Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The feel of her nipple between his teeth, throbbing and swollen, the way which his mouth fastened around the pale areola and the soft sweet suckling made his prick ache. Her skin was so incredibly soft, silky yet warm and alive beneath the tight prison of his mouth, while the soft warm weight of her other breast in his right hand provided an almost unbearable overload of sensory input. Reflectively, he squeezed the small, plump handful and his prick quivered as he heard her small intake of breath. His eyes glazed, he released the nipple, and rolled back slightly to look at her.

She lay, green eyes slitted, full of a heat which promised and made things deep within him, tighten. Her arms were raised above her head, cuffs secured to a long chain attached to a hook in the ceiling, her long pale body open to his gaze. The deep red of her hair tumbled on the pillows behind her, curling in wild abandon, sparking crimson in the muted light, one long curl lying against the straining neck, its deep rich colour shimmering against the pale white skin. Her breasts gleamed, the nipples swollen and erect, a deep ruby, glistening from his mouth. The swell of rib swept down to the narrow hips, the sweet, mouth watering plumpness of her mons veneris, skin as soft and silky as elsewhere. The long shapely legs were spread sluttily and his eyes grew hot as he saw the sweet pouting lips, a duskier, pinker hue than the pale flesh surrounding them, the silver rings gleaming. Her eyes widened and moaning, she spread her legs wider and thrust her groin at him. Even from this angle, he could see her arousal, the inside of the firm thighs wet with her excitement. Unable to resist, he reached between the straining thighs and pushed one finger, slowly, carefully, up the swollen, glistening cunt, sighing as she seemed to suck him in, her warm engorged folds enfolding and tightening around the invading digit.

Pushing against her, he watched her face as he thrust his engorged prick against the skin of her hip, trailing viscous transparent fluid which left a glistening trail along the jut of her pelvis while he pushed a second finger deep inside her. She groaned and tried to move against him, her arms trembling.

Sighing, he pulled out his fingers and watching her, brought them to his mouth. He took a deep breath, drinking in the tart, piquant scent of her and then slowly, luxuriously, licked the glistening thickness of her arousal, his tongue curling around each digit and pulling in the hot, earthy taste of swollen cunt.

Rolling to his knees, he suddenly pushed between the straddled legs and braced himself over her, causing her to jump, her breath coming fast. His eyes bored into hers, heat meeting heat, searching the green of her eyes until her face flushed and her body quivered between his arms. Moving slightly, he wiggled his hips and smiled as she tore her gaze from his and looked down between their bodies, her eyes widening and frantic as she took in the red swollen cock trembling between her spread thighs.

Her long, supple legs swept around his calves and while her upper body twisted between his quivering arms on either side of her, she thrust her groin up, trying to push herself onto the delicious, swollen cock, climbing his calves, then his hips until he could feel the hot wetness of her open against him.

He flexed his legs slightly, making her lose her grip and laughed below his breath at her moan of frustration as her legs fell back against the mattress. Arching her back, she mutely offered him her quivering breasts, nipples engorged and swollen.

His eyes bored into hers, his hot green gaze searing lust into her eyes. Bracing himself, he teasingly lowered his hips, pushing the slippery rounded tip of himself against the opening. Mewling, she tried to push onto the long, thick hardness throbbing so frustratingly close between her spread thighs but her range of motion was severely restricted by the rope.

Slowly, almost painfully so, his hips flexed and began to push into her swollen, deep crimson folds and she sighed … her eyes closing as the hot hard length being to sink into her, pushing aside the clinging, moist flesh, her inner muscles tightening and pulling, her stomach tightening as deep inside her she felt the pulse of him as if her very skin could take him in.

Suddenly he was gone, the rich hot full feeling empty, and her eyes snapped open at the loss. Her shoulders flexed as she pulled herself up, her gaze going to him where he sat back against his heels. His prick rose turgid and swollen against his belly, a throbbing column of pale flesh, flushed with blood, its purple tip glistening with her own secretions. Beneath its heavy length, his balls, smooth and tight against his groin hung like succulent fruit.

She watched him mutely, only her eyes begging; smiling, he pushed himself up and crawling, began to move towards her, his body hot over the feverish flesh of her legs and belly. Eyes glued to the bobbing prick between his spread legs, she held her breath, anticipation suddenly making her groin tighten and pulse, and a sudden gush of moisture trickled from her swollen cunt to run glistening down her pale thighs.

Then he was there, right in front of her face. His knees straddled her against the jut of rib, pressing tight against the stretched underarm, his chest rising above her as he braced himself against the headboard, his prick trembling, its smooth shaft engorged and throbbing, right in front of her lips. Straining her neck, ignoring the ache in her suspend shoulders, she extended her pink tongue, trying to lick his cock.

His prick was long and thick, its normally pale delicate skin, engorged with his arousal, flushing pink while the rounded, purplish tip strained from the foreskin which had retracted to form a collar of scrumptious flesh just below its swollen, winking tip. She watched as a droplet of clear fluid welled up at the opening of his cock, the slit gaping slightly and then slowly trickled out, forming a glistening rivulet down the pulsing member.

Her mouth literally watered; she wanted that hard length in her mouth. She craved the thick cock pushing down her throat, the hot, tart taste of him, slippery and damp, the hard muscle beneath that incredibly delicate skin.

Her nostrils flared as she breathed in his scent, her eyes fluttering as unconsciously she made small sounds of want.

Leaning slightly, he steadied himself against the headboard and looking down, slowly pushed his cock toward the eager mouth until, sighing, he sank deep into the moist prison. The slight, almost imperceptible scrape of her teeth against the sensitive skin of his prick only added to his arousal and his breath hitched as he watched his cock stretch the small lips, finding it unbelievably erotic to see her expression, pained as her mouth widened to the point of pain as she fought to accommodate the swollen member, her lips curling under as she tried to cover her teeth.

He felt the spongy tip of his cock push against the back of her throat and grinned as he heard her gag then take in deep breaths through her nose, swallowing the reflex, forcing herself to relax, to push the urge to vomit back.

For a moment, he paused then his hips moved and there was a slight popping sound as he pulled his prick out, trailing a glistening string of saliva. She gulped a great breath of air, her eyes watering but glued to his throbbing prick. Before she could expel her breath he thrust back in, but she was prepared and breathing through her nose, her mouth fastened over him and welcomed the intrusion.

Keeping his eyes glued to the unbelievably erotic sight of his cock appearing and disappearing in that delicious mouth, he fucked her methodically and thoroughly. Reaching down with one hand, keeping the other braced for balance, he tangled his fingers in the tumbled hair, tightening his grip until the roots were knotted around his fingers.

Rhythmically, as he fucked the straining mouth, he pulled and her tears wetted and then spilled over as she felt the sting of her scalp. The feel of him, the smell of him, the hot wicked pain in her scalp all combined and she felt herself throbbing and swollen and open and moaned around her delicious mouthful of velvet prick.

Suddenly, he pulled back and she cried out, ignoring the sharp sting as she pulled away from his tangled fingers and tried to capture the glistening cock yet again in her mouth.

Sitting back slightly on his haunches, he watched her as she fought to contain herself, patient until her eyes, glazed and hot, had quietened, until the body imprisoned between his legs was still. She looked up at him, silent but her eyes begging. Smiling, he watched her as he reached between his legs and cupped the tight balls, cupping his palm and rolling them slightly, his prick bobbing, wet from a combination of her saliva and his own secretions which now dribbled in a sticky, slippery trail of pre-cum, coating the spongy, swollen head of his prick.

Then fastening his hand around his cock, he began to methodically masturbate, pulling the skin up and down the velvet muscled thickness, the sound of liquid squishing up as the foreskin covered the head loud in the silent room. Her eyes left his as if compelled and fastened on the sight of his working hand. Unaware of it, her pink tongue flicked out and licked her lips which were dry.

He sat back and liked the feel of her soft breasts against his buttocks and the feel of her against his dangling swollen balls.

Periodically, he would pause, and reaching back, thrust his fingers into the swollen cunt, throbbing and needy and wiggling, enjoyed the wet, slippery feel of her lust. He would push them in and out for a couple of seconds, then raising his glistening fingers to his nose would breathe her in and then take his cock in hand and begin pulling himself yet again.
Her eyes, glazed now with need and hot with a desire that left her tight and hot and wanting deep inside, were glued to his bobbing groin. She watched as his balls seemed to swell even further, the delicate skin tightening and then were pulled up tight between his legs.

He moved forward now, his hand more frantic, his breath harsh and unable to stop, her hips undulated and pushed against his spread legs, desperate for touch, her clit feeling almost painfully swollen, as if it would explode if even breathed upon.

His cock was deep crimson now, glistening in the muted light and the sound of the squishing, wet slithering of his hand pulling at it was unbelievably arousing. His hips moved in rhythm to his hand and he was there, right in front of her, close up. She made small mewling sounds unconsciously as she watched him pull and tug at his cock, knowing, wanting, needing what was coming, loving the hot swollen look of the head, purple and engorged.

Suddenly she heard his breath expel in a moan. Time seemed suspended as she watched his cock swell even further, the winking slit suddenly gaping and a hot stream of ejaculate erupted in a pale stream to drop onto her cheek, a hot glob trailing down the pale surface. Before she could react, a second rope of hot cum smacked against her face, dribbling tantalizing into the corner of her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and he directed the next stream onto her eager tongue, moaning as he saw the sticky string of cum pool in her mouth. Leaning back, he pumped his cock, moaning as each pulse sent another stream arching out to ooze on her face.

Unaware of it, his other hand reached out and he rubbed the hot pale cum into her face, then, cupping his own hand in front of his spasming prick, he watched as a pool of ejaculate was caught in his cupped palm. Leaning, he tilted his hand and moaned as the oozing cum dripped into her straining mouth.

His jerking prick began to calm as thrusting his fingers in her mouth, he allowed her to lick and suckle every drop of his essence. Pulling his fingers out, he pushed his hips forward, dangling his still dribbling cock above her tongue. Her lips fastened over it, pulling the still swollen cock into her mouth, her tongue sweeping up and around, licking up each droplet, then burrowing into the small slit and sipping delicately.

As he felt her suckle rhythmically, he leaned back slightly, his hand going between her legs, working at the swollen nub of her pleasure, relishing the feel of her mouth cleaning his cock, her hips thrusting against his busy hand until suddenly her back bowed and her groin pushed against his hand and he felt the first pulse of her orgasm shake and she cried out around the cock which was still deep within her mouth, deep down her throat, dribbling the last remnants of his cum down the eager throat.

For a few more seconds, his fingers worked around the nub of her clit, without touching it directly, until he felt her pull away and knew that her intense sensitivity was kicking in and straightening, he looked down, feeling her body jerking beneath his straddled legs, her face flushed and perspiring, her small mouth still working frantically at the now deflating prick between her lips.

A string of cum oozed down one cheek, while the deep silk of her hair was sticky near the hairline with another deposit. Her lips were swollen and red around his cock and a pool of cum had collected in the hollow of her throat. She looked deliciously used.

Gently, he reached up, pulling his shrinking cock out of her mouth in the process, and undid the catch and her arms, shaking, lowered to her chest. Carefully undoing the clasp that fastened her wrists with their cuffs together, her arms fell apart and he massaged her shoulders and the upper arm until sighing, she lay back, languid and satisfied, the green eyes blinkly sleepily up at him, sated and replete.

Rolling to one side, he gathered her in his arms, and kissed her sticky, flushed face gently, then his lips met hers and clung and his tongue tangled with hers and savoured the hot earthy taste of himself in her mouth.

Grinning, he pulled her close as he heard her breath grow even and then pause and smiling, allowed her to doze.

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finbar said...

i do love this story, the eroticism is overpowering. i wish that you would write more stories like this one.