Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Into the Fire - Chapter 2

"You're going out again?"

Mario's voice was aggrieved. Steph paused and turning, looked at her husband as he sprawled in his favourite chair, the TV remote clutched in one hand.

"You know that Gabrielle and I have the book club tonight!" she answered, her slender arms reaching up to thrust a pin in the piled hair.

"That's three nights this week – you're never home!"

Steph stopped fussing and turned to Mario. A pang of guilt arrowed through her as she took in his plaintive expression. He really had been sweet about all the time she was spending away from home and in view of the fact that he wasn't used to her being out and about all the time, he had been remarkably patient. She felt even guiltier as she thought how angry and yes – she admitted to herself – devastated, he would be if he knew how she was really spending that time.

Hair tousled and still damp, Mario's curls sprang about his head, framing the strong features. Shirtless from the shower he always took the moment he got home (construction work being hot, dirty and exhausting work), his chest was heavily muscled and broad, curly black hair trailing from the hard nub of his nipples in a line, disappearing into the tight jeans which hugged his narrow hips and outlined the strong thighs.

Looking at him, Steph felt a frisson of affection and as her eyes following the trail of hair to the flat belly, an arrow of lust swept through her. It had been some time since she and Mario had had sex and although her knees even now went weak, thinking of Gaby's soft mouth between her thighs, the thought of her husband's thick prick was making her nipples harden.

For a moment, confusion raced through her – did she love Gaby? Did she love Mario? The problem was, she thought unhappily, she loved them both.

Other than his distaste for her unusual wetness, Mario was a loving husband. Not only did he spoil her materially but he was always making spontaneous sweet gestures like bringing home a huge bouquet of spring flowers or sweeping her up when he finished work and treating her to a romantic dinner. He gave her a generous allowance and never questioned how much she spent on the house.

Mario was proud of his pretty, clever wife and had proved to be a stalwart defender when her mother in law and even her own mother pressured her to get pregnant. It wasn't that she didn't want children, just not now. She knew she should be far more appreciative of his forbearance for many of her contemporaries were working on their second and third children while she was allowed to exercise her creative bent in decorating.

And, she thought truthfully to herself – she did love that beautiful prick – there was something about the way that hard length felt between her legs, pushing up into her ... Steph shivered, her nipples hardening.

Watching her, Mario watched a myriad of expressions cross his wife's expressive face. For a moment, he saw her anew – and was suddenly struck by how wonderful she looked. A conservative dresser for most of the time he had known her, he wondered when she had started to change.

He watched as Steph studied her image in the hall mirror, pulling a curl out here, pinning one up there. Her posture pulled her heavy breasts up and Mario noted the way they almost spilled out of the low necked sweater which clung to their full, swollen orbs. He frowned. That top was awfully tight he thought to himself. Her skirt, a short, flippy denim barely brushed the top of her taut thighs and her legs looked long and shapely.

His prick stirred. Construction season was largely seasonal and he had to take the work when he could get it. Working 14 hour days sometimes, he had been coming home, showering, eating and falling into bed in a haze of exhaustion. Torrential rain and high winds had cut short his work day and he had arrived home unusually early for this season. Relatively rested, he started feeling quite aroused as he watched his very sexy wife getting ready.

"Steph...". Mario said wheedling.

"Do you have to go out tonight?"

Steph paused. She felt bad as she saw his hopeful face,. Glancing at her watch, she saw she was, as usual, early. Looking at him, Steph thought he looked rather adorable and again, felt a twitching between her legs. She really had been neglecting him, she thought.

Already aroused in anticipation of Gaby's expert ministrations, Steph looked at her handsome husband and decided she had more than enough time to indulge.

Dropping her purse, Steph smiled, a long slow seductive smile that startled Mario at the same time as it aroused him. Clicking on 4inch heels, she strutted to her husband, breasts jouncing in their skimpy bra, hips swishing. Falling to her knees, she pushed his thick muscled legs apart, running her hands along their strong length and looking up into his dark brown eyes, now growing hot as she nestled between his legs.

Leaning into him, she closed her eyes and rubbed her face lightly against the bulge in his pants, breathing in the musky male scent, so different from Gaby's uniquely feminine odour. Under the skimpy shirt, her nipples hardened, an atavistic reaction to male testosterone.

Beneath her soft cheek, she felt the heavy prick stir.

Turning her face, Steph placed her lips against the length of his prick, breathing warm breath along its twitching breadth,

Mario sighed, leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes, his prick starting to throb and thicken as he anticipated his wife's ministrations. In the conservative culture from which they both sprang, fellatio was not considered something "nice" girls did – when Mario discovered that not only was Steph willing but also was eager, he felt he had truly lucked into the bridal lottery.

Steph rubbed her lips along the burgeoning length of her husband's prick, feeling the moist warmth through the material of his pants. Extending a pink tongue, she licked along the zipper, making the aroused man jump. He could feel her warm moist breath even through the stuff of the jeans.

Expertly, Steph unzipped and unbuttoned. As she unclasped the last button, the spongy moist tip of Mario's prick, laying stiff now against his belly, peaked out, a drool of clear liquid dribbling from its winking tip.

Licking her lips, feeling a tugging in her groin, Steph reached in, pulling the stiff length free of its constricting underwear.

Holding it tight at the base, Steph studied Mario's prick, her breath shortening as she took in its swollen girth. Although not particularly long, his prick was thick and pale against the tanned expanse of skin, blue veins snaking under delicate translucent skin, the crimson head bulging and mushroom shaped. It looked, she mused, absolutely delicious.

Taking a deep breath, Steph leaned forward, pressing her warm heavy breasts into Mario's legs and with a smooth, practiced motion, sank her warm mouth down the length of prick.

Mario groaned as her warm, hot throat clasped his cock in a sweet, tight vice. Involuntarily, his narrow hips jerked, pushing his prick deeper.

Holding the base tightly, rubbing her hand up and down the velvety smooth skin in tandem with her mouth, Steph felt herself getting wet. The smell, that rich, yeasty pungent aroma – so different from the lighter, more astringent smell of Gaby and so familiar – for so many years she had been associating that smell with equally delicious sex.

The feel of him in her mouth, the gristly muscle beneath its velvet skin, the spongy drooling head, the tart flavour of precum dripping down her throat. She gagged slightly as Mario's hips began to push harder into her mouth, stretching even her generous lips and making her breathe strongly through her nose, her throat blocked with burgeoning prick.

Steph closed her eyes, pushing her breasts against Mario's muscled thighs each time she sank her mouth down to encompass that beautiful prick to its base. She breathed through her nose to enable her to suck the entire length in her generous mouth. As her arousal increased, Steph's rhythm grew more regular and beneath her expert ministrations, her husband's narrow hips began to tremble and tighten.

Mario's breath was harsh now. Unbidden, his hands went to the dark curls, tangling in their ebony silken length and pressing down on the warm skull, pushing that delicious mouth even further down his throbbing cock.

"Oh God, baby, keep going, keep going!"

The sound of his voice, harsh and masculine made Steph moan around the pumping cock stuffing her mouth. Unable to help herself, she cupped one of her breasts, squeezing its heavy plump weight.

Mario suddenly began groaning, his hands tightened almost painfully on her curls and suddenly, with a long hiss, he shoved his cock as deep as he could within its warm prison. A long hot spurt of sperm hit the back of Steph's throat, almost causing her to gag. Thick and viscous, it filled her mouth as his jerking prick began to empty its load onto her willing tongue. Spurt after spurt filled her warm mouth, until, choking and laughing, she pulled back, hot, glistening cum trailing down the corners of her mobile mouth and dribbling from the sensuous full lower lip.

Holding his still throbbing cock, Steph watched as the last remnants dribbled from the tip of the swollen prick, swallowing her delicious mouthful. Then leaning down, she swept her long pink tongue up the length of the rapidly softening member, sipping up the remainder of the offering.

Then with the tip of her tongue, she licked around her own lips. Standing and placing Mario's prick tenderly across the strong thigh, she smiled affectionately at her husband. Mario grinned up at her, his eyes still a bit glazed. Reaching for her hand, he kissed her palm and then her wrist.

Feeling a wellspring of affection, Steph leaned forward to kiss his lips. Mario winced as her mouth came near and Steph realized that he was repulsed by the thought of kissing her with remnants of his own cum on her lips. Unbidden, she thought of Gaby, her mouth wet and glistening, rising up from between her legs to meet Steph's lips with a long clinging, loving meshing of tongues..

Steph felt sad. Sighing, forcing a smile, she sketched a wave, grabbed her purse and walked briskly to the door. Mario, satiated, turned to the European football now on,


Worried, Gaby glanced at her watch.

Steph was NEVER late. In fact, she was as Gaby termed it "anally time obsessed" and was always at least 20 minutes early. Thus, while Steph was only 10 minutes late, that was so unlike her, Gaby started fretting about possible car accidents. Her heart constricted at the thought of her beautiful girl hurt or frightened. The club was loud and raucous, and the music pounded in her ears, distracting and irritating whereas when she had first come in, it had sounded upbeat and seductive.

Brushing the straight blond fringe to one side, she tapped her fingers nervously on the table top. Around her, the predominantly female crowd in this very lesbian oriented club swayed and danced to the music. At the booth beside her, a striking black girl, hair exotic in tightly bound corn rows and with high pointed breasts, was passionately locked in an embrace with a tiny Asian girl dressed flirtily in a school girl kilt and demure white blouse. As Gaby watched, almost blindly, the black girl's long beautiful hand pulled the blouse out from the waist and snaked up to cup the small childish breast of her lover.


Gaby's head snapped up and across the room, she saw her sweetie waving madly, laughing as she tried to negotiate her way across the crowded dance floor without bumping into too many bodies.

A spear of jealousy when through her as she saw a pretty redhead turn to Steph, and obviously drunk, pull that dark-haired head toward her for a passionate kiss. Gaby watched as the redhead's hand snaked up and grasped the swollen breast of her lover, squeezing its delectable weight.

Before Gaby could get up and create a scene, Steph broke away and laughingly patting the girl's face, made her way to Gaby, grimacing humorously as she neared.

"God, - that girl was sooooo drunk!" she said laughing.

"Well, you didn't look too unhappy." Gaby said icily.

Leaning over, Steph pulled the blonde's head to her and soft lips met hers in a clinging, loving kiss. Weakening, Gaby stood, pulling the girl to her, her arms going possessively around the small, sexy body. The kiss deepened and Gaby used her experienced tongue to probe between Steph's lips. As she closed her eyes and tangled her tongue with her lover's, she suddenly tasted something she hadn't tasted before in her lover's mouth.

"What's that?" she said, with a forced laugh, jealousy squirming in her breast.

"I know what that tastes like!"

Steph flushed crimson as Gaby laughed at her. Before she could pull away, Gaby leaned down, her long mobile mouth capturing Steph's. Holding tightly to her, pressing her own small firm breasts against Steph's more generous bounty, Gaby leisurely explored the moist mouth, tasting the remnants of tangy sperm that clung there. Possessively, she swept her own tongue around that warm moist cavern, ridding the sensitive palette of the male detritus, and in the process, leaving her own sweet smelling mark.

"So that's why you're late." Gaby said.

"I'm sorry, sweet one! But he looked so unhappy ... and I've been out so much this week and I was afraid if I didn't do something he would make me stay in ... and how ..."

"It's ok, really, it's ok!"

Gaby took Steph's head between her hands, her blue eyes serious as she captured her friend's big brown gaze, now worried and frightened. Gaby knew she had to play this carefully. Steph was only now beginning to bloom. Constrained and caught by a culture that taught restraint and discouraged anything out of the status quo, Steph had already taken a giant step away from her beginnings. Gaby couldn't bear to lose her now if conscience and strictures taught and drummed into her as a child emerged victorious.

Gently, she shook the girl's head.

"Silly thing! It's not as if I didn't know you weren't married! I certainly assumed you would continue to have sex with your husband –whether because you wanted to or to keep him quiet – it didn't matter – I knew it would happen!"

"Look, Steph, I KNOW you have to fuck your husband! It's not as if I find that repugnant or anything – I mean I have been known to have a cock or two in my day!"

Surprised, Steph's gaze widened.

"Don't look so shocked! Nothing wrong with a stiff prick once in a while – bottom line is I love women best and all my serious relationships have been with girls, but sometimes its fun to swing the other way too!"

"Wanna dance, doll?"

The inebriated redhead, face blurred with drink, large sagging breasts barely contained in a skimpy halter, ran her hand along the plump globes of Steph's bottom.

"Butt out, sweetie – she is taken!" Gaby said firmly.

Turning to Steph, Gaby grabbed her hand.

"Do you want to stay here? Or shall we go back to my place?" she asked.

Steph, busy removing the redhead's hand yet again from her shapely derriere, nodded.

"Yeah, I think it might be safer," she said, grinning.

Hand in the hand, the two girls made their escape into the sweetness of a spring evening.

Dusk had fallen in soft folds of midnight lace, soft and sweet, the air dreamed of lilac and lily of the valley, blooming under budding beginning green trees and the shy, painfully beautiful freshness of plants awakening from winter's rest.

Hand in hand, they strolled streets now busy with people seeking the solace of renewal, winter worn faces pale and hopeful as spring wrought its magic in tired eyes and awakening limbs.

Steph sighed. The air was fresh after the rain earlier in the day and taking a deep breath, she filled her lungs. A sense of freedom held her in thrall for just a moment in time – holding her friend's hand, strolling through the eclectic, quirky district of Queen West, Steph felt as if she had awoken from a long sleep.

Key in hand, Gaby opened the door into a riot of colour and warmth. For a moment, she paused, struck anew in what a difference this small person was making in her life. An inveterate and unapologetic home renovation addict, Steph had begun first surreptitiously, then more overtly to transform Gaby's former serviceable but uninspired flat into a haven of warmth, colour and uniqueness.

Gaby was an inspired buyer for her lingerie store; with an instinctive appreciation of fine fabrics, shape and form which left every figure type seductive. Colours for flesh she understood – the tones that enhanced a cool olive, the rich tones which warmed pale white. , Fabric she understood with a knowledge and insight garnered from years of experience and an instinct that seldom steered her wrong – from rich brocades to innocent cottons, she had an unerring eye. But there her creativity ended – for her, her flat was simply a place she slept and restless Gaby was usually out and about.

Things had changed when Steph had come along.

Gaby hadn't planned that – she had intended a quick affair. Captivated and aroused by both the beauty and innocence of this pretty brunette, she had been caught unawares and in the quest for seduction had found herself reluctantly and unexpectedly charmed and captivated. Discovering and encouraging Steph's shy wit and sharp intelligence had been immensely provocative. Coupled with the overwhelming physical attraction she felt every time she looked at Steph, Gaby found herself starting to plan her time off around Steph's limited availability. She had watched indulgently when Steph's normal reticence had given way to confidence and even bossiness when she saw that Gaby had no objection to her redecorating schemes.

Noting that Gaby had no interest and was simply indulgent with her inveterate decorating, Steph had gone to town. Released from the strictures of satin couches, plastic covered lamps and elaborate poufy window treatments common and considered the epitome of style in her own culture, Steph had indulged her passionate love of colour and texture.

Flea market finds like a rickety chair, were stripped and painted a rustic, soft blue; vibrant curtains, flowing and airy, hung at sparkling windows, eclectic and unusually shaped cushions now softened the big couch, while medieval tapestries she had made with bargain basement fabric and Home Depot wooden spools decorated terra cotta walls. The whole effect was utterly charming, warm, vibrant and welcoming with a quirky, offbeat charm that had Gaby's friends asking her who her decorator was.

Kicking off her heels, Gaby sighed with relief and sank onto the welcoming settee, throwing long, lean legs up on a wide seat strewn with cushions. Leaning forward, she grabbed Steph's hand and pulled her down in front of her, pushing the narrow shoulders until Steph, capitulating, leaned against her..

"The thing is, I know you love your husband. I'm willing to share – I mean, it's not like I have a choice."

Still talking, Gaby pulled at Steph's jacket until the small brunette, curls dishevelled and sexy sat forward, allowing Gaby to pull it off her slender arms.

Leaning back, Steph closed her eyes. Gaby felt good against her back, the small firm breasts pressing into the sweep of skin, Gaby's firm shoulder comforting against her curls, the long, gorgeous legs cupping her own shapely curves in sweet restraint.

Gaby's hands, tender and delicate as a butterfly, ran long mobile fingers along the slope of narrow shoulders and down the thin curve of waist, pausing for a moment, to encircle and caress the slightly rounded firm belly and then sweeping up to barely touch the heavy underside of generous breasts.

Her voice soothing and comforting, Gaby's clever hands barely touched Steph's breasts, running delicate fingers along swollen mounds and never touching the hardening nub of distended nipples.

ng the hardening nub of distended nipples.

Steph sighed, revelling in the feel of Gaby's hands at her sensitive breasts, relishing the energy radiating from them, that somehow felt like touching but wasn't. Her breasts, engorged and almost painful, seemed to swell into Gaby's magic hands, seeking the caress of mobile fingers and soft tips.

Between her legs, Steph felt the first stirrings of arousal.

"I'm confused and that's the truth," she confessed.

"I mean, this, what you're doing, it feels so bloody good – so sexy – and makes me so very hot".

Steph's voice was a bit breathless now as Gaby's hands never missed a beat, barely rubbing, flicking and hardly touching, until she wanted to shove her breasts into those teasing hands.

Steph's head felt heavy and languorous; her eyes closed, she breathed in the scent of her friend, the feel of her sweet breath light on cheek.

"I love being with you, Gaby," she admitted.

"You're one of the first people in my life that I feel sees me as a whole – not just a 'good daughter', an 'appropriate wife', but someone with a brain and an opinion and the ability to think and debate."

Gaby pulled Steph close, nestling her tighter between her legs, relishing the feel of the firm, compact body against her own, the warmth of the smooth creamy skin. Gaby's normally sharp blue eyes softened as she took in the sweet curve of cheek, the long straight nose, the silken hair.

"And what about this?" she said teasingly, and her hands swept up to cup the yearning heavy breasts, squeezing and moulding their delicious warm flesh.

Steph groaned and reaching up, plucked at her shirt – wanting Gaby's hands on her actual skin.

Gaby pushed her forward and with expert fingers pulled the top over her friend's tousled head, rubbing a hand down the long sweep of back. Steph sighed, shivering as her nerve endings vibrated. Leaning forward slightly, she looked down at the swelling globes of her own breasts, loving the way the pale sweet flesh overflowed the wisp of soft lace barely cupping their plenitude. She gave a soft groan as Gaby's expert fingers released the clasp in the back, and sighed in relief as the heavy breasts were freed.

Then, taking a deep breath, she grasped Gaby's hand as it swept around to squeeze her breast.

"Hold on – I have to say something."

Steph scrambled forward to her knees, then bracing herself against the long smooth length of her friend's leg, turned to face her.

Gaby's face softened. Steph, her mobile features serious, gazed at her. She had no idea, Gaby realized, how utterly seductive she looked. Her gorgeous ebony hair was piled in artful disarray atop her small, well shaped head, curls springing and twisting, one fat black ringlet brushing the creamy, sloping shoulders. Her eyes, huge, a deep brown so intense as to be almost black gazed levelly at her girlfriend.

Steph's shoulders were narrow but fine, her torso slender, almost too much so for the glorious abundance of breast, swelling heavy globes with a rich, full underhang, the brown nipples prominent, puckering and elongating as they reacted to Gaby's hot gaze. Steph's waist was tiny while the sweep from its narrow circumference out to swelling hip was breathtaking. She sat facing Gaby, her legs, clad in sheer black stockings were shapely and muscular.

"No – stop looking at me like that," said Steph, grinning and trying to keep serious.

"I have to say something."

Gaby's blue eyes met Steph's.

"What do you want to say, sweetheart? You know you can tell me – just DON'T tell me that we're done."

Without realizing it , Gaby let a worried note creep into her voice. Self sufficient, fiercely independent, Gaby was proud of the fact that she had largely survived to this point on her own – with no help. She had had girlfriends but most of her relationships were fairly shallow and short-term. Until Steph, she had thought herself incapable of feeling deeply for another human being.

Then the vivacious, adorable, creative, intelligent bundle that made this captivating woman so fascinating had come into her life and there was no going back.

Steph looked miserable, a sheen filming the brandy-coloured eyes.

"I love being with you, Gaby – you know that. But sometimes, well .sometimes I just feel so guilty - I feel that I'm not just deceiving Mario but also that I'm deceiving you – that I'm being unfair to both of you because I'm so wishy washy I can't make up my mind which direction to take!"

"The fact of the matter is, I feel like I am waking up after a very long sleep – sometimes I feel like a butterfly as trite as that sounds. My mind – well, it feels like for the first time since I was born, it is actually being stretched.

Steph sat back on her heels, her heavy breasts hanging full and lovely against her chest.

"But Mario is a good man – a kind man – he has been wonderful to me – and I still like having sex with him – I won't lie to you – problem is, I like having sex with YOU also."

Steph looked so confused and sad, that Gaby's heart ached. Reaching out, she gently traced Steph's jaw, her finger trailing to outline the full, sensuous lower lip. Delicately, she pushed a finger tip just into the warm moistness of Steph's mouth. Sighing, Steph closed her eyes, swaying forward, breasts swollen, fastening her lips over Gaby's finger and sucking in the tip.

Gaby pulled her hand free and grasping her friend by the shoulders, drew her close.

"Sweetheart – we've been seeing each other what? 6 months? In some ways that is a long time, in others it is just a flash in the pan."

"I won't lie to you – I would like more time with you – but I knew when we got together you had a life and a busy one at that. You've never ever said Mario was cruel – although it pisses me royally that he can't accept your wonderful sexuality – always, you've told me how well he treats you."

"But do you have to make a decision right now? tonight? I mean, why don't you allow things to take their course – I've learned that fate is something that happens no matter what – so why hurry it? If I don't mind sharing and Mario doesn't know – there is no harm done to anyone."

Reaching, Gaby pulled the long slender neck and worried face to hers. Soft lips met in a clinging passionate kiss, tongues probing and tangling, sinuous and provocative. Breathing deeply into each other's mouths, holding tightly to Steph's shoulders, Gaby could feel herself moisten as the warmth of Steph's mouth, the hot thrusting tongue, the smell of her skin and feel of her caused her heart to beat frantically.

Reluctantly, she pulled away, and impatiently pulled at her own top, snapping a button off as she fumbled at its tiny pearl covered fastenings.

Laughing throatily, Steph touched her hand, quietening her. With trembling fingers, Steph carefully unbuttoned and drew the silky blouse off the blonde's broad, slightly freckled shoulders, the fine bones sharp under translucent skin. She sat back slightly on her heels, admiring the look of Gaby's strong beautiful torso, her breasts soft and firm under a silky camisole. Pulling the slip up from the waist, she gasped as the swollen, crimson nipples came into sight.

"God, your breasts are so beautiful," she breathed reverently.

Leaning, she lipped one swollen nipple, pulling it gently between her lips and suckling. Gaby groaned and throwing back her head, clasped the dark head to her breast.

Steph's hand came up to cup her delicious morsel of flesh. She revelled in the feel of this woman's breast, the slightly elastic feel of the firm, warm flesh, the softness so delicious to squeeze and mould, the feel of the long sensitive nipple between her lips. She had never envisioned what a woman's breast tasted like until Gaby and had she even for a moment, tried to imagine, could never have come up with the reality of rich, soft woman flesh. The spongy firm taste of the nipple, piquant and soft, the erotic feel of firm flesh in her hand were not something that could be described until your own hand cupped such a breast.

Breathing heavily, Steph leaned forward, putting almost her whole weight against her friend's warm body.

Overbalancing, Gaby shrieked as she tumbled to the floor, bringing her dark haired friend with her. Laughing, the two girls landed in a tangle of silken limbs and jouncing breasts.

Lying unhurt, they grinned at each other.

Pulling herself to her feet, Gaby pulled Steph up.

"Come on you, the bedroom is better anyway!"

Steph turned, then stopped as Gaby halted her. Bending slightly, Gaby unbuttoned the short flippy skirt, tugging until Steph wiggling, stepped out of it, leaving it in a pile on the floor.

Then arms on her shoulders, guiding, she pushed her friend forward, watching as the full, plump buttocks flexed and unflexed as Steph, still wearing her silky stockings and 4 inch heels headed for the bedroom.

Getting to the huge king-size bed, Gaby turned Steph to face her. Again, she leaned and with soft lips caught the brunette's in a clinging passionate kiss, thrusting her tongue in and around the hot warm mouth.

Then pushing gently, she sat her down. A further slight shove and Steph lay on her back, her taut thighs slightly gaping.

Gaby stood back, taking a deep breath. Steph lay back, big eyes heavy lidded and languorous, the ebony hair mussed, silken strands laying in provocative curls against her long slender neck. Her heavy breasts fell to each side in sweet succulent mounds. Steph's slightly rounded belly was a expanse of soft flesh, her hips a symphony of curves which swept down to the long slender thighs, their pale taut flesh almost obscenely displayed against the dark silk of the stockings. Kneeling, Gaby pushed Steph's thighs slightly apart, running her fingers along the silk of the stockings, relishing the feel of its slick surface. Her breath quickened as she took in the splendour of the girl's darkly haired cunt.

Crystal drops of arousal bedewed the dark pubic hair, clinging to its curls and glistening in the long crimson slit.

"Oh, you beautiful darling!"

Gaby breathed reverently, her hand unconsciously running up and down the shapely calf and thigh softly clad by clinging silk.

Gently but firmly, Gaby pushed Steph's thighs apart then up, pushing her knees up towards her chest. In doing so, the crimson slit of Steph's cunt gaped wide, revealing the deep swollen folds of her sweet hole. Her small shy clit was just peeking between the folds of her labia, stiff and swollen. As Gaby gazed hungrily at the scrumptious cunt, a clear trickle of arousal snaked out of the swollen folds to run in a glistening stream down the deep crack of her plump buttocks.

Leaning into the apex of Steph's thighs, Gaby closed her eyes and breathed in the sweet, exciting scent of aroused female, musky and delicious.

"Kiss me, darling, please lick me!"

Steph's voice was pleading, breathless and sent a thrill of pure lust snaking through Gaby's heart. Her breasts felt swollen and heavy and between her legs, she felt her own clean shaven mound clench, then release a sweet trickle of hot arousal to drip down her thighs.

Unable to resist, she fastened her mouth on the hot swollen cunt of her friend, her tongue snaking between the tightly furled labia to lap at the long crimson slit. Expert and clever, Gaby's tongue played a symphony, tickling, lapping, pushing. Stiffening her pink tongue she would push its length right up the gaping hungry cunt then sweep out to lap at the throbbing clit which trembled at the tip.

Helpless, Steph's hips jerked and gyrated, pushing her mound into the hot lapping tongue, unconsciously grasping and moulding her own heavy breasts. She could feel it, the pulling deep within her womb, the aching heavy feel of her cervix throbbing and the unique pushing which she and a very few others felt just above her urethra.

"Yes, yes, yes..." she was barely aware of her own breathless voice.

She was close, so close.... Moaning, she grasped her long thick nipple between her slender fingers, pinching tightly and sending a strumming line of arousal from her breast to her womb.

Then suddenly, just when she thought she was coming to the peak, Gaby pulled away.

Opening glazed, frantic eyes, Steph gazed uncomprehendingly at her friend.

"Lick me, sweet one, please, please, please – I'm so close!" she wailed.

Gaby, eyes radiant and glittering in the pale Nordic face, smiled.

Turning to her side table, she bent, her small breasts jouncing, their bright crimson nipples hyper extended, the long hard tips shivering. Pulling open the drawer, she pulled out a soft scarf and before Steph can react, has wrapped it around her friend's huge eyes.

Startled, Steph shook her head, then subsided as her friend ran a soothing hand along her neck.

Obediently, she turned as Gaby pushed her onto her front, cupping the swollen mounds of her breasts for a sweet warm caress as she did so. Pulling Steph's hips, Gaby had her kneel on the bed, the plump, full buttocks slightly gaping and the long crimson slit obscenely obvious from the protruding swollen clit now peeking between the labia to the deep mysterious indention of her fundament.

Steph felt disoriented and dazed, her cunt throbbing and aching almost painfully, her breasts falling from her narrow chest, their hard brown tips almost sweeping the bed. She felt vulnerable and open, a sensation which only increased Steph's arousal.

She heard Gaby rummaging, and her ears acute as her sight was now compromised, strained to make out what she was doing.

She jumped as she felt her friend's hands on her hips and whimpering, pushed her tight ass back against her.

Startled, Steph felt a firm bulbous head push against the swollen folds of her cunt. Helpless, she pushed back against it, her cunt aching to be filled, her clit almost painfully sensitive. Her breath stopped as a hard swollen length pushed aside the distended crimson folds of her cunt and inexorably thrust its wide, hard length right up her aching passage.


"Shhhhh, don't worry, darling, I'm just going to fuck you now – you want that don't you?"

Gaby's voice was hoarse and raspy, her excitement palpable in the warm, musky air of the room.

"Come, sweet thing, move that ass – push your cunt on my big cock," Gaby said wheedling, her narrow hips with the strap-on dildo thrusting against the rich swelling folds of her girlfriend's ass.

Holding tightly to Steph's hips, Gaby's eyes glittered as she watched the black, swollen dildo sink into the swollen red cunt, its hard plastic length re-emerging glistening with the hot wet arousal of her friend.

Sweat gathered and began to drip down her flushed forehead, as Gaby found a rhythm. Holding tightly to Steph's hips, eyes glued to the sight of the black cock pushing in and out, her face was flushed, her eyes glittering and hectic.

"There, do you feel that, darling? My big cock fucking your cunt? Do you feel it?"

"yes, yes, yes." Steph was in a fugue- sensation overpowering her as she helplessly thrust against the hard intrusion, the almost painful thrusting of this big intruder into her delicate interior unbelievably erotic. The pressure in the front of her cunt was almost overwhelming as the fluid gathered in the gland just above her urethra. As the hard plastic prick thrust in and out in a mad rhythm, it pressed against the rough, spongy G spot at almost the exact right angle.

Gaby leaned over the pistoning hips, keeping the big dildo buried in that scrumptious cunt and pulling at Steph's shoulders.

Rearing up, Steph leaned back against her friend, her breasts jiggling and jouncing, their hard dark tips swollen and engorged.

Gaby's breathing was harsh and uneven. She felt powerful, aggressive and sexual – a predator taking her prey – her big fake prick battering and raping her mate. Filling her hands with her Steph's warm overflowing flesh, she squeezed and moulded the heavy globes then grasped the engorged nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Deep within her, Gaby felt her orgasm building. Her own clit was unusually large – stiff and elongated, obscenely obvious between the swollen pale folds of her shaved cunt, the hard plastic nub at the apex of the strap on cock pushed rhythmically against her clit each time she thrust its heavy length into that luscious cunt.

"I'm fucking you, you little bitch – do you feel it? Do you feel my prick fucking your cunt?"

"Yes, it feels sooo good, fuck me, sweet Gaby, FUCK me!"

"I am you little slut, I'm fucking you with my big black cock, pushing it in and out of your cunt – it feels fine, fucking your cunt, it makes me so hot!"

"Are you going to cum soon – are you?" Gaby could feel her orgasm getting perilously close.

Steph wailed, a long drawn out undulating scream as her orgasm suddenly hit.

Gaby yelled as she felt Steph's cunt tighten on her big strap-on dildo and frantically reached forward, releasing one heavy breast to fall against the narrow chest to cup between Steph's trembling taut thighs.

A stream of hot, clear liquid spurted out from between the tightly furled labia as Steph ejaculated. Gaby groaned as the hot stream filled her cupped palm, soaking and then running over her wrist as her hips writhed and she thrust hard into the warm sucking cunt.

Harshly, she fucked the dildo hard against the now throbbing cunt, feeling Steph's contractions against her groin as she buried the dildo as deep as it would go. Spurt after spurt of clear ejaculate exploded out from between Steph's clenched thighs, soaking the bed and sending Gaby over the precipice.

Yelling, she thrust again and again in rhythm with Steph's own contractions, a deep red flush sweeping over the pale breasts as her own cunt poured sweet arousal, clear and sticky trailing down the inside of her narrow thighs. Her palm wet and glistening, her breasts heaving, Gaby screamed as her orgasm poured over her. Thrusting helplessly, she fucked Steph's spasming cunt with long hard thrusts in rhythm with the contractions which rolled over her in a powerful stream of pure sensation.

Panting, leaning over Steph's trembling back, her hand glistening, Gaby felt as if her heart was going to explode out of her chest.

As her contractions lessened and began to die down, she pulled back, her breath ragged and breathless, the long black cock pulling wetly out of the sucking confines of Steph's cunt with a hot sucking sound.

Collapsing on the bed, she pulled the shaking Steph down beside her, sweeping off the blindfold and turning the sweet, sweat soaked face of her darling to her for a long clinging kiss.

Nestling into the warm flushed neck, Steph felt an unbelievable lassitude. Remnants of her very powerful orgasm still reverberated, and her hips jerked spasmodically. She felt almost cold, as her blood pressure began to even and feeling her shiver, Gaby pulled the quilt over the two of them.

Dozing, warmly embraced, the two girls cuddled in blissful release.


It was some time later than Steph, dazed and half asleep, raised heavy eyes to look at the clock.


She sat up abruptly, startling Gaby from her somulant state.


"It's 2 o'clock in the morning! There is NO way Mario is going to think I'm at a bloody book club".

Panicked, Steph scrambled out of bed, searching for her clothes. Hopping, she put one shoe back on, then ran out to the living room to gather up the trail of clothes. Pulling, zipping and frantically trying to push her hair into a semblance of order, Steph felt her heart beating too fast.

Sitting up in bed, Gaby watched her broodingly. Pulling up her knees, she rested her sharp chin on them, her blue eyes narrowed and unhappy.


"Just a minute, hon, I gotta get myself together!"

Steph stopped her frantic ministrations, alerted by a tone she didn't recognize in her friend's voice. Re-entering the bedroom, she looked at Gaby.

"About what?"

"I AM jealous – I don't want you fucking Mario! I want you to stay here, with me ."

Gaby looked down. She was frightened and didn't want Steph to see her vulnerability. Independent from a young age, she was not used to being so wrapped up in another person it was always she who was in charge, she who called the shots. But then this sweet, funny, clever, creative little beauty had come along and somehow managed to sneak past her defences.

Gaby was intelligent – she knew that apart from the reality of Steph having sex with a woman, her culture had a strong and powerful pull on her. She knew that the time wasn't right to push Steph into making a decision – things were still too uncertain – the girl was only starting to figure out who she was.

Unfortunately, while her rational mind told her that, her heart had capitulated the very first time she had made love to this sweet, naïve girl.

Gaby looked up. Steph's huge brown eyes were stricken and very frightened.

"But Gaby ...."

Now wasn't the time. Briskly, forcing her emotions deep down inside, Gaby scrambled out of bed, adopting an insouciant air and laughing (albeit somewhat forced), went to Steph and dropped a kiss on her long straight nose.

"Silly girl, I just mean that I would love to make love again – but I know you need to get home, so let's get you organized and to your car!"

Steph was insightful. She knew full well that Gaby was putting a good face on things but she was far from ready to deal with the conflicts which her increasingly complicated life was creating.

Several minutes later, smelling rich and pungent, her makeup smudged, her hair in disarray, she was ensconced in her car and on her way home.

"What am I going to do?"

Tears welled out of Steph's eyes. She felt overwhelmed and confused – she loved Gaby – and what Gaby did to her was unlike anything she had ever felt in her life – but she loved her husband also and despite his unwillingness to encompass her entire sexuality – his distaste for her ejaculating ways was obvious – she know he loved her and was a good husband.

"What am I going to DO?" she wailed to an uncaring car.



Buffalo said...

This is good on many levels. It is some of the best sex that I've ever read. Very realistic, told in a hot manner, but not crudely. Excellent dialogue. Excellent emotion portrayal and "the problem" development is well conceived and conveyed.

Well done. Looking forward to the next segment.

Max said...

Very nice work. A juicy piece of erotic that keeps one's attention.

Anonymous said...

This is very hot. I love the way the story develops. You are a very talented writer, but I have told you that before. :)