Thursday, May 15, 2008


You're sitting in your office when I come in and close the door. The gentle breeze blows softly through the open window, while in the distance, the thud of a basketball and crystal sound of children shouting can be heard. You look at me enquiringly.

Saying nothing, I crouch and fumble with the buttons of your jeans. I get the first open, then the second and third. I stop and then reach in and pull out your thick fat cock. It is limp still, just starting to thicken. I like the way it looks lying limp on your thigh, its heavy head pointing down, the white shaft soft and vulnerable. The spongy tip of your prick is barely visible, hiding shyly in its wrinkled nest of skin, a shiny naked hint just visible.

I lean back on my haunches, then leaning forward I study it. You lean back, pushing your hips ever so slightly toward my face. As I watch intently, a clear drop of clear liquid wells up from the tip and oozes down your cock onto your jeans. A thin, sticky thread connects it still to your cock.

I lip your cock gently with my lips then, closing my eyes, I suck your entire prick into my mouth. I love this feeling. The tip of your prick touches the back of my throat and by hollowing my cheeks and sucking I can swallow it right to the base, where my lips ever so gently nip. I relish the silky feel of your skin, the musky scent composed of clean sweat, the sweet juice which flows from the tip and even a hint of urine, all mixing and combining in the delicious, arousing scent of you. At this point, I also love the gristly feel, the not quite hardness and love that I can get it all in my mouth.

I lie with my head on your knee sucking gently at the delicious morsel in my mouth. I love the way you start to harden as I suck, my warm mouth encircling your prick. Slowly, inexorably, your prick engorges with blood, its girth increasing, and rising stiffly to touch the roof of my mouth. I feel powerful and sensual, your slave serving her Master.

I hear your heartbeat as my ear lies across your thigh. Now my lips can barely enclose the stiff prick which thrusts into my tongue. I pull back, gently and suck the mushroom head, lapping at the juice which now dribbles in a constant slow sweet stream from the tip.

Sitting back on my haunches I look again. Your prick stands straight and thick and full from between the flaps of your jeans. There is something intensely erotic about you sitting there, your T-shirt untouched, your jeans snugly fitting and only the great stiff prick protruding from the front. Somehow, your prick seems more naked and I feel my cunt tighten and contract, a foretaste of pleasure to come.

The juice between my thighs runs in streams down the sensitive inner skin, dribbling down to my knee in a glistening stream of visible excitement. I stand and pull my skirt up to my waist and display my wet glistening cunt to your gaze. I tip forward my hips so you can clearly see the slit, my inner lips already swollen, their normally pink tones, red and engorged with blood. You see to the nub of my clitoris.

You reach for me but I don't let you. I ache for you to touch me but again I crouch, keeping the skirt well above my waist so that when you look down you can see how my cunt splits from my position. You can see the red lips flowering from between the paler naked skin of the outer lips and in this position, my clitoris is forced up and out of its little hiding place.

I lean forward and fumble with one more button, then gently, carefully reach inside your pants to cup and then pull gently at your balls. Ever so delicately I pull them up and out of your jeans, tugging slightly to pull them over the still closed buttons. I lay them down.

I sit back and gaze on the incredibly erotic sight which fills my sight, intoxicates my senses. Your stiff prick stands straight and tall, its crimson head uncovered and glistening with a combination of my saliva and the juice from your own arousal. A constant stream of pre-cum nectar dribbles from the small hole at the tip, trailing down the thick white shaft and dampening the jeans. Your balls, tender eggs encased in soft furry sacks look large and swollen, pushed up as they are from beneath.

Your entire sex is now completely visible now although your clothes remain largely untouched. To see your cock and balls like that is incongruous and totally exciting, displayed for my pleasure only; yet there is mastery in their impudence, a statement that they are there and I am here to worship them.

I feel a masochistic thrill of excitement that makes my breasts stiffen. I like this feeling that I am nothing but a slave to you, that you can't be bothered to even undress, but just as you have a coffee when thirsty or take a piss when your bladder is full, I am a convenience, here to be used.

I feel my cunt contract and a strong spurt of juice runs down the crack of my ass.

I cannot wait any longer. Although I long to touch myself, I do not allow myself to do so. Crouching I reach out and grasp your beloved prick firmly at the base and lower my mouth. My head bobs up and down as I suck strongly at your cock. You push my forehead back so that you can better see your engorged cock appearing and disappearing into the small prison of my mouth. I can tell that you are pleased by the way my small mouth is strained and pulled by the girth of your prick.

Reaching down you command me to pull up my shirt. I do so, exposing my plump, yearning breasts, their tips red and engorged and stiff, their softness quivering and jiggling as my head pumps up and down. You watch my tits bob up and down and I feel your prick stiffen even more. At the base of your prick I feel that thrumming and the ache in my cunt is almost painful. I know that your cum is gathering by the tightening and drawing up of your hairy balls into your groin.

Suddenly, you grasp my head on either side and roughly pull me down hard on your cock. Then raising your hips slightly you begin to pump your prick rapidly in and out of my mouth. I choke slightly but you do not stop, merely adjusting the angle slightly so the tip of your cock goes further down my throat.

I am in ecstasy as I feel your prick pounding in my soft mouth. I know that in your mind there is only a desire to conquer, to thrust, to pump your load into the softness in which it is encased. I suck wildly at your rapidly pumping cock, gagging a bit and choking and feeling as if my cunt was going to shatter. I hear you gasp, I hear you call me slut, and tell me that I am going to get what I am looking for, that you are going to shoot your cum right down my throat.

Suddenly, you pull the back of my head roughly to your groin and with a groan you discharge. I feel your prick jerk and shudder as hot, liquid sperm shoots from the tip, filling my mouth and sliding down my throat. I swallow quickly, terrified of losing even a drop but despite my efforts, as your cock continues to spurt, my mouth fills and starchy white cum drips from the corner of my mouth.

The throbbing begins to slow and slowly your prick empties itself. I rest my head on your thighs, holding your softening prick between my lips. It seems like a long time but I am loath to let it go. We both start a bit as we hear a dripping. I reluctantly release your prick and look between my thighs. My cunt is literally streaming juice so that it is actually audibly striking the floor like raindrops.

You pull me to my feet, grabbing my hips and pulling them to you. You barely touch my cunt, flicking the sensitive nub of my pleasure. Like a huge black wave, my orgasm erupts and my cunt convulses. Moaning, my legs buckle as my contractions hit. I fall to my knees. You pull me close and meet my lips in a fierce clinging kiss. Your tongue invades my mouth and you suck gently, pulling in the remnants of your cum and sharing the taste of your pleasure.

An eon later, the throbbing subsiding, I look at you. Your prick is soft now and lies flaccid and innocent on your thigh. Leaving over I very, very gently lick it clean. I do the same with your balls, running my tongue over and under their tenderness. Gently I pull open your fly and place your prick and your balls reverently back in and button you.

Rising, I give you a gentle, grateful kiss and go to make supper.

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Buffalo said...

This is incredibly erotic. The flow of your words are sensuous and wanting. The emotionalism comes through crystal clear.

Very well done.