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She thought of his cock all day at work. The way it felt in her hand, the texture of the skin on his velvety sheath and how the head of his prick would bulge out of its tight circle of skin when she pulled his foreskin tightly down.

Fidgeting in her chair, a passing co-worker remarked on her restlessness.

Her cunt felt tight and twitchy and she could feel her lips sliding together, the friction providing an exquisite teasing sensation that provoked her further. Beneath the cotton of her t-shirt, her nipples were stiff and erect and although warm, she didn't dare take off her jacket because of her swollen aroused breasts.

Anyone looking at her would clearly perceive the firm, hard outlines, their tips clearly aroused and at attention. Swollen and firm, they lifted and pushed out her blouse, begging to be licked and sucked.

She would have liked bigger breasts. There was something innately erotic about large heavy breasts with their swelling abundance of soft sweet flesh, the nipples large and firm against the jiggling mounds. She liked natural breasts because of the way they hung. Although the ideal seemed to be the perfectly round, perfectly formed large globes of flesh which jutted impudently from a woman's chest, she found natural breasts with their softer, more globular shape more attractive.

She loved the way heavy breasts allowed gravity to take its way, so that they hung slightly lower with heavy, soft undersides that begged to be lifted and sucked. She loved the sight of real cleavage, the way the folds of flesh from each breast hung against a woman's rib cage beckoned a hand to insert itself between, to push beneath where the big soft tit met the rib cage and lift up, filling and overflowing even a large hand.

She liked to fantasize about a faceless woman with big, luscious tits being available to her touch and feel. She would be as bad as a man in that way if that faceless, nameless woman was hers to manipulate. Most of all, she thought of having that girl to use as she would to increase his pleasure, to have another woman there with large, heavy breasts and a hot, tight juicy cunt to touch and feel and titillate.

She closed her eyes and felt almost ill. She could not wait for the next day and his so unexpected birthday surprise!

It had been hard, almost impossible really to work up the courage to actually follow through. The idea came to her one night, when lying sweaty and satisfied, she had idly asked him to tell her one of his most desired fantasies. This was a game they had played before and with excellent results.

"Sometimes." he said, "The reality is actually more exciting than the fantasy … like anal sex!" he said grinning at her.

"Other times, though, it is just simply that – a fantasy."

He confided then that since he was young, one of his most cherished fantasies, closely held, embellished and brought out again and again, was to have two women in his bed at once.

"Not just for me to fuck." he explained, running a finger along the curve of her breast.

"But to see you touch another woman …" he trailed off and was quiet.

Turning on her elbow, she ran her hand down his body and to her delight, felt the flaccid cock hardening.

"Tell me more." she said eagerly, pulling gently at the burgeoning member.

And he did. And that is how she sat in work, unbelievably aroused anticipating the culmination of his most treasured dream.

* * * * *

"God, this is gorgeous!" he said reverently, giving around the lushly appointed room. A king size bed took up one side of the very large area. Set off to one side was a comfortable, welcoming grouping of a small couch and chair, both turned to face a gas fireplace. Flames, flickering and warm, sent tendrils of red, orange and the palest yellow, lending a glow to the deep rich maroon of the walls.

A small table with elegantly appointed legs stood near the large, curtained window. On it, were champagne, brandy and a beautifully presented tray of fruit and cheeses. Crystal goblets glistened in the reflected fire, sending facets of light to shine like diamonds against the rich array.

Turning to him, she moved into his arms, fastening her lips to his in a clinging, deep kiss, running her fingers down the planes of his back to his firm buttocks which she squeezed and molded. She felt almost faint with lust, which combined with the trepidation she was consumed with, was making her feel quite wild.

She felt his response immediately against her flat groin, as his cock began to harden. Pulling back, she dropped her bag, and grabbing his hand, had him sit in the comfortably appointed armchair. Laughing, he allowed himself to be placed.

Monique turned to the table where she expertly popped the champagne, laughing as the frothy liquid bubbled over. Filling a goblet she brought it to him.

Leaning over, Monique ensured that Rob had a good look down the deep v of her top that plunged between her small breasts, exposing the soft slopes which shifted and bulged out of the tight neck of her shirt. As she went to stand, he stopped her, his hand firm.

Taking his hand, he pushed his fingers between the sweet, soft valley between the firm breasts, running his fingers over the soft mounds beneath and pushing insistently under the soft wisp of bra that barely contained them. She stood quiescent, closing her eyes and relishing the feel of his warm fingers on her sensitive breasts.

Then pulling his fingers, she kissed them, allowing one to trail between her soft lips where, closing her eyes, she suckled it. Then grinning as she heard him take in a deep breath, she moved away.

Putting on soft music, she returned and kneeling at his feet, fumbled at his fly. With eager fingers she unbuttoned first one button, then the other. Reaching inside, she pulled out his thick, semi-flaccid prick, running her fingers up and down its soft length, and pulling at the loose foreskin. Bending, she sucked his cock deep in her mouth, laving it with her tongue. She closed her eyes in ecstasy.

She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth, the salty tang of his pre-come juice blended with the hint of urine and sweat together with the clean sweet scent of his soap.

Beneath her expert ministrations, Robs cock began to swell and harden. Monique choked slightly as it lengthened and pulled back slightly to get better suction on its length. Rob took his hand, tangling it in his wife's red curls and pulling her head close to his groin. He groaned as his wife's expert tongue ran thrillingly up and down the shaft, flicking into the slit at the top, lapping at the clear fluid that was starting to leak.

A knock on the door jolted the two of them from their fun. He quickly jerked his pants closed, disconcerted at the interruption.

Monique felt almost sick, breathless, excited and aroused and also quite worried. How would he take this? Garnering her courage, she stood and going to the door, opened it.

She was petite and well rounded with tousled blond hair and sleepy eyes. She wore a tight form fitting mini dress which clung lovingly to each curve, outlining the heavy breasts, small waist and flaring hips.

"Candy?" Monique asked, then had to clear her throat as it came out as a croak.

"Yes, Monique?"

Monique nodded, her breath fast.

The girl smiled and reaching for Monique's hand, squeezed it reassuringly.

"I'm here to take care of you both." she said smiling warmly.

Nodding, taking a deep breath, Monique took the girl's hand and brought her into the room.

Rob looked quizzically at her, questioning the intrusion into what was to be their time together. Smiling tentatively, she brought the girl to him.

"Happy Birthday." she said.

His eyes widened and he looked at her incredulously. She smiled, feeling more confident. Stroking the girl's soft hand, she introduced her:

"Hon, this is Candy. Candy is visiting us for the entire evening."

Candy smiled. She liked the look of this couple, the woman, nervous but already flushed, the incredulous husband. She obviously couldn't be too choosy when it came to picking her clients and usually was able to tolerate most kinds. This, however, was going to be a treat and not a real hardship.

The woman was tall and lean, with really lovely legs and a great ass. The husband was remarkably nice looking with his short hair, athletic build and remarkably beautiful green eyes.

Realizing the couple was new to this type of thing, Candy realized she would have to take the initiative. She had noted the woman's eyes darting repeatedly to her breasts and correctly surmised that she was dying to touch them.

Men, Candy knew, loved to watch two women together anyway. Although technically, she was "his" treat, she figured she would give him an eyeful first.

Turning to Monique, she took her hands and pulled her close. Reaching up, she threaded her fingers into the thick curly hair of her client, pulling her mouth down to her own. Their lips met, clinging and soft. She felt the taller woman tremble slightly, her resistance slight but marked.

Candy took her hand and gently took Monique's hand in hers. She pulled back, her lips softly releasing the soft lips of her client. Watching her intently, Candy slowly pulled Monique's hand in into the deep v of her top, pushing it under one heavy breast.

Rob gasped as he watched Candy guide his wife's hand into her top and around the heavy globe of one large breast.

Rubbing his prick, he surreptitiously unzipped, allowing the stiff cock to escape the confines of his pants. Grasping his prick, he began to lazily pull the skin and up down its hard length, enthralled as he watched his wife caress another woman's breasts. He was amused and aroused by the woman she had chosen for him — the complete opposite to his wife's own long, lean length.

Monique closed her eyes. She was trembling violently as almost of its own volition her hand convulsively grasped the heavy breast. She had wanted to touch another woman's breast for so long. The skin was velvet soft and warm, so rubbery and slippery and sweet and so heavy in her palm.

She couldn't resist and gently squeezed the heavy flesh, then, sweetly, cupped the underside in her palm, weighing its bounty. Her blood felt heated and feverish. Helplessly, she ran her finger from the underside to the tip and delicately plucked at the thick nub of Candy's nipple.

Taking the thin straps of the girl's dress, Monique slipped them down her shoulders. Obediently, Candy moved her arms so she could slip them off She grinned. It hadn't taken much to get this woman going!

Monique grasped the top of the dress and pulled it down. She felt her cunt tighten as she saw the great breasts barely embraced by a wisp of a lace bra. They were very large, great pale mounds of tit flesh bulging from the white lace, the cleavage deep. Stepping back, she watched avidly as Candy straightened her shoulders, throwing the big heavy tits forward.

"God, they're beautiful!" she breathed reverently, almost afraid to touch again.

"Touch them." Candy offered and pouting, cupped her sweet tits in her palms, their nipples flushed and impudent, offering them to the other woman.

Monique took a deep breath. She actually felt weak-kneed. Glancing to Rob she flushed even hotter as her eyes took in the sight of his hand grasping a very erect, very red cock. His eyes, burning and bright, met hers.

"Touch her tits." he said hoarsely, running slippery fingers up and down the length of his prick.

Monique reached out. Tentatively, then almost convulsively, her hands cupped the heavy breasts. She closed her eyes, savouring the feel of the sweet flesh in her hands. Gently, she squeezed the bulging globes, not wanting to hurt the girl.

Then releasing one, relishing the way it sagged back against the girl's chest, she began to squeeze and mold the other, closing her eyes as she savoured the soft skin, the jiggling warmth. Impatiently, she reached behind the girl's back and undid the clasp of her bra.

Released from their prison, the girl's large tits flopped out enticingly, jiggling as the pressure of the bra was removed. Her nipples were a pale brown and very large, with stiff, dark tips. Moving to the front of the girl, but slightly to the side so she wouldn't impede Rob's vision, she filled her hands with one heavy breast, running her fingers over the burgeoning flesh and then to, the tip, where she carefully felt the nipple, liking the hard spongy texture and finding it both strange and exciting to actually be feeling another woman's breast. She glanced at him and felt her groin grow heavy as she saw his beloved cock, flushed and stiff, protruding from his pants.

She had an overwhelming need to suckle that breast. She looked yearningly at it, literally salivating at the thought of sucking that big nipple between her lips.

"Go ahead." Candy said.


"You want to suck it, don't you?" Candy asked, a smile crooking the sweet line of her large mouth.

"Go ahead. I really don't mind!"

Monique looked to Rob

"Suck her tit – she wants you to." he said.

"Come on! I want to see you do it!"

Monique took a deep breath. Then resolved, she brought the girl closer, then, pushing her back a bit, carefully cupped a big breast and leaning, touched the tip of her tongue to the brown nipple, laving it gently. Candy sighed, closing her eyes. She loved having her breasts suckled but realized the woman would need help. Cupping the back of Monique's head, she pushed the dark tip of her nipple further in to the warm mouth, filling it with sweet breast flesh.

Rob groaned as he saw his wife suck in the hard stiff nipple of the other woman. Candy held her breast firmly, pushing it firmly into his wife's mouth. Monique's hand came up and began to squeeze and fondle the other dangling breast, pinching the nipple gently, and relishing the feel of its heavy bounty. After a few minutes, she allowed the breast she had to fall, and the nipple popped out of her eager lips with an audible sound. Reaching down, she eagerly cupped the other breast, bringing the tip to her mouth.

Rob's hand rubbed his straining cock rapidly, then slowed down. He didn't want to come too soon. Glancing down, he used his fingers to rub the juice oozing out of the tip of his thick red prick all over, laving it up and down and providing a delicious friction.

Monique closed her eyes, relishing the feel of a fantasy come alive. She had wanted to touch another woman's breasts for so long and realized that her "surprise" for her husband was more than likely a "surprise" for herself as well.

Releasing the younger girl's sweet breast, she turned to her husband.

Taking Candy's hand, she led her over.

Gently, her hand in the small of her back she pushed her slightly, cupping one heavy breast with her other hand. Sweetly, aroused and flushed, she offered the dark brown erect tip of the girl's nipple to her husband's lips. Opening his mouth, he gently sucked in the tip, groaning slightly.

Taking the girl's hands she had her cup her own breast. Then, moving aside, Monique quickly stripped off her dress. Beneath she had a lace filled merry widow. Her own small breasts were compressed and squeezed together by the tightly laced bodice, their nipples pushed up and out to give easy access. Her narrow waist was enclosed by the satin ribbing while below, the lips of her shaved cunt were naked, framed by the garter belt and white stockings.

The lips of her cunt glistened with her arousal and she could even feel the juice dripping down the soft plane of her inner thighs.

Monique gently pulled Candy's breast from her husband's suckling mouth. Smiling, she pulled the girl's dress down her narrow waist, tugging it over the fill flare of her hips and getting her to step out of it. The girl was wearing a black lace thong, the narrow triangle of material in the front barely enclosing her plump mound, pale brown curly hair escaping from around the edges.

Monique took the girl and had her pirouette, allowing D to get a good look at the girl, her heavy swollen breasts with their luscious sag, the small waist and flaring hips and the plump inviting mound at the apex of her thighs.

Turning the girl, she showed him the girl's plump swelling ass, the narrow band of the thong emerging from the heart shaped cheeks of her ass, invisible between its round, inviting cheeks. Pushing the girl to bend, she took the thin line of the thong, pulling it to one side. She saw him gasp as she pushed the girl's thighs wider so he could get a really good look at the exposed cunt. Even with her thighs somewhat spread, the lips of the girl's cunt were tight and slender, lightly furred with pale dark hair. Her asshole was a tight pink rosebud while below her cunt hole looked impossibly small and virgin. Some love juice was dewing the girl's nether hair, causing her cunt to glisten in the subdued lighting. Her long slit was beautifully outlined by the hair which lightly furred it.

Carefully, Monique tugged the thong down and off. Holding it to her nose, she licked the wet strip of material delicately, breathing in the smell, then taking it, brought it to his nose. He breathed deeply, smelling this woman's cunt then like her, licked it so that he could taste the clean, astringent taste of her cunt.

Candy's cunt was just a foot from his gaze when Monique took her fingers and delicately grasped the slender, tight cunt lips. Pulling them apart she made sure he had a good view of what she revealed.

Monique's own cunt was on fire now. She could not believe she was actually fingering another woman's cunt, touching her intimately, pulling her cunt lips open for her husband. The girl's inner lips were a coffee colour, delectable and soft. Pulling the sweet cunt wider, she was able to see the girl's clit, which was already erect and distended.

She was a little shocked to see it was quite large, almost like another nipple. Reaching forward with a finger, she flicked it lightly and was encouraged as the girl groaned. She kept it up for several minutes, feeling her fingers grow wet as slippery juice began to slide out of the tight pink cunt hole, dewing the lips and making it difficult to keep her grasp on them.

Though fascinated, she kept glancing at him to make sure he was enjoying this and that he was happy with the way she was offering him this other girl.

His prick was incredibly distended, its purple head completely revealed, glistening and dripping with pre-come juice. A thick, slick squishing sound could be heard as he rubbed his hand up and down its long thick length.

Thus encouraged, she let the cunt lips go, but swollen now, they remained somewhat distended, the inner lips starting to swell from between, the big juicy clit now glaringly obvious as it stuck out a good half inch between. Monique's own clit was tiny so this was a novel and provoking experience.

She literally felt limp with lust. Unable to resist, Monique took one finger and brought it to the tight cunt hole, gently pushing it in. Surprisingly, it slid in with no effort, right to the first knuckle, the hot folds sucking her finger and enfolding around it.

Slowly, she fucked her finger in and out of Candy's cunt, loving the way its pale whiteness disappeared into the hot flushed depths. The girl's cunt seemed to swell even further and without thinking she began to push another finger in, until three of her fingers, stiff and demanding, fucked in and out of the hot juicy hole.

Pulling out her glistening fingers, Monique tentatively touched the tight furled bud of Candy's ass. The girl jumped slightly, then turned her head to grin … her heavy breasts swinging as she did so. Pushing back, she actually pushed that sweet tight asshole right down on Monique's finger. Monique gasped.

In the chair, Rob grasped the base of his straining cock. Watching his wife finger fuck the girl was erotic enough but now, watching that long slender finger appear and disappear in another woman's tight asshole was making the cum rise way too quickly.

Squeezing at the base, he closed his eyes and through sheer determination forced his orgasm down. The slit at the tip of his swollen cock was literally weeping; clear viscous fluid streamed in sticky strands, catching on his fingers and running in rivulets down his palm.

Monique couldn't wait any longer; she felt on fire, and rivulets of her own arousal were making their way down her taut thighs. Taking the girl she led her to the bed, positioning her on her hands and knees, her ass in the air.

Monique couldn't resist reaching beneath and squeezing the heavy dangling breasts, their nipples almost grazing the bedspread, even slapping them lightly so that they jiggled even more enticingly. Then happy with the girl's positioning, she went to her husband and took his hand, tugging him to his present.

She positioned him right behind the girl, his distended prick pointing to the luscious cunt, then unbuttoning the rest of his fly, she pulled his pants down so his balls hung free and his entire cock was available. Taking the stiff beloved cock in her fingers she bent and couldn't resist sucking it into her mouth for a moment, savouring the heavy length of it in her mouth, lapping at the drooling spongy head.

Rob held back, looking at her enquiringly. He loved this woman and as hard as it was not to sink himself right into that luscious cunt, he held onto his self-restraint.

Monique smiled. Reaching up, she lovingly caressed his face.

"I WANT you to fuck her." she whispered.

"I want to see that beautiful cock of yours fucking in and out of her cunt. I really do!"

Then eagerly, she grasped it in her fingers and positioned it at the mouth of the girl's cunt. She used her own fingers to push just the head of his cock into the juicy hole, holding her breath as she saw the thick purple head push in.

Sighing Rob pushed his hips forward and sank the stiff length of his prick into the tight red hole, groaning as he felt his prick enveloped in the luscious folds of Candy's cunt. Reaching to his wife, he fumbled impatiently between her' legs, and without 'any preliminaries, sank three fingers up to the knuckle into her hot juicy cunt.

Gathering himself he began pumping his cock in and out of the sleek cunt, at the same time pumping his fingers in and out of his wife' hole.

Monique's breathing was ragged as she moved her hips closer, the better to feel the stiff fingers. Her eyes were glued to the erotic sight of her husband's stiff, moist prick pumping into and out of a tight, hot cunt.

The girl's cunt lips seemed to cling to the hard shaft as he pulled it out, leaving a glistening residue on its stiff pink length and she grunted each time he thrust its length back up. Monique had to be closer.

Pulling Rob's fingers out of her soaking pussy, she dropped to her knees, her eyes inches from where his prick pushed in and out of the luscious hole. Without conscious volition, her pink tongue came out and licked her lips, then pushing her head forward she began to lap at the shaft of his cock each time he pulled it out.

Rob groaned. Candy's cunt was hot and wet, enfolding his cock in a sweet tight vice. His wife's tongue flicking at the shaft as he pulled it out was almost unbearably good.

Monique groaned as the taste of his cock. It tasted incredibly wonderful, its own familiar taste overlaid with the clean astringent juice that was now pouring out of the girl's cunt.

She heard his breathing quicken as he watched his cock pumping in and out of a strange cunt, relishing the feel of his wife's pink tongue licking and sucking him as he did so.

Monique snaked her hand between his legs, feeling how tight his balls were, pulled tight up to his groin and sensing he was getting ready to spew his delicious come right up. Her other hand snaked between her own thighs, and almost frantically, she began rubbing her distended clit.

Lost, she pushed her face into the conjoined members, tongue lapping the sweet swollen length of cock and then caressing the soft folds of Candy's vagina.

Rob almost expired as he watched his wife licking the girl's distended swollen lips. He could see her pink tongue lapping at the glistening juice that bedewed that beautiful pussy. Pumping harder, he fucked deeply into the girl's cunt.

From deep within Rob felt his orgasm gathering. Looking down he felt like he was literally going to explode – watching his wife nuzzling and licking both the swollen cock and clinging lips of this stranger's cunt.

Grasping Candy's soft hips, he began ramming into her cunt. Monique's fingers flicked the sweet, tight balls that were now almost pulled up entirely into his groin, running a nail along the vein that ran between his thighs.

She heard him groan, and suddenly, shoving his cock up as far up as it would go, his prick began spasming, spewing a torrent of hot cum into the hot cavern of the girl's cunt, shoving, pushing as much and as far as he could go. His hips bucked as he tried to bury his spewing cock as deep within that sweet hole as possible.

Monique felt his cock begin to jerk and spurt, the hot liquid come jetting from the tip of his cock deep inside. The girl suddenly groaned and pushed her hips back against him and he felt the tight muscles enveloping his cock suddenly contract and then throb and he realized she was coming.

His wife, kneeling beside, her tongue working frantically to lick and suck anything she could, also groaned as she felt her husband's cock emptying and the answering throbs of the girl's cunt.

Desperate for her own release, she suddenly stood up and scrambling onto the bed in front of the girl, lay on her back and spread her thighs as wide as they would go. Grasping the girl's head, she thrust it between her thighs onto the hot, glistening cunt.

The girl's pink tongue came out and began flicking at the swollen lips. Burying her nose and mouth in the gaping lips, she began to frantically lick and suck it.

Rob, his cock, incredibly having just released its load began to harden in the hot cunt which held it. He watched, feeling sick with arousal as his wife was thoroughly licked and sucked and he began to push in and out of the now soaking wet, slick cunt of the girl yet again.

He saw his wife's eyes glaze over and her hips begin that sexy, erotic dance he knew so well. Her long slender legs suddenly closed over the girl's head, pulling it closer as Candy sucked eagerly at the offered cunt. Monique's hips almost came off the bed and suddenly she gave a deep groan. He watched her legs tighten and her hips began to buck, and her sweet groans made his prick tighten almost painfully.

He knew the girl's mouth was glued to the hot juicy lips of his wife's cunt, barely able to hold on as her hips jerked and bucked under the force of her orgasm. Unable to help himself, he felt his prick spasm and he incredibly began to come again.

His cock jerked and a thin dribble of sperm jetted out the spongy tip deep inside the girl's hole. He held Candy's hips really tight against him, his eyes never leaving the sight of his wife being eaten by a woman, and felt as though his insides were being expelled from the hot, stiff tip of his prick.

It seemed like forever but he saw the long slender legs of his wife release their stranglehold and the girl lifted her head. Pulling away, he watched as his prick slid out of the hot cunt, semi-flaccid and covered in a mingled mix of sperm and cunt juice.

Moving to the bed he lay down and gathered his wife in his arms, then reaching up, he patted the girl's face and gave her a grateful kiss before turning to his wife and engaging her in a deep passionate embrace.

Getting up, the girl quietly dressed and as they lay embraced and exhausted, they heard the door quietly close.

Monique turned to him, face relaxed and content.

"Was that a nice surprise?" she asked sleepily.

"Best ever." he said, grinning and running a possessive hand along her flank, settled in for a well deserved nap.

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