her tongue to the brown nipple, laving it gently. Candy sighed, closing her eyes. She loved having her breasts suckled but realized the woman would need help. Cupping the back of Monique's head, she pushed the dark tip of her nipple further in to the warm mouth, filling it with sweet breast flesh.

Rob groaned as he saw his wife suck in the hard stiff nipple of the other woman. Candy held her breast firmly, pushing it firmly into his wife's mouth. Monique's hand came up and began to squeeze and fondle the other dangling breast, pinching the nipple gently, and relishing the feel of its heavy bounty. After a few minutes, she allowed the breast she had to fall, and the nipple popped out of her eager lips with an audible sound. Reaching down, she eagerly cupped the other breast, bringing the tip to her mouth.

Rob's hand rubbed his straining cock rapidly, then slowed down. He didn't want to come too soon. Glancing down, he used his fingers to rub the juice oozing out of the tip of his thick red prick all over, laving it up and down and providing a delicious friction.

Monique closed her eyes, relishing the feel of a fantasy come alive. She had wanted to touch another woman's breasts for so long and realized that her "surprise" for her husband was more than likely a "surprise" for herself as well.

Releasing the younger girl's sweet breast, she turned to her husband.

Taking Candy's hand, she led her over.

Gently, her hand in the small of her back she pushed her slightly, cupping one heavy breast with her other hand. Sweetly, aroused and flushed, she offered the dark brown erect tip of the girl's nipple to her husband's lips. Opening his mouth, he gently sucked in the tip, groaning slightly.

Taking the girl's hands she had her cup her own breast. Then, moving aside, Monique quickly stripped off her dress. Beneath she had a lace filled merry widow. Her own small breasts were compressed and squeezed together by the tightly laced bodice, their nipples pushed up and out to give easy access. Her narrow waist was enclosed by the satin ribbing while below, the lips of her shaved cunt were naked, framed by the garter belt and white stockings.

The lips of her cunt glistened with her arousal and she could even feel the juice dripping down the soft plane of her inner thighs.

Monique gently pulled Candy's breast from her husband's suckling mouth. Smiling, she pulled the girl's dress down her narrow waist, tugging it over the fill flare of her hips and getting her to step out of it. The girl was wearing a black lace thong, the narrow triangle of material in the front barely enclosing her plump mound, pale brown curly hair escaping from around the edges.

Monique took the girl and had her pirouette, allowing D to get a good look at the girl, her heavy swollen breasts with their luscious sag, the small waist and flaring hips and the plump inviting mound at the apex of her thighs.

Turning the girl, she showed him the girl's plump swelling ass, the narrow band of the thong emerging from the heart shaped cheeks of her ass, invisible between its round, inviting cheeks. Pushing the girl to bend, she took the thin line of the thong, pulling it to one side. She saw him gasp as she pushed the girl's thighs wider so he could get a really good look at the exposed cunt. Even with her thighs somewhat spread, the lips of the girl's cunt were tight and slender, lightly furred with pale dark hair. Her asshole was a tight pink rosebud while below her cunt hole looked impossibly small and virgin. Some love juice was dewing the girl's nether hair, causing her cunt to glisten in the subdued lighting. Her long slit was beautifully outlined by the hair which lightly furred it.

Carefully, Monique tugged the thong down and off. Holding it to her nose, she licked the wet strip of material delicately, breathing in the smell, then taking it, brought it to his nose. He breathed deeply, smelling this woman's cunt then like her, licked it so that he could taste the clean, astringent taste of her cunt.

Candy's cunt was just a foot from his gaze when Monique took her fingers and delicately grasped the slender, tight cunt lips. Pulling them apart she made sure he had a good view of what she revealed.

Monique's own cunt was on fire now. She could not believe she was actually fingering another woman's cunt, touching her intimately, pulling her cunt lips open for her husband. The girl's inner lips were a coffee colour, delectable and soft. Pulling the sweet cunt wider, she was able to see the girl's clit, which was already erect and distended.

She was a little shocked to see it was quite large, almost like another nipple. Reaching forward with a finger, she flicked it lightly and was encouraged as the girl groaned. She kept it up for several minutes, feeling her fingers grow wet as slippery juice began to slide out of the tight pink cunt hole, dewing the lips and making it difficult to keep her grasp on them.

Though fascinated, she kept glancing at him to make sure he was enjoying this and that he was happy with the way she was offering him this other girl.

His prick was incredibly distended, its purple head completely revealed, glistening and dripping with pre-come juice. A thick, slick squishing sound could be heard as he rubbed his hand up and down its long thick length.

Thus encouraged, she let the cunt lips go, but swollen now, they remained somewhat distended, the inner lips starting to swell from between, the big juicy clit now glaringly obvious as it stuck out a good half inch between. Monique's own clit was tiny so this was a novel and provoking experience.

She literally felt limp with lust. Unable to resist, Monique took one finger and brought it to the tight cunt hole, gently pushing it in. Surprisingly, it slid in with no effort, right to the first knuckle, the hot folds sucking her finger and enfolding around it.

Slowly, she fucked her finger in and out of Candy's cunt, loving the way its pale whiteness disappeared into the hot flushed depths. The girl's cunt seemed to swell even further and without thinking she began to push another finger in, until three of her fingers, stiff and demanding, fucked in and out of the hot juicy hole.

Pulling out her glistening fingers, Monique tentatively touched the tight furled bud of Candy's ass. The girl jumped slightly, then turned her head to grin … her heavy breasts swinging as she did so. Pushing back, she actually pushed that sweet tight asshole right down on Monique's finger. Monique gasped.

In the chair, Rob grasped the base of his straining cock. Watching his wife finger fuck the girl was erotic enough but now, watching that long slender finger appear and disappear in another woman's tight asshole was making the cum rise way too quickly.

Squeezing at the base, he closed his eyes and through sheer determination forced his orgasm down. The slit at the tip of his swollen cock was literally weeping; clear viscous fluid streamed in sticky strands, catching on his fingers and running in rivulets down his palm.

Monique couldn't wait any longer; she felt on fire, and rivulets of her own arousal were making their way down her taut thighs. Taking the girl she led her to the bed, positioning her on her hands and knees, her ass in the air.

Monique couldn't resist reaching beneath and squeezing the heavy dangling breasts, their nipples almost grazing the bedspread, even slapping them lightly so that they jiggled even more enticingly. Then happy with the girl's positioning, she went to her husband and took his hand, tugging him to his present.

She positioned him right behind the girl, his distended prick pointing to the luscious cunt, then unbuttoning the rest of his fly, she pulled his pants down so his balls hung free and his entire cock was available. Taking the stiff beloved cock in her fingers she bent and couldn't resist sucking it into her mouth for a moment, savouring the heavy length of it in her mouth, lapping at the drooling spongy head.

Rob held back, looking at her enquiringly. He loved this woman and as hard as it was not to sink himself right into that luscious cunt, he held onto his self-restraint.

Monique smiled. Reaching up, she lovingly caressed his face.

"I WANT you to fuck her." she whispered.

"I want to see that beautiful cock of yours fucking in and out of her cunt. I really do!"

Then eagerly, she grasped it in her fingers and positioned it at the mouth of the girl's cunt. She used her own fingers to push just the head of his cock into the juicy hole, holding her breath as she saw the thick purple head push in.

Sighing Rob pushed his hips forward and sank the stiff length of his prick into the tight red hole, groaning as he felt his prick enveloped in the luscious folds of Candy's cunt. Reaching to his wife, he fumbled impatiently between her' legs, and without 'any preliminaries, sank three fingers up to the knuckle into her hot juicy cunt.

Gathering himself he began pumping his cock in and out of the sleek cunt, at the same time pumping his fingers in and out of his wife' hole.

Monique's breathing was ragged as she moved her hips closer, the better to feel the stiff fingers. Her eyes were glued to the erotic sight of her husband's stiff, moist prick pumping into and out of a tight, hot cunt.

The girl's cunt lips seemed to cling to the hard shaft as he pulled it out, leaving a glistening residue on its stiff pink length and she grunted each time he thrust its length back up. Monique had to be closer.

Pulling Rob's fingers out of her soaking pussy, she dropped to her knees, her eyes inches from where his prick pushed in and out of the luscious hole. Without conscious volition, her pink tongue came out and licked her lips, then pushing her head forward she began to lap at the shaft of his cock each time he pulled it out.

Rob groaned. Candy's cunt was hot and wet, enfolding his cock in a sweet tight vice. His wife's tongue flicking at the shaft as he pulled it out was almost unbearably good.

Monique groaned as the taste of his cock. It tasted incredibly wonderful, its own familiar taste overlaid with the clean astringent juice that was now pouring out of the girl's cunt.

She heard his breathing quicken as he watched his cock pumping in and out of a strange cunt, relishing the feel of his wife's pink tongue licking and sucking him as he did so.

Monique snaked her hand between his legs, feeling how tight his balls were, pulled tight up to his groin and sensing he was getting ready to spew his delicious come right up. Her other hand snaked between her own thighs, and almost frantically, she began rubbing her distended clit.

Lost, she pushed her face into the conjoined members, tongue lapping the sweet swollen length of cock and then caressing the soft folds of Candy's vagina.

Rob almost expired as he watched his wife licking the girl's distended swollen lips. He could see her pink tongue lapping at the glistening juice that bedewed that beautiful pussy. Pumping harder, he fucked deeply into the girl's cunt.

From deep within Rob felt his orgasm gathering. Looking down he felt like he was literally going to explode – watching his wife nuzzling and licking both the swollen cock and clinging lips of this stranger's cunt.

Grasping Candy's soft hips, he began ramming into her cunt. Monique's fingers flicked the sweet, tight balls that were now almost pulled up entirely into his groin, running a nail along the vein that ran between his thighs.

She heard him groan, and suddenly, shoving his cock up as far up as it would go, his prick began spasming, spewing a torrent of hot cum into the hot cavern of the girl's cunt, shoving, pushing as much and as far as he could go. His hips bucked as he tried to bury his spewing cock as deep within that sweet hole as possible.

Monique felt his cock begin to jerk and spurt, the hot liquid come jetting from the tip of his cock deep inside. The girl suddenly groaned and pushed her hips back against him and he felt the tight muscles enveloping his cock suddenly contract and then throb and he realized she was coming.

His wife, kneeling beside, her tongue working frantically to lick and suck anything she could, also groaned as she felt her husband's cock emptying and the answering throbs of the girl's cunt.

Desperate for her own release, she suddenly stood up and scrambling onto the bed in front of the girl, lay on her back and spread her thighs as wide as they would go. Grasping the girl's head, she thrust it between her thighs onto the hot, glistening cunt.

The girl's pink tongue came out and began flicking at the swollen lips. Burying her nose and mouth in the gaping lips, she began to frantically lick and suck it.

Rob, his cock, incredibly having just released its load began to harden in the hot cunt which held it. He watched, feeling sick with arousal as his wife was thoroughly licked and sucked and he began to push in and out of the now soaking wet, slick cunt of the girl yet again.

He saw his wife's eyes glaze over and her hips begin that sexy, erotic dance he knew so well. Her long slender legs suddenly closed over the girl's head, pulling it closer as Candy sucked eagerly at the offered cunt. Monique's hips almost came off the bed and suddenly she gave a deep groan. He watched her legs tighten and her hips began to buck, and her sweet groans made his prick tighten almost painfully.

He knew the girl's mouth was glued to the hot juicy lips of his wife's cunt, barely able to hold on as her hips jerked and bucked under the force of her orgasm. Unable to help himself, he felt his prick spasm and he incredibly began to come again.

His cock jerked and a thin dribble of sperm jetted out the spongy tip deep inside the girl's hole. He held Candy's hips really tight against him, his eyes never leaving the sight of his wife being eaten by a woman, and felt as though his insides were being expelled from the hot, stiff tip of his prick.

It seemed like forever but he saw the long slender legs of his wife release their stranglehold and the girl lifted her head. Pulling away, he watched as his prick slid out of the hot cunt, semi-flaccid and covered in a mingled mix of sperm and cunt juice.

Moving to the bed he lay down and gathered his wife in his arms, then reaching up, he patted the girl's face and gave her a grateful kiss before turning to his wife and engaging her in a deep passionate embrace.

Getting up, the girl quietly dressed and as they lay embraced and exhausted, they heard the door quietly close.

Monique turned to him, face relaxed and content.

"Was that a nice surprise?" she asked sleepily.

"Best ever." he said, grinning and running a possessive hand along her flank, settled in for a well deserved nap.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Highway Exposure

I have a number of ongoing stories about Sian (pronounced "Shawn" - female equivalent of Sean) and Daire (DAW-reh) and the unfolding of their very intense relationship.

Sian was ready on time as per his instructions.

Impatient for his beloved presence, she paced the house, pausing in front of a full length mirror to check her appearance.

Critically she assessed what she saw. She was tallish for a woman, around 5'8". Her thick, sherry coloured curls were swept up tightly into a band. Loose, it fell in luxuriant, curling waves to her hips and was a secret, closely held source of pride. She felt sometimes she should cut it but he objected as he loved to bury his face in its sweet smelling bounty and would gather handfuls of silky curls and rub his beautiful cock in them. Her shoulders were broad and straight, her back a breathtaking curve to firm, high buttocks. Her stomach was firm but slightly rounded, a small sweet pouch between the bones of her narrow hips.

Cupping her breasts, she studied them critically. She would have loved more bountiful tits although he never complained. Although small, they were plump and firm with impudent dusky pink nipples and large areolas. The best part was that they were incredibly sensitive.

He would lip them gently, then suckle, pulling more and more of the sweet flesh into his mouth, sucking strongly until she would close her eyes and feel the tug from the back of her nipples straight to between her thighs, an insistent tug on her womb.

She was wearing the short, white skirt he had chosen that morning together with the black tank top. Cut low, her soft flesh swelled out of the top. Pale, silk nylons whispered up her long shapely legs.

Reaching up, she unfastened the clips that held her hair, allowing the rich burnished curls to cascade down around her shoulders and hips, a long tendril slipping into the valley between her breasts. Running her fingers through it she patted the gleaming waves into a semblance of order and grabbing her makeup, went to the mirror.

A brushing of powder, a sweep of mascara and she was ready.

Her pale Irish skin was almost translucent, resistant to sun and incapable of tanning – she had learned long ago to stay away from its harmful rays. Her eyes were large and double-lidded, their irises an intense, deep green flecked with gray and blue. A strong celtic nose, smooth cheeks and a small, expressive mouth with a clear sweet line on the upper lip and a plump, pouting lower lip gave her an interesting and arresting visage if not a traditionally pretty face.

The neighbour’s ever vigilant dog barked outside. Clicking on the high stilettos he favoured, her buttocks flexing, calves prominent, she hurried to the front door in time to open it for him.

Coming in, he threw his keys on the side table, put his briefcase down then stepped back to assess her. She stood, hips slightly jutting out, long gorgeous legs flexed, the mass of hair waving and falling silkily about her, the swell of pale breast above the stark black of the tank top, quiescent.

He walked around her, quietly, his eyes narrowed and stern, making her tremble slightly. She felt him at her back, her very nerves so attuned to his presence that it were as if he were touching her. Her sense of self, her barriers, dissolved when he was near, softening, opening, as if he could enter and claim her as easily spiritually as he did physically.

She felt his warm hand on her back, barely touching, trailing his fingers down over the taut buttocks to the bottom edge of the skirt. With one finger, he delicately lifted the skirt, exposing the pale flesh at the top of her nylons, then lifting higher, he studied the play of muscles in her buttocks, the sweet sight of the scarlet thong emerging from the dimpled cleft of her ass.

With the barest of pressure, he pushed into the small of her back. Obediently, she bent forward, feeling her ass cheeks flex and open slightly. She felt the slight push again. Breathing a deep breath out, she bent completely forward, her forehead touching the front of her calves, hands clasped behind her ankles.

He watched as her entire groin was exposed from the silk clad cleft to the narrow line of her thong barely masking the furled beauty of her anus. Her thighs, long and supple were taut, the firm cheeks of her ass gaped slightly, giving him ingress to her most private parts. He took his finger and ran it along the line of the thong. Scent suddenly filled the air, a musky perfume as her sex dampened the silk cloth.

Gently, but surely, he pushed the strip of material aside and then suddenly, with no warning, thrust his stiffened finger up her cunt. She gasped, and without conscious thought, pushed back, impaling herself further on his finger.

A sharp slap reddened the cheek of her right buttock, she stopped. Crudely, but unbelievably erotically, he fucked her with his stiff finger. She felt her cunt swell and dampen. Clutching her ankles tightly, she willed her hips to stay still, fighting the almost unbearable urge to push them against him. She opened her tightly shut eyes and stared between her slightly spread legs at his beloved self.

Pulling his finger clear he commanded her to stand straight. A bit dizzy, she complied and obeying the pressure on her hip, turned to face him. He held his hand before him, glistening finger extended.

Capturing her eyes with his, he slowly and methodically raised it to his face. First he held it beneath his nose, inhaling deeply her intimate scent, then his tongue flickered out. Fascinated she watched as he carefully licked her off his finger, sucking the last tendrils of dampness into his beautiful mouth.

Then, grinning, he leaned forward and captured her lips with his own, running his tongue into the soft warmth of her mouth, allowing her to taste her own juices. He was happy, she was content.

Moments later, after a quick shower, he was set. Pocketing his keys, he grabbed her hand and pulled her outside to the car.

The top of the sporty convertible was already retracted, the soft leather interior open to the elements. Laughing, she lifted one long leg and hopped in over the door. Buckling in, they were quickly on their way – heading for the highway. Turning west and then north, he headed up towards cottage country.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"You'll see, don't be so impatient," he admonished her.

She wiggled, trying to pull the skirt down over her ass more. The car was small and her legs were long; together with the stiletto heels she was nervous she was flashing far more than a glimpse of thigh. Leaning over, his eyes still on the road, he grabbed her thigh.

"Leave it – I want to be able to look over and see most of your legs and also your crotch," he said.

"But everyone else will too!" she said.

"That's the idea." His voice was amused. "You know I like it when others can see my girl."

With that, he tugged at the skirt so it was pushed even further up and the scarlet of her thong was clearly visible.

To her relief, traffic was starting to drop off. She felt extremely exposed in the small compact car. Vans, trucks and other vehicles had an uninterrupted view of her legs and crotch, making her feel self-conscious yet at the same time, causing a guilty rush of excitement which made her feel sexually hyper-sensitive.

He flashed a devastating grin at her; inside, her heart contracted.

"Reach in and pull your tits out," he instructed, "don't undo your bra, just pull them out and let them sit on top."

Shocked, she looked at him a bit incredulously.

"In case you haven't noticed, we're in an open car!" she said.

"DO IT!"

A little angry, she complied.

Reaching in, she cupped the soft plump flesh of her left breast and managed to pull it up and out. Then the right. She blushed furiously as the air hit her sensitive exposed nipples which hardened immediately. Like small dark pink fingers, they pushed out from her chest impudently. The jostle of the car caused her breasts to bounce slightly. The feel of the exposed breasts in the open air was both disconcerting and exciting. Reaching over, he gently cupped a breast, his other hand firmly on the wheel. Squeezing, he made her gasp, her breast swelling.

A discordant blast suddenly tore through the air, making her jump violently. To her right, a huge transport truck suddenly pulled up beside the car. From high atop the cab, a bearded face grinned down at her. Mountain Man, she thought inconsequentially, that's what he looked like.

Squealing, she tried to cover her exposed tits – but Dáire slapped her hand away. Pushing her back against the seat, he caused her breasts to push out even more obviously. Again, the horn split the air as the trucker drank in the sight of two lovely soft tits open to his view, which together with the long, beautiful legs were enough to make a dead man stiff.

Horrified, yet aroused, she stared up. One eye on the road, one drinking in the sight of her exposed self, the trucker was on his CB.

"He can see my boobs!" she said.

"I know, I want him looking at them – I want him to see your gorgeous tits and want to suck them and squeeze them," he answered calmly.

"Now, pull up your skirt further – I want him to see your cunt too."

Matching action to words, he tugged insistently at the skirt.

Embarrassed but obedient, Sian lifted her ass lightly, allowing her to tug the tight skirt up past her hips. The cheeks of her ass were now on the soft leather of the seat but she had her legs pressed closely together. A roar on the other side caught her attention, snapping her head up.

Yet another transport pulled up, hanging from the passenger window, a boy had the window cranked open and was peering down into the convertible.

She pressed her eyes tight together, feeling a mixture of helplessness and resentment, ignoring the frisson of sexual excitement that was causing her to dampen the seat.

"Spread your legs and pull your knees up," Dáire said quietly.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, still somewhat defiant.

"NOW," he raised his voice.

Frowning, she suddenly thought to hell with it, glaring at him, she snapped her knees apart and up, grasping them and pulling them apart and up towards her face. A blast of the air horn from the truck beside her rent the air as the truck swerved, then righted itself.

Her entire slit lay open, nether lips gaping slightly, the air cooling her heated inner core, drying the sweet nectar which despite her outrage, bedewed her thighs.

She rested her head against the headrest behind her head, closing her eyes, removing herself from her present reality.

Taking deep yogic breaths, she calmed, focused, looked inward and explored her tumultuous thoughts. The outside world receded from her consciousness, the rumble of the trucks now flanking their small automobile, the hiss of the wind and the feel of the cool air on her exposed sex floating away.

Instead, she saw in her mind's eye her sprawled, open legs, her slit from clit to anus exposed and open, her soft breasts, now flattened slightly against her chest.

She saw the truckers and imagined them within the cabs of their megalith vehicles, pricks stiff and most likely exposed, calloused hands rubbing thick shafts. She envisioned with clarity and perception the clear sweet fluid trickling form the tips of their cocks.

Mountain Man and Billy the Kid, she giggled to herself.

A flush enveloped her, a wave of heat which swept from her mind down the length of her long body, stiffening the pink nipples, making her breasts swell and then down into her groin, where almost immediately, the outer lips of her cunt begin to plump and swell, her clit distended and peeking between the tight furl of inner lips.

She breathed deeply, fully, expanding her rib cage, feeling the goddess rise within her chest and extend outward.

No longer victim, but sweet submissive, powerful in her submissiveness.

She snapped open her eyes and pulled her knees tightly to her chest. One hand went down and delicately probed and flicked between her legs. She turned her face deliberately and provocatively towards Dáire.

He was watching, his hands steady on the steering wheel. She reached and gently cupped the bulge which tents out the front of his pants. She closed her eyes and rubbed the length of his stiff, engorgement, feeling as if in Braille, the width of his erection.

"Pull it out," she hears.

Looking up she meets the lustful gaze of the truck's passenger.

Returning her attention to Dáire, she unzipped, then reached in and managed, with some difficulty to pull Dáire’s stiff prick from its tight prison.

The truck on her left suddenly accelerated and pulls away. Before she could monitor this new development, yet another truck pulled up beside her. The face peering down is dark, weathered and rough, clean shaven but full of crags and crannies of experience and disappointment. The eyes peered down, jaded and experienced.

Ignoring him, she bent to her task. Turning in her seat, fighting the seat belt and finally loosening then removing the strap across her chest but retaining the hip belt, she bent, ensuring that her pale, firm ass was fully visible, the sweet crack pulled slightly apart so the rosy beauty of her anus and the flushed pink of her cunt are just visible.

Then opening her lips, she engulfed Dáire in one swift, firm swallow. She felt him jump slightly, then relax; his hand came off the wheel and pushes her head down firmly, pushing the stiff jut of his erection further down her throat. Gagging reflexively, she forced herself to relax until her throat softened and accepted the thick, moist treat being offered.

His cock tasted tart and slightly astringent, a pongy sharp taste that filled her nose and engulfed her senses.

Unconsciously she groaned, then pulled her soft mouth up and then down, her tongue sweeping up the sensitive underside of his prick, its stiff tip delicately probing the uncircumcised head, licking around the fold of skin and flicking the frothy clear fluid starting to well out of the slit down her throat.

She felt his hand on her head tighten and then clasp her hair, hard, pulling her head up out of his groin. Fighting, she struggled to retain his prick in the prison of her mouth, but he pulled harder, and with a pop, she was forced to release his cock.

The truck beside her accelerated and pulled ahead while the one behind and to the left dropped slightly to the back. A flashing light reflected off the rearview mirror.

She scrambled back into her seat, frantically trying to straighten her shirt and pull down her skirt. Dáire prevents her.

"There's a cop!" she yelled.

"Leave it, I want your cunt exposed," he said.

She wanted to disobey but can't. Trembling slightly, she concurred and left the skirt up, exposing the shaved slit and tight lips of her sex. Her ass is flattened slightly against the soft leather of the seat, and a musky, intense and clean odour is evident and distracting even in the open air convertible. She realizes her juices have slicked the seat, coating its soft exterior in dampness.

Dáire pulls to the side of the road and awaits the cop who has now parked behind.

There is a pause of a few minutes as the cop runs their license plate. Her heart beats frantically within her breast. Looking over, she sees that Dáire has managed to push his stiff prick back into his pants, although the bulge continues to advertise his arousal.

He caresses her cheek, then gently reaching down, pulls her top up, so one breast, its tip stiff and engorged, is visible.

The cop, an RCMP officer in the brown sacking cloth of their highway uniform strides to Dáire’s door. He is tall and extremely well muscled, the jodhpur legs of his pants tight around the waist and crotch, clearly outlining his long, thick penis, pulled slightly to the left. His height combined with the size of their car means her eyes directly meet the line of his sex.

Looking up, she sees his eyes are glued on her cunt and embarrassed, she drops her gaze only to close her eyes as she sees her own slit so open to his gaze.

He speaks sternly to Dáire, who answers softly. There is a soft whispered conversation then Dáire gets out of the car. Together, the cop and Dáire walk away, conversing intently.

Several minutes later Dáire returns. She twists and watches the cop walk back to his cruiser.

"Did we get a ticket? she asks. "What is going on?"

Dáire smiles and says not to worry.

Buckling up, he pulls out after carefully looking.

Ahead, Sian sees several of the trucks that had been ogling her ahead of her – they had simply slowed down and pulled over. The cop car pulls parallel, then passes. Dáire follows.

"Where are we going?"

He reassures her, tells her again that he has taken care of things.

They came to a road splitting off from the highway; there, the cop car signals and following suit, Dáire veers right. The road is long and two lanes, meandering through fields first, then an increasing number of trees. Several miles down, the trees thicken and the road narrows.

The sun is low on the horizon and the soft, muted light of dusk is colouring the world quiet. Ahead, the taillights of the cop car blink and flicker and mesmerized, Sian finds herself relaxing. She breathes the clean air gratefully, stretching, her breasts jiggling as she yawns.

Then behind her, she first senses rather then consciously hears, the rumble of big trucks. Turning, she sees headlights about a mile behind her of not one but several vehicles.

"The trucks are coming this way too," she says puzzled.

"I know," Dáire answers, "the officer was on the CB to them."


"You'll see."

The taillights ahead flicker, then flash on and the right signal light starts blinking. The thick copse of trees seems impenetrable until suddenly an opening appears, flanked by white gates.

The cruiser is idling, its red light quiet as the cop moves the gates.

Following, Dáire turned the car into a picnic area. Tables dotted the verdant landscape, screened by large willows and stately maples. A tangle of wildflowers and marsh grass tumbled to the shore of a small, placid lake. The cruiser pulled to a stop beside a towering oak tree, its large gnarled limbs leaning out and over the table beneath. Dáire parked beside him and turned off the engine.

The rumbling in the distance increased and, one by one, the three large trucks rumbled into the clearing, barely clearing the narrow gateway. Silence returned as the great engines rumbled to a stop, leaving an echo in the placid dusky air of the park.

Sian feels trepidation as for a moment, all is quiet. The cop stood straight beside his cruiser. The blank tinted windshields of the trucks masked the interiors. Then a door opened and her Mountain Man stepped to the ground. He is around 50, grizzled, with strong, calloused hands. The sleeves of his t-shirt are rolled up, showing muscled tattooed arms. A firm beer belly filled out its white front.

A door slammed and two figures descended from the second truck, Billy the Kid and Dad she surmised, noting the resemblance between the two. The father had thinning blond hair, wispy and fine, combed back straight from his forehead. His son, around 19, is muscled and fit, only a hint of softness around the chin and slightly soft belly. His hair was thick and long, falling to his shoulders in pale waves.

She recognized the boy who told her to pull out Dáire’s cock and blushes.

The third driver descended from his cab. A black man, he is thickly muscled with a shaved head and strong stocky legs. She met the world-weary eyes, lit now with a frisson of lust.

Silently, they come towards the group in the middle. Standing straight, without raising his voice but somehow exuding confidence and control, Dáire tells them the rules.

The cop has agreed not to charge them on the following terms – everyone gets to watch her being fucked – but only by Dáire – however, Dáire has agreed that the cop will get his cock sucked at the same time.

The others – well they had their look on the highway – should they choose to stay, they are welcome to watch and Dáire has no objection if they beat off anywhere on Sian's body - they just aren't allowed to touch unless he indicates they are to do so. Although somewhat disappointed, they agree.

Dáire turns to her. She has stood, silently through this, not quite sure how she felt. The sun hangs low on the horizon, a fiery muted ball of scarlet, staining the lake with rivulets of fire, muting the deep green and rich verdant richness of the trees whose leaves move in the warm, soft breeze of the evening. The men about her are silent, all eyes avidly trained on her.

She doesn't feel threatened or frightened; Dáire is there and her trust in him to care for her and allow no harm to come to her is absolute. In fact, she feels deep within her, a frisson of sexual awakening – a sense of power that hums along her nerve endings, wells up inside her chest, swelling her breasts, lighting her eyes.

Reaching up, she fumbles at the pins which she has twined in her hair. With a sigh, the great waves tumble down, tendrils of fire and amber silk, to her hips.

Dáire takes her hand and delicately she steps up onto the table beside her. Although quiescent, a sense of energy boils out from her that causes the men watching to react. A collective sigh breathes out, erotic and anticipatory.

Gently, Dáire indicates to her to remove her top. She complies; pulling the tank top from the bottom and peeling it over her head. Her bra follows and she carelessly flings it off, long pretty arms reaching for the sky, small breasts jouncing slightly, their rosy tips elongated and stiff. The evening light lends an almost luminescent glow to her pale skin, lighting it from within, touching a tendril of rosy hue on one shoulder, lending shadows and softness to her belly and the soft underside of her breasts.

With a touch, he has her pirouette – allowing each member of her audience to admire not just her breasts but the sweet line of her back, the straight shoulders and thick ropes of burnished hair. Then he reaches, and unbuttons the skirt, tugging it down and holding her hand as she carefully steps out of it.

Dáire’s hand on her back pushes gently – understanding, she reaches high in the air, then sweeps down, bending forward and clasping her ankles as she performs the latter part of the yogic Circle of the Sun.

She can see between her slightly straddled legs the faces of two of the truckers – twisted and lustful, the blond has his penis out and is rubbing it, his eyes glued to her spread cheeks. His penis is long and slender, its tip circumcised and already oozing a clear liquid. Beside him, his son is rubbing the bulging front of his pants, his face flushed and perspiring. He unzips and his prick springs out – it is as long as his dad's, but far thicker, with coarse blond hair and possessing the stiffness and resilience of youth, springing almost straight up to his belly, the tip touching and wetting the bottom of his tee-shirt.

His hand grasps the shaft of his cock, rubbing it up and down frantically.

Dáire motions her to stand upright and she does so. Guiding her, he has her step down, then taking her slender waist between his hands, lifts her up onto the table. She lays back, her legs dangling, her breasts flattening against her chest. Turning her face, she meets the gaze of the cop who is now standing beside her. The khaki of his pants is straining against the erection beneath, the knife-edge crease askew.

Dáire motions to Mountain Man and the black trucker, who eagerly stumble to the table. He pushes her knees up and out and has the grizzled old timer hold the left, the black trucker the right. Now her cunt is open to all – the outer lips stretched, her clit peeking out, stiff and aroused. The scrap of material which runs the length of her slit is already wet and the musky odour of her arousal scents the air.

The sound of zip returns her attention to the cop. Conscious of her gaze, he deliberately and slowly reaches inside and pulls out a thick pale cock, its tip uncircumcised, the spongy head already exposed, the skin pulled back and straining from the tip. He runs his hand slowly and deliberately along its impressive length, his fingers barely managing to encompass its thickness.

Dáire touches her, making her hips undulate. She feels possessed, swelling with a sexual fever, exacerbated and enhanced by the excitement emanating around her. She can hear the slightly wet sound of hands rubbing stiff, moist cocks while the heated breath of strangers fills the air, surrounding her in a haze of sexual tension that makes her cunt swell around the thin line of thong.

She feels a trickle of arousal squeeze from the tight red folds of her cunt, running a glistening trail down the split of her buttocks.

She looks down between her spread legs and see Daire’s beloved cock clasped firmly in his hands. He moves forward and she feels the spongy tip gently probing the entrance to her womb. Around her there is a collective holding of breath as five pairs of avid eyes devour the sight of a stiff cock sinking into a moist, warm cunt.

As Dáire sinks his prick up into her belly she hears a collective groan. He holds his hips back so there is a clear view– and with that characteristic flick of his hips he pulls out his cock, glistening and coated now with her juices. Slowly, he begins pumping into her, pulling back at intervals to allow an unimpeded view of his stiff cock pushing into the swelling folds of her cunt.

She feels a damp insistent push at her cheek, turning she takes a breath of aroused cock as the cop looks for her to fulfill the bargain. Straining, she widens her small mouth as much as possible, her tongue flicking out and laving the tip of the large cock. He groans, his hand holding his prick steady. Then guiding it, he pushes it towards her mouth, pausing for a moment to allow her lips to accommodate its impressive girth.

Gagging reflexively, she forces herself to relax until her throat softens and accepts the thick, moist treat being offered. His cock tastes tart and slightly astringent, a sharp taste that fills her nose and engulfs her senses. Unconsciously she groans then pulls her soft mouth up and then down, her tongue sweeping up the sensitive underside of his prick, its stiff tip delicately probing the uncircumcised head, licking around the fold of skin and flicking the frothy clear fluid down her throat.

The cop carefully pumps his cock into the warm cavern of her mouth, watching as first one inch, then two then four inches of his stiff prick sinks between the soft lips.

She gasps, Dáire has shoved his stiff prick hard up her belly, bumping her cervix and causing her to jump.

She hears a groan and suddenly something soft and warm splatters onto her shivering, jouncing breasts. She looks up and sees Billy the Kid's frantic eyes, his face clenched painfully, his hand rapidly pumping his scarlet, straining cock. Thick jets of cum arch out, trailing glittering trails down her heaving breasts.

The cop's eyes darken as he frantically tries to watch his prick appearing and reappearing between her sweet pursed lips and the boy emptying his straining, spasming prick all over the girl's plump breasts.

She feels a hot spray across her cheek. She gasps as Dáire’s prick picks up the rhythm of the hot swelling prick in her mouth. He begins to pump faster, making her hips slam against the rough wood of the picnic table beneath.

Sian is flushed, breathing hard around the hot prick. Her cunt feels strained and full. Her excitement is piqued further by the feel of the truckers' hands on her legs. She can hear them rhythmically pumping their cocks – at intervals the hot wet tip of one or the other pushes against her thigh.

She feels Dáire’s hands beneath her and the truckers release her legs. He grasps the firm ass cheeks and pulls her towards him, slamming his groin into her cunt.

Suddenly she feels the cop's cock swell further and gags reflexively as his prick seems to expand, almost choking her and causing an ache in her stretched, full lips.

She reaches up between the cop's legs, caressing the perineum, pressing on the prostrate where the base of the penis rests. He yells.

She runs her fingers up, flicking the tight testicles which are contracting further up into his groin.

Frantically he pumps his hips and shoves the big stiff prick farther down her throat.

With a groan she feels the tip spurting. Dáire is breathing hard now.

"Is he coming?" he demands.

"Is he spurting down your throat?"

"Are you swallowing all of that hot cum?"

She nods as best she can then closing her eyes, concentrates as her mouth fills and then, despite her frantic efforts to force all of it down her throat, overflows with powerful jets of hot slippery sperm.

Dáire watches as Sian’s cheeks balloon out and then groans as he sees ropes of thick cum spurt from between the spasming cock and her lips.

The black trucker on his right has a thick stubby cock with a purple head, decked now with transparent whitish fluid. His hand is frantically stroking himself, his eyes darting between the sight of the girl's mouth filling with frothy white cop cum and that of watching a stiff cock sink up into her belly.

Sian feels a pull deep within her womb. Her breasts begin to ache and she begins to moan around her delicious mouthful. She feels Dáire’s beautiful cock ramming into her, his hands grasping and almost cruelly pinching the firm cheeks of her ass.

The boy's warm cum is still trickling off her breasts when the Mountain Man yells.

She feels a spray of hot fluid inundate her cunt as Dáire’s frantically pumping cock begins to pump its sweet load into her hot depths.

As the black trucker watches a pumping cock spray cum into girl's pursed mouth, dribbling and spurting from her small lips and then watches as the man between her legs shoves frantically into the tight red cunt, he loses control. Helplessly, he pushes close and actually pushes his cock down against Dáire’s, rubbing the spasming tip against the other man's glistening shaft.

A powerful hot jet of cum spurts from his dark penis, and feeling this, Sian groans around mouthful of cock. Dáire can barely hold onto her as deep within her an intense almost painful pulling begins.

Inside her mouth, the prick begins to soften and shrink. Frantic, she sucks it easily now.

Regretfully, the cop pulls out his limp, glistening member. She makes an inarticulate cry of disappointment. "Dad" pushes forward as he sees the cop's cock pull out of the sweet lips. Sperm literally drips out of her mouth, trickling down her cheeks and neck.

He looks at Dáire who, eyes slit, is pumping hard into the swollen red cunt, one finger now teasing the furled tight hole of her anus. With a grunt, Dáire pushes his finger firmly but gently into the tight, slick ass. Glancing up, he tersely nods.

She screams as she feels Dáire's finger probing her ass. He thrusts his finger against the thin membrane of her cunt and massages his own cock. The tugging inside her spills over into an orgasm. As she opens her mouth, she feels yet another stiff prick pushing in between her sperm-coated lips.

Opening wider, her hips undulating and spasming as her orgasm hits her, she sucks frantically at the new prick now pushing its spongy head between her lips. As the trucker feels her tongue flicking and sucking his prick, he lasts only a second, then eyes glued to Dáire’s prick appearing and disappearing into the luscious cunt open to his gaze, his prick begins jerking.

Matching the waves which now engulf her deep within, jerking her hips up against Dáire’s, the feel of his finger in her ass, the hard stiff mass of his prick in her cunt and then incredibly, she feels him coming deep within her and yet another wave of even more powerful contractions assault her.

Her cervix contracts and expands; her womb feels as if it were being expelled and within her mouth, the hot sweet jets of cum are forced down her throat.

Her mind literally shuts off as her body takes over and spasms almost uncontrollably. Almost without her noticing it, the trucker wrings the last teaspoon of hot come from his prick and pulls the rapidly softening member from her mouth.

Dáire closes his eyes tightly as his prick empties into her luscious cunt, loving the feel of her orgasm clenching his finger, now buried deeply within her ass.

Around them, the truckers and the cop adjust their clothing, tucking in tired pricks, zipping and fixing shirts. The rumble of megalith trucks intrudes for a moment and then, as the sounds recede, Dáire and Sian relax.

A moment or an hour later, she comes back to herself, conscious of sweat and sticky sperm now drying in the soft evening breeze. It is almost dark.

Dáire straightens, pushing himself up and allowing his cock to pull completely from her sweet cunt.

Leaning, he captures her lips in a passionate kiss, running a possessive hand between her legs and gently fingering the well used slit.

She jumps a little, conscious of a little soreness but then she giggles.

He helps her to her feet, and on trembling legs she follows him to the shore of the placid lake, where, leaning down, he wets his tee shirt. Gently, he kneels and begins to wipe away the starchy remnants of passion from her body. He helps her strip off the stockings which are saturated and sticky with cum. Then he cleans around her ass and cunt and along her sweet stomach. Standing he wrings out the tee shirt then wets it again, cleaning her breasts and neck. Before wiping her face, he again claims her lips, this time running his tongue around the inside of her lips and along her teeth, licking up the remnants of sperm. Then with the cloth, he wipes her face, the coolness pleasant against her flushed and heated skin.

Hand in hand they walk to the car where the truckers or the cop has left their clothes piled on the seat. She slips on the skirt and pulls the shirt down and getting in, buckles up. Dáire reaches over as he gets in and runs a loving hand over her face, pushing fingers gently in her mouth. Then gently pushing her head against the seat back, he allows her to rest as he heads north.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Her skin ripples, a soft whisper of movement as awareness of his presence embraces and surrounds. Beneath the blindfold, her eyes flutter as her heartbeat drums a staccato against the pale flesh of her breast. She breathes deep and whimpers in pained ecstasy as his unique scent fills her senses.

The small hairs on the back of her neck stand straight as warmth reaches out and almost caresses. Swaying, she undulates towards his presence, yearning for his touch.

The room is comfortable. He is always so careful of small things, things that make a difference, things that won’t distract or remove attention for even one second from what really matters. She is naked, her arms pulled tight behind her back, encircled with soft leather cuffs, strong with a velvet underband that caresses a translucent blue-veined wrist. Her shoulders tremble slightly, pulling her hands tight like this behind her always strains but she welcomes the small pain and offers it to him with unspoken gratefulness.

She kneels, thighs spread wide as told; she takes pride in not needing the spreader bar but instead keeping his dictates to keep herself open and available with pure devotion and determination. In the muted vanilla scented candlelight, her silver rings glisten, drawing the eye to the delicate pale pink labia, already dewed with moisture and proof of her arousal. The small breasts, tip tilted with swollen, crimson nipples tremble, as she moves restlessly on her knees. She straightens, thrusting her soft breasts out for his use.

Cool, soft braided leather slip along her cheek causing her to start and stifle a cry. She can smell her own odour on its twisted cool surface and moans. Slowly, gently, barely touching, he caresses her face, following the contour of jaw down the sweep of neck with its thick collar, touching and slightly flicking the straining shoulder blade then dropping to the plump, swollen breasts.

She gasps as she feels the long slender stalk of the crop push in under her breasts, in the crease where the soft flesh meets the broad ribcage. As if weighing their bounty, he lifts the breasts away from her chest, digging in with a sweet sharp pressure that makes her cry out …

Her breasts, swollen, the nipples aching, are suspended for a moment and she cries out almost in despair as she suddenly feels his soft tongue sweep across their swollen tips.

Between her legs she feels her arousal swell in a trickle of glistening clearness that trails a teardrop of diamonds across her inner thigh.

Her breasts fall back against her chest as he pulls the crop from beneath them.

She strains beneath her blindfold, eyes fluttering, ears straining as she tries to ascertain where he stands. She feels warmth, as suddenly, she senses him behind her. She sighs as his long slender fingers tangle in the muted carmine of tumbled curls. Tugging, she sways back, the back of her thighs trembling as she seeks her balance.

She feels his warm breath against her ear, not quite touching, a teasing promise that makes her shiver, goosebumps rippling the pale freckled skin.

She feels the promise of the crop again, trailing down the wings of her shoulder blades, pulling slightly at the bound hands, then suddenly, shockingly, she feels its leather kiss between her legs. Panting, she keeps her thighs spread wide, although instinct pushes her to pull close, to protect that delicate inner skin against the intrusion.


She moans as the fall of the crop snaps against her spread inner lips, flicking the swollen nub of her pleasure and torment.


A wet sweet sound as moisture spatters against her long, pale lips, as the flick of the crop licks at her perfidious body, then again, soft, then hard and she feels his hand at her neck, holding her still and breasts trembling, she fights to still herself as he silently demands.

The hot sweet lick of pain against her most delicate parts sparks fire in her soul. She moans quietly, pushing back against his fingers which dig cruelly now into the slender neck, grasping the collar which declares his ownership.

She feels his breath against her cheek, laced with vanilla and coffee, flooding her with an atavistic rush of memory and want.

A sharp nip at her ear brings her back to the reality of sensation. Consciousness floods back in a delicious wave of pain and pleasure, so inextricably entwined she cannot differentiate where one starts and the other ends. She gasps as he kneels behind her, his hands coming around the trembling torso to cup the heaving breasts. Lost, she cannot stop herself from leaning back against him, the feel of his hard chest against her back so all encompassing she panics as she feels the heavy, painful pressure deep inside so intensely that she fights for control.

Words, almost inaudible, felt through the sweep of breath into her ear, the rumbling of his chest against her straining back, resonating deep within ..

She pants, desperately, harshly, her breath loud in the quiet air.

He grasps the firm breasts, their sweet flesh barely filling his palms, the nipples, thick, engorged with blood, deliciously swollen. She stills as his hands cup, squeeze, and then pull … his thumb and forefingers grasp the crimson tips suddenly, pinch and pulls them away from the softer breast flesh.

Between her spread thighs, the taut flesh trembling uncontrollably, she feels a warm, hot stream of liquid trickle from the swollen, aroused folds of her most intimate place.

She pushes back against the firm, hard chest of her Beloved, her skin singing with desire and lust, relishing the feel of hard pebbly nipples scraping along her shoulder wings, the push of muscle and sinew hard against the soft, giving skin of her back.

Rich, earthy, the air is perfumed with their arousal, hot, rich female scent, clean and astringent, the darker, richer scent of his arousal, thick and delicious, melding and flowing together in a symphony of lust as their bodies burgeon and flow, hot sweet trickles of desire and preparation bedewing thighs, swelling breasts and engorging nipples.

Deep within, the hot sweet ache of lust, the familiar heaviness building deep in her groin, she trembles on her abraded knees. The building, the pushing, the urgency of her need begins to overwhelm and she trembles, her strong body weak and disoriented as he plays, pulls and pinches, abusing the soft breast flesh of his plaything with delight.

The tugging in her groin is almost painful now and against the taut skin of her buttocks, she feels the hot, swollen proof of his desire, throbbing, firm, the tip trailing a glistening path down the deep crevasse of her firm buttocks, probing but not pushing.

Tears etch acid trails of despair, squeezing beneath the snug blindfold which focuses her mind and body to trail a crystal trail of regret along the flushed cheeks. She breathes deep, seeking her center, seeking her control as she has been taught and finds a shaky, tremulous hold over her treacherous body. She wants to push back against the throbbing proof of his arousal, she wants to feel its slippery, hot length push inside, force apart folds and sink deep within. But he has not indicated she can do so, and moaning, she trembles violently as she fights for control.

Even thinking about his beautiful body inside hers sends her perilously close to where she cannot go. Ruthlessly, she mentally pushes back the hot heaviness which wants to explode from her abused flesh, grasping the dissipating threads of determination to exert a terrible control over what she cannot have.

He stands and she moans in despair as she feels the warmth of his body leave her, her breasts bereft as his hands release their sensitive tips.

Then she feels his beloved presence in front of her and his hands are at her eyes and the leather loosens and she blinks even in the muted candle lit glow of the room, her great eyes luminous, their green depths glittering with the sheen of tears.

He stands before her, capturing the supplicating gaze of his property and smiles a rich, lazy smile of ownership. Like a beautiful snake, green captures green in a tangle of lust and control. Keeping her eyes captive, he sways forward, the ivory column of his cock bobbing enticingly close to her mouth, the foreskin taut, tight around the crimson bulge of the tip, glistening in the muted light as fluid oozes from the winking eye and trails a glistening trail down the throbbing shaft.

She licks her lips, which feel dry and swallows, her eyes entangled in his green gaze. Swaying closer, he brushes the tip of his arousal against the small mouth, trailing a translucent ribbon of want from the oozing tip to the bow lips which glistens in the muted light of the flickering candles.

She moans and begs with her eyes, swaying on her knees which ache now against the hard floor, but wanting to feel him in her mouth with an almost physically overwhelming need. He moves back and a tangy, sticky tendril of fluid elongates then breaks and she feels on her lips his taste and her tongue darts, licking.

He moves behind her and she struggles to keep her eyes facing forward, resisting the desire to twist and see where he is. She feels him, a looming, physical reality behind her, and the skin on her back prickles as if his very eyes stroke the long sweep of spine.

Behind her, his eyes caress the elegant line of back, the sweep of waist and slight swell to the narrow hips. Her buttocks are small, firm globes, with a deep dimple in the right cheek, honed and sculpted by daily yoga and long-distance cycling. He watches as they flex involuntarily, as she rocks slightly on abraded knees, conscious too of his gaze, which seems to caress her like a warm palm.

Kneeling, his hands grasp the broad yet delicate shoulders, fingers pressing deep. She sighs, a long moaning cry of want and need and hope and without conscious volition, sways back against him. Her breath catches as his throbbing prick slips up between the deep crevasse of her buttocks, hot, muscular, damp.

She feels his hands tighten and then stiffens as his teeth suddenly fasten into the meaty part of her shoulder.

He closes his eyes, relishing the feel of flesh and muscle between his teeth. He has an almost overwhelming desire to bite down harder, to feel his teeth sink deep into the hot, meaty flesh, to feel the tart, iron rush of blood in his mouth … but he resists, fighting his own impulse, his cock aching and throbbing between the warm clenching cheeks. Pulling back slightly, teeth still biting gently, he pulls his hips back and then crouches slightly, letting his prick bob between the spread thighs and slide between the slick, slippery folds of her sex, sliding into the furrow.

He closes his eyes, his mouth pressing against her shoulder, sliding himself rhythmically slowly back and forth through her wet, swollen folds, along the crease, the delicate scratch of her silver rings sending shivers of lust as they kiss a promise into his aching shaft.

He bites down firmly, not breaking the skin, imprinting her, branding her with his mark, knowing to his soul he could, if he chose, bite down and break the skin, sink his teeth deep into muscle and flesh and she would not gainsay him, she would not refuse. Knowing this, knowing he could do this if he choose to, makes his heart swell with a painful intensity of emotion that brings wetness to his eyes, squeezed tight as he allows his skin and sinew, muscle and tendon to feel the moment.

He feels breathless and the feel of her back against his chest enchants him, dragging his nipples, engorged and hard against the soft skin of her back, he suckles at her shoulder. Her buttocks, so soft and firm push into his groin, and his cock, hard, throbs between her spread thighs, slippery, wet and the smell of her sex wafting on the vanilla-scented air, mingling with the smoky candlelight to form an intoxicating medley of scent and feel and crouching slightly, he pulls back, releasing her shoulder from his clenched teeth and pausing, admires for a second, the perfect indentations of teeth marks, pale against her ivory skin, then flushing pink as blood under the skin rushes into the marks, glowing pinkly.

Reaching down, he grasps his cock at its thick base and angling it slightly up, prods delicately, pushing slightly with his hips, probing until sighing, the spongy tip of his prick slips into the clinging swollen folds and sinks deeply into her.

She moans, trembling, panting slightly as she feels him push into her, his throbbing hot column pushing aside folds, invading, claiming, almost painful as although she is wet and swollen, it is the first time he has entered her tonight and she is tight and somewhat tense from the time spent on her knees, from the moments waiting for him, from the anticipation.

She feels his hands at her neck, gathering the tumbled red curls and twisting, he winds the long, silken strands around his fingers. He leans back, pulling at the hair tangled in his right hand, still joined at the groin, and turning his eyes down, he watches as his engorged shaft thrusts in and out from between her spread thighs.

He watches her buttocks clench and unclench as he sinks into her, deep, his groin smacking against their soft skinned, firm spongy flesh, then back out, his cock glistening now, droplets of pale white arousal from her bedewing its throbbing pinkening length.

He pulls harder and her back arches, her head pulled back by his insistent fingers, and over her arched neck he sees the small, trembling mounds of her breasts, nipples deep red and engorged.

He feels his own breath speeding up, his groin feels heavy and full and he can feel his balls tightening and swelling. Groaning, he pulls back and with a sensuous, sucking sound, his cock pulls out from its warm pulsating prison.

Panting, he sways back, releasing her hair and slowly, she straightens. His cock bobbing, damp, staff glistening, its spongy head a deep crimson, engorged and swollen, he stands.

He stands behind her, tall and straight and drinks in the kneeling figure. Her back is long and lissom, long, sleek muscles sweeping to waist, hips narrow, buttocks firm.

Leaning down, he pulls her up by her bound wrists. Then gently, he unhooks first the hook linking one hand to the other, then unbuckles the leather cuffs, first the left, then the right. Throwing them to one side, he runs his hands up and down her aching arms, massaging them, digging gently into her shoulder blades, loosening her protesting muscles. She shakes her arms slightly, and turning, smiles at him, eyes downcast. Reaching up, he gently moves the spill of red hair which tumbles down the pale ivory back almost to her waist and using it like rope, pulls her lips to his, soft, sweet, barely a touch, breathes mingling and the soft press of him against her sending tremors of pure joy resonating through her body.

Taking her hand, he leads her to the wall and indicates how he wants her to stand. She leans forward slightly, bracing herself, legs spread hip width apart, buttocks thrust out, her breasts hanging free, jiggling slightly as her breath increases in anticipation of what is to come.

He gathers the silken strands of her hair and pushes them over her shoulder, leaving the long, muscular back bare, sweep of spine and waist, curve of hip

Legs a little unsteady, he walks to the table to the side of the room, choosing a red and black leather flogger with knotted tails, then pads back, sinuous as a panther, his prick swollen and bobbing, his mouth twisted slightly, his eyes predatory.


The flogger comes down, no warning, a lick of leather against her back and she cries out, startled, then braces herself again.


She jumps at the next blow of the leather thong. Light as a whisper, the supple tongues of the tooled leather flogger flit along the flesh of her back, barely touching, hinting a promise of what is to come. Again it comes, a sweet supple caress of flesh, the steel tipped fronds barely stinging.

He stands tall behind her, around 4 feet from her braced figure. In his hand the leather tooled flogger becomes an art form as he expertly plies it against the sensitive skin of her back, trailing sweet trails of heat from the shoulder blades down to the firm buttocks, his expert hand avoiding the spine and kidneys, concentrating on the fleshy pads of shoulder, licking just barely along the taut waist. Almost imperceptibly, he begins to stroke harder, patterning an intricate quilting of colour and texture along the human canvas.

Her eyes squeezed shut, she fights for stillness and then as the thud became a staccato pattern, she begins to calm as the familiar feel of the whip caresses her. Her mind flits and then quietens as sensation floods through the nerves of her body from the tip of her neck to the sweet, intense ache which begins to gather deep within her groin. Sweetly, her body a mass of sensation, she quietens and slips deep within her mind, a form of meditation she craves and waits for with hopeful intensity and want and need.

In the muted light of the room, smoke from the candles wafts insubstantial and lazily, and the currents of air stirred by the snap of leather and the sweep of arm stirs the golden diffused light of the candles to brief flaring life.

She wakes as if from a dream as she feels his breath against her neck. Her back burns with a delicious intensity, the skin fluttering and alive, her buttocks aching slightly. She feels his hands at her breasts, squeezing and moans, wanting more, more intensity, more sensation, for her body floats still, feeling light and insubstantial and the feel of his hands grounds her to a reality she struggles to re-enter.

He pinches her breasts, and looking down, she watches as livid finger marks bloom against their blue-veined pale surface. He turns her and his lips meet hers, his tongue plundering the inside of her mouth, twining with hers, breath to breath, his body hard and hot against her.

His hands reach down to her hips, lower, until he is cupping her buttocks and his knee is between her thighs, forcing them apart, pushing up against her swollen, wet folds, his hard muscled leg rubbing, pulling at the silver rings with a painful intensity that brings a gush of fluid from her, dribbling down his leg, glistening in the musk of the room.

And then bracing, she feels his heavy prick between her spread thighs, probing, slipping in the damp fecundity of her sex and hopping, as he thrusts, she wraps her legs around his thighs and climbs his braced legs until he is there, pushing aside swollen layers of flesh, probing deep inside, feeling too big, too much, as if he is going to split her open, reveal her and then her inner muscles relax and he pulls out and she clings and she moans, tightening her thighs around his hips, pushing her groin tighter against him, rubbing the swollen nub of her need against the wiry hair at the base of his prick and he surges into her once again and the pressure builds, builds, builds and her groin is heavy, aching and he thrusts faster, harder and her head bangs against the wall as he thrusts harshly into her and her abraded back sings with sensation as it rubs against the wall, a painful intensity which seems to push deep within her mind and wailing, she feels herself burst open and her muscles contract and he feels her squeezing him, muscular contractions and yelling, he feels himself burst deep within in and thrusting even harder, empties himself deep inside her, his cock twitching and throbbing, his balls tight up into his body, a molten stream of his need pumping rhythmically into the hot embrace of her womb.

Panting, breath harsh, he leans against her, his legs trembling, feeling for the first time her weight as sweat streams down his back, dripping off his nose and leaning into her, he laughs breathlessly and captures her mouth in his and kisses her deeply, sweetly and pulling her up close to him, he takes her weight into his arms and staggers to the couch, where he sits down, pulling her onto his lap, careful to protect her abraded back, pulling her close under his chin, replete in mind and spirit and cuddling her to his heart, rests.