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His Naughty Pet

Selkie's hand shook as she poured the glass of wine, ruby drops splattering onto the burnished wood of the table. Giggling, she glanced at her girlfriend who rolled her eyes then handed her own glass to be filled.

Selkie knew that she really shouldn't be having this, what? third glass? fourth? She wasn't sure and she sure as hell didn't care. She knew D. would not be pleased – he had been quite clear that she should maintain decorum, keep sober and not party too much on her visit to her old home. D. knew what she was like when she had a few too many – throwing caution to the wind.

But life was good, the wine was fine, a piquant cabernet sauvignon, a smoky blackberry, overlaid with a fruity dry feel that tickled the palette and slid down her long throat very easily. After a long drive and a busy afternoon, sorting out her mum's business, she had been happy to see her old friend and to kick back metaphorically and put her feet up.

She had an even busier day coming up, meetings and filing and doing all the small repairs her mum was unable to keep up with since her dad died.

"Let's go out!"

Bev's voice interrupted her flow of thought.

"Up to the Manoir, then down to the Topaz!"

Selkie grinned. Sounded like a plan to her! Glancing at the clock on the wall, she saw the night was still young. She didn't have to check in with D. until midnight – he had sent her with "gifts" for her sister – a state of the art webcam and microphone – intended, she well knew to allow him full access to his pet should he feel so inclined. He had been very clear that she was to check in at 12, at which point he would decide what services he wished.

After calling a taxi, Selkie and Bev swung out the door, long legs flashing. The friends had planned to go out for dinner before they got distracted by good wine and catching up, so both were dressed for company. Bev's ebony hair swung loose around her fine boned face, her large brown eyes merry and happy, her figure as tall, lean and lovely as when they were girls. Always the more conservative of the two, her pink sweater nonetheless hugged her large firm breasts and emphasized the narrow waist and hips.

She had made some rather backhanded comments on greeting Selkie – indicating that this pet's manner of dressing might be a little inappropriate for a woman of 40+. A tight leather black skirt, slit to the thigh, garters and fuck me shoes, a lace camisole which emphasized the creaminess of the small firm breasts and of course, her collar which she never took off. A 2 inch finely tooled leather band, it encircled the pet's slender neck, a silver tag with a stylized D/s engraved on its surface.

Selkie always got a kick out of people's reactions on seeing her collar – for those in the know there was that narrowing of eyes, the sweep up her long, lovely body, assessing the submissive on her merits. To the vanilla population it was slightly outrageous and something atavistic would stir in even the most conservative of minds at the sight of ownership on a female throat – whether it was recognized as that or not. For the bolder ones who asked, puzzled, what the D/s stood for, Selkie would adopt a surprised air – "our initials of course!" she would answer merrily.

D.'s pet was expected to keep herself in top form and four demanding astanga yoga classes a week together with commuting by bike when weather permitted and nightly runs on the treadmill if it was inclement had honed and enriched her figure to an enviable shape. Tall, lean with narrow hips, small firm breasts with large, plump delectable nipples and gorgeous shapely legs, well muscled and strong, Selkie had the added advantage of a full rich head of burnished auburn curls and huge green eyes. Her pale Irish skin, creamy and lightly freckled was virtually unmarked by the vicissitudes of time, a lifetime aversion of the sun now paying off in tight, firm, smooth skin, the faint lines bracketing her large clear eyes and smiling mouth simply adding character to an already intriguing face.

Grinning at each other, pumped and feeling like kids, the two women jumped in the waiting taxi.


It was many hours later that a very tired, inebriated and flirtatious pet stumbled back into her mother's home. Giggling, she tried to be quiet, shushing herself loudly then laughing at her own meanderings. Looking at the clock, she was astonished and a little perturbed to see it was now almost 4 in the morning – long past when she should have checked in with D. Wine, clouding her mind, befuddling her movements, made her shrug – she would make it up to him tomorrow.

She and Bev had had a ball – drinking and dancing the night away, their feminine pride stroked and confirmed with the horde of men that couldn't resist two sexy, happy ladies.

With the room spinning, one rather drunk pet fell onto her bed, long legs akimbo, breasts tumbling out of the low neckline of the camisole.

"Oh GOD."

Sunlight, cruel and intrusive stabbed through Selkie's head as she opened sleep gummed eyes. Her stomach roiling, she felt a sick taste in the back of her throat and swallowing, fought to keep the contents of her stomach from erupting.

Turning away from the awful light, she buried her face in the pillow, running a hand gently along her flat belly, trying to soothe the demons which were attempting to claw their way out.

"Oh GOD – D!"

Snapping up, Selkie immediately regretted her movement. Narrowing her eyes, she tried to make out the time on the clock radio beside her bed.

"Crap, crap, crap – it's 10:15 – oh CHRIST, he's going to be so pissed!"

Scrambling out of bed, ignoring a heaving stomach and aching head, she shot up to the computer, a hurried hello to her mum in passing.

Swearing under her breath, she quickly brought up her email:

"BAD pet:

I am most seriously displeased! I can guess where you were last night as I know you planned on seeing Bev.

As you are presently at your mother's to actually perform some tasks, I won't insist on your punishment until your return.

When you get back, I will expect you at the earliest opportunity, to strip naked, take the largest vibrator we have and press it firmly – that is FIRMLY against your clit. I will expect you to massage your clit, never removing the vibrator for a full 10 minutes.

I will, of course, expect you to videotape the entire punishment.

The most crucial part of this punishment is you are not – under any circumstances – to cum.

I will be in touch.


Grimacing, Selkie tried to reply but soon found D. had blocked her.

The next few days seemed very long to a very contrite pet.


Selkie set up the video camera – D. had made sure that she was not only conversant but adept at manipulating the camera as he would often makes explicit requests of her – to be videoed and studied later by himself.

It was early afternoon, and sunlight streamed through the high window, lending a warm glow to the deep blue of the walls and sending tendrils of light to spark and tangle in the crimson fire of her hair. Their room was furnished primarily with soft, honey coloured pine including a four poster bed (most suitable for restraints), a large wardrobe and a mutual dresser.

Sighing, not looking forward to her punishment, Selkie girded herself metaphorically and with one motion, threw the light peignoir open, allowing its peach silk to slide off smooth shoulders.

Perfumed, shaved, pale Irish skin smoothed and creamed, she stood in front of the camera, turning slowly so her Master could inspect her.

Burnished curls tumbled over broad, pale shoulders, just touching the upper side of the small, plump breasts, their delicate pink nipples puffy and tip tilted. Beneath their sweet weight, her waist was taut, leading to narrow hips. Her long, very shapely, well toned legs and long narrow feet were privately considered by her to be her best features. The tooled collar around her neck was her only adornment with the exception of the small silver rings which glinted and winked between her legs.

The plump, smooth mound of her sex lay exposed and vulnerable, the tip of her cleft just visible, the rings obscenely obvious and incongruous. Turning, she swept her hair up off, allowing the long curving symphony of sweet lines and curves leading to the small, firm buttocks to be seen.

Kneeling on the bed, Selkie fumbled in the bedside drawer, pulling out a rather large vibrator, furled and bulging.

She had the camera set up so she could watch on the TV screen what she was actually filming – a remote clutched in hand gave her some control over the angles as well as the ability to zoom in or out.

Focusing the remote, she aimed the camera straight at her naked body. Leaning slightly against the tumbled pillows, Selkie pulled up her knees and planted her feet several feet apart.

On the screen she saw her long pink slit fully exposed – the lips tightly furled, and the glint of her piercings barely obvious. Her pussy was actually quite pretty – with long slender lips, smooth and hairless, pale against the deeper pink of her slit.

Staring into the screen as if it were D.'s eyes, she opened her legs further, spreading her cunt open for his enjoyment.

As she had been taught, she delicately grasped the small silver rings which pierced her outer labia on either side of her small, hidden clit. Carefully, she pulled open the lips, exposing the hooded mystery of her pleasure and the glistening inner labia and tight pink hole.

Then, releasing the rings and biting her lip, Selkie placed the vibrator between her nether lips, pushing them apart with its rubber head. Jumping, she felt the head touch her small, shy clit.

Looking up and grimacing, clenching her jaw in anticipation, Selkie turned on the vibrator.


Powerful and intrusive, the vibrating dildo sent shock waves through her entire vulva. The sensitive nerve endings in her clitoris protested, sending spears of pain radiating from its maligned tip up through her groin. Selkie's clit – and her nipples – were incredibly sensitive. Like a fine instrument, D. knew how to coax and tenderly awake her for to play his Selkie right meant that her unusual sensitivity, if handled right, would turn from one extreme to the other – and his pet when played correctly would wallow in extremes of sensation that few submissives could tolerate.

But now, unaroused, her clit protested. Turning the timer she had placed beside the bed to 10 minutes, Selkie set her jaw, keeping a determined hand on the vibrating instrument of torture.

Three minutes ... god it felt like 20 ....

She looked at the screen, trying to distract herself from the pain radiating now in concentric circles from her abused clit down to her firm ass. Restlessly, she squirmed, being careful to keep the vibrator directly on what was normally the apex of her pleasure.

5 minutes ...

Tears sprang unbidden to the huge green eyes. Welling up, Selkie turned her pale face to the screen.

"It hurts, master, really hurts," she said plaintively.

Selkie's breath began to shorten and she began to pant without realizing it as she struggled to retain her composure and complete her punishment. Teeth clenched, tears trailing a glistening trail down her pale cheek, she tried to concentrate.

The pain was only increasing, her entire groin aching and sore but worst of all, her clit felt like it was on fire. Pinching and hot, the vibrating head of the dildo sent shock waves through her crotch, and she had to consciously force her hand to keep the instrument of torture pressed against it.


Tears spurting, Selkie snatched the vibrator away. Looking at the timer she saw she was 2.5 minute short of completing her punishment.

Trembling, oblivious now to the camera whose winking eye drank in every movement, she spread her legs and looked down.

Her clit burned, a tiny angry bristling piece of abused flesh, stiff and tight, poking now between the lips of her cunt. Normally, pale and delicately pink, Selkie's clit when aroused would swell and turn a deep, rich crimson. But now, abused and angry, it was narrow and shrivelled almost, its colour an angry brick red.

Careful not to jar her poor abused crotch, Selkie carefully got up from the bed, keeping her taut thighs wide so the silver rings, now glinting in the sunlight and sending sparks of silvery liquid fire into the muted dusky blue of the room were glaringly obvious.

Walking almost comically, she hobbled to the camera and turned it off.

Then with her sweet plump buttocks flexing, she made it to the bathroom where she wet a soft cloth, squeezing out the water and leaving the cloth warm. Back in the bedroom, crawling up on the bed, she sighed, as the soft warm cloth soothed the burning agony of her abused cunt.

For half an hour, changing the cloth twice, Selkie sought to calm the pain. Slowly, her clit began to subside, the angry colour fading and the swollen painful length subsiding once again to nestle shyly between her plump labia.

Then sighing, Selkie got up, turning on the camera yet again.

"Master, - that just didn't work – I'm truly sorry – I just couldn't handle it."

"So I'm going to try it a different way."

"You told me I wasn't to cum – that I was to keep the vibrator on my clit for the full 10 minutes. But you didn't tell me I couldn't become aroused!"

Selkie grinned, her green eyes dancing and her sense of humour reasserting itself.

"So, Master, this is what I am going to do...."

Selkie lay back against the tumbled pillows against the headboard of the bed. Heavy lidded and sensuous, she turned her luscious gaze to the camera – imagining it was her Master standing there, not an inanimate instrument.

Cupping the small pale breasts and keeping her gaze straight into the lens, Selkie began to squeeze and compress her plump breasts, being careful to avoid the swollen plump nipples. Leaning back, she half closed her eyes, revelling in the feel of her breasts being caressed and moulded, running soft fingers up and down the swelling at the sides, flicking a nail against the sensitive underside.

Still cupping one breast, she focused again the camera.

"I'm going to touch my cunt now, Master, your cunt, the one you like to thrust your cock in."


Spreading her thighs very wide, Selkie's cunt gaped open, the deep red hole clearly visible and the inner labia's pale flesh starting to flush and plump out.

"Do you see it Master? My cunt hole?"

Suiting action to words, her one hand now squeezing the small breast even harder, pink finger marks springing up on its pale surface, Selkie leaned over with her other hand. Stiffening her long fingers, she watched intently as she pushed them right up her own warm folds.

Sighing, eyes closing, she sank them deep, wiggling them slightly to feel the resistance against the hard digits.

"Oh god, it feels good Master, not as good as your stiff prick, but good."

"Do you want me to fuck myself, Master? With my fingers?"

Selkie's breath began to shorten as she began to push her stiff fingers in and out of the gaping cunt hole. She glanced up at the camera, her eyes hooded, just the green glow showing her increasing arousal.

The thought that her beloved D. would be watching this later – watching her naked and wanton, her fingers pushing in and out of her own cunt, one hand squeezing and pinching the soft full breast made her unbelievably hot.

In the pale golden silence of the room, Selkie's breath came quicker and the sound of moist, slick squishing was clear.

"Selkie likes this, Master, it feels good to push something hard up my cunt."

On her breast, Selkie's fingers went unbidden to the now stiffening nipple. Normally, a delicate almost translucent pink, the areole almost flesh coloured, as her arousal grew, her plump nipples hardened and the colour flushed crimson to the surface.

Leaning back, pulling her fingers, now glistening from the sucking folds of her cunt, Selkie looked straight into the camera.

"Look at my titties, Master, look!"

Cupping her breasts, she offered them to her lord. Swollen now, plump and firm, her nipples were engorged and swollen. Plucking the tips, Selkie pinched them sharply.

"Wouldn't you like to pinch them, Master, pull them and twist them? You know your Selkie would love that ... shall I put on my clamps, my dear sir?"

Leaning over, her breasts jiggling, Selkie reached into the drawer, pulling out two weighted clamps, a slender chain connecting them.

Cupping one swollen breast, she pinched the nipple between her thumb and forefinger, pulling it out from the swollen tip– carefully, she opened the little teeth of the clamp, and holding her breath, shut it on the swollen hard length of her nipple.

Selkie groaned as the clamp bit into her swollen nipple. Between her legs, she felt a gush and turning again to the camera, fumbled with the remote. Quickly, she focused first on her nipple, which now was a bright crimson and had swollen and extended even further, then breath coming quicker, she directed the lens, zooming in between her legs.

With the one clamp attached to her jiggling breast, Selkie showed her master how wet her cunt was getting. The smooth lips glistened in the muted golden light of the room, tendrils of sunlight caressing its slippery surface. The normally smooth pale lips of her labia were swollen, flushed with blood and arousal, they were pink and luscious.

Spreading her legs wider, Selkie reached down and inserting her two index fingers delicately in the hot swollen hole of her vagina, pulled it wide. A gush of clear, viscous liquid trickled out to run in a glistening line down to the crack of her ass.

"Look Master, my cunt is getting really, really wet. The clamp on my nipple, it made me gush – but not cum, sir, not that!".

Selkie felt a familiar heaviness in her hips. Slowly, she wriggled her ass into the bed, then with indrawn breath, quickly fastened the other clamp to the other breast.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, - see that master? The clamps are both on – look how they pull my breasts down – how they pinch my tits".

"Now, Master, now I'll try to do what you asked."

With that, Selkie took the vibrator – and with a smooth motion clicked it on and thrust it between her legs, the head directly on her aroused clit.

"Oh god, oh god – that feels good Master – it feels nice now ... your Selkie is aroused now, Sir – I wish you were here – I would beg, Sir, beg to suck your beautiful cock!"

Selkie's heavy-lidded eyes gazed into the camera lens, unfocused now as the vibrating dildo now began to send waves of pleasure along the nerve endings, neurons snapping, endorphins floating through her body.

Half seeing, she took in the sight on the television screen. Her long pale body lay back against the pillows, her breasts swollen, the nipples crimson and obscenely obvious, their hard swollen length clamped between the cruel teeth. Her legs, pulled up and spread far apart, trembled as she pushed the big vibrator against her now swollen and aroused clit. Wiggling her ass, Selkie settled herself so her pulsing deep pink hole could be seen, a glistening trickle of arousal snaking out of its swollen depth.

Unbidden, her hips began to push against the hard dildo, seeking more of the delicious sensation now coursing through her body.

Deep in her own space, Selkie blindly turned to the timer which clicked away the minutes. 8 minutes.

"See Master, I'm doing it – it feels good, it feels good – do you see me, Master? Do you see my cunt drooling? Look at my titties, my dearest lord, look at your slave's tits – all swollen and hard – look at her cunt YOUR slave's cunt, the one you push your prick in and fuck and come in ..."

t her cunt YOUR slave's cunt, the one you push your prick in and fuck and come in ..."

Almost delirious, Selkie suddenly felt an overwhelming pressure, a pushing in the front of her groin.

Too late she realized what was occurring and tried to stop, with a cry she pulled the vibrator away from her cunt just as a thick spurt of clear liquid erupted from between her lips – further up than her drooling cunt hole and just below her clit.

With an inarticulate cry, Selkie capitulated, her hips jerking as one spurt, then another was forcibly ejected from her urethra.

Breast heaving, Selkie gave in as the clear watery liquid sprayed her taut thighs, breath short and panting, waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

A moment later, a buzzing and the timer went off.

Dazed, Selkie looked into the camera lens, her big eyes, heavy lidded and glazed. Awareness slowly flooded back and despair clouded the spring eyes, muddying their normally clear surface.

"Oh Master – I ejaculated – that's not really a cum is it? You know for me it's lovely but not as good as the other."

She stumbled over her words, then hanging her head, ashamed, was silent.

Between her legs, a wet stain was mute witness to her disgrace.

After several minutes, the abashed pet decided to try for the third time to fulfill her punishment. Dusk was starting to mute the light which spilled in the high windows, sending shadowy fingers into dark corners, no longer sparking crimson but muted sherry in the tumbled curls.

Turning the timer to 11 minutes to allow for a margin of error, Selkie decided that this time she was going to succeed. Her D.'s reserved manner with her, apart from the fact he hadn't touched her in the several days since she had returned from Montreal, were killing her spirit.

Lying awake and unhappy beside his warm body, not daring to press up against him as was her wont, Selkie had turned yearning eyes on his sleeping form. Naked, he had turned, the sheets tossed off in the warmth of the room and she had his seen his prick, engorged and trembling, its pale surface and crimson head delectable. Unable to resist, she had slipped down and light as a fairy, had leaned over, holding back the tumble of red curls from his groin. Delicately, her small pink tongue had begun to lap at the delicious cock, its clever tip burrowing in the tiny winking eye which immediately began to leak a little rivulet of clear fluid.

Suddenly, she had felt a hand clamp onto the back of her neck. Looking up, beseechingly, she had met D.'s implacable gaze. Capitulating, tears filling the big eyes, she had crept back to her own side of the bed.

"I WILL do this!" she said fiercely.

Determined, her clit still throbbing, her breasts aching now from the clamps, Selkie took the vibrator, pushing it determinedly between her slippery thighs and turned it on as she flicked the timer.

Looking straight at the camera, Selkie worked at disassociating herself from her traitorous body. Gazing into its unwinking lens, she focused on the reality that D. would be looking at her later this night and she could not, would not, disappoint him a third time.

The minutes ticked by. Selkie's clit hummed and thrummed, this side of sore as she ruthlessly suppressed any sign of arousal. Her abuse of its sensitive skin, however, was serving now to provide a welcome numbness, allowing her to keep the vibrator firmly pressed against its errant hood without actually causing unbearable pain nor equally unwelcome arousal.

"I WILL do this," she mumbled fiercely, keeping her eyes trained on the implacable stare of the video cam.

Inside her head, a kaleidoscope of images and memories tumbled and ran riot; images of D.'s warm arms, the feel of his hands rubbing cream into swollen welts, the butterfly touch of his fingers as he barely caressed her soft breasts and most of all, the approving warmth of eyes, now glacier cold, turning warm and filling her heart with an overwhelming rush of love and need and contentment.

The buzzer going off startled her, and with an exclamation, Selkie dropped the buzzing instrument of torture.

A bit dazed, she looked the timer. Its small dial was quite decidedly at 0.

She had done it!

Turning to the camera, she allowed a shy smile.

"I've done it, Sir – I know it took a long time and you may not think I did it correctly, but I honestly tried my best. Please, darling Sir! Please forgive your naughty pet now!"

Selkie's huge eyes glittered as tears welled up then ran in a glistening trail from the corner of her eyes down to the small, sensuous mouth. Her dishevelled curls tumbled around the pale face, muted now as dusk lent a soft glow, softening edges and giving a pale translucence to white skin. Her breasts, still flushed and swollen, bobbed enticingly as she leaned forward, the long legs folded now.

Sighing, she slowly got up, a heavy ache in her groin. Despite ejaculating, Selkie had indeed not had a regular orgasm and while she truly enjoyed the former, it was the latter that provided the greatest pleasure and release.

Her clit felt swollen and sore, her nipples were hyper extended and crimson even as she undid the clamps and gave a deep breath as the harsh pressure of their teeth eased.

Turning off the camera, she went into the bathroom to run a bath.


Later that night, D. arrived home. Standing outside his house, he paused in the warm darkness of the spring evening, breathing deep the heady, sensuous scent of lily of the valley scattered throughout the grass and flowerbeds.

He knew his Selkie was distraught and unhappy and while he wasn't particularly happy about that, he knew that she had needed a strong lesson.

Entering the quiet house, he dropped his keys and briefcase and went straight to the bedroom. Noting the camera immediately, he nodded approvingly, then his strong featured face softened as he took in the tumbled sleeping figure of his sweet pet.

Quietly, careful not to wake her, he unbolted the camera from the tripod and brought it into his office. Hooking it up to his laptop, D. watched his darling complete her punishment.

Musing on the ejaculation, and looking again at the sad face, he decided he would allow her that little slip and prick throbbing, entered the bedroom to give her the good news.

Selkie woke gently, a familiar and pungent smell pushing through the threads of sleep and exhaustion to see her beloved D's prick in front of her face. Looking up, she saw his eyes, warm and caring and her heart soared. Happily, she opened her small lips and with a smooth thrust, D. impaled himself in her warm mouth.

D. knew indeed that it would be quite some time before this pet was naughty again!

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