Saturday, September 20, 2008

Autumn Interlude

The air is crisp and cool, the sky that intense almost impressionist blue that only occurs in the fall. Around us, the forest blazes red, orange and yellow, pulsing, colours which illuminate and shine like gold and bronze, shimmering painfully against the deep cerulean blue of the sky, creating a hyperawareness of self and life as we walk through our secret woods. Sunlight spills down through the fluttering leaves that dance and cavort in a final burst of life to waft to a forest floor that drifts and confuses as we meander through its corridors.
Hand in hand, crunching leaves underfoot, our breaths are frosty in the crisp sweet air, bodies moving gently, limbs supple and warm from our hike. Here, out in the forest, we feel peaceful and calm, two forest creatures walking gently through the woods. Squirrels rustle in the thick carpet of leaves which have already fallen from the leaves, leaping from tree to tree as they busy themselves for the coming winter. Above our heads, the thinning canopy of trees forms a rich tapestry of colour and promise of light as sun strikes fire into the yawning expanse of sky and spills gold onto the yearning of yesterday.

Your eyes meet mine and spark green into forest and want and I feel myself dampen and beneath the sweater which cloaks me in a spurious modesty, I feel my nipples stiffen and pucker and yearn towards the need in your gaze.

You push me hard against the gnarly, rough bark of a large oak, and I feel the rough bark against my back scraping and pushing as if in the embrace of some elemental wooden spirit and I sigh, breath cool. I close my eyes, just feeling, as your lips meet mine and your cool hands clasp my sweatered waist. We kiss, deep, long and passionate and I feel the ache begin deep within as your hot breath mingles with mine and against the cool of this fall day we spark heat. Against my slender hips, I feel you stirring and between my thighs, I feel a moaning want that makes me tremble.

Your hands fumble at my waist and slip up under my sweater to find my breasts. Your palms are cool against the warmth of the soft, swollen globes, your fingers seeking and finding the hard nubs of my need. I sigh against you, leaning in and running my lips along your neck, the detritus of a long day tickling the soft flesh of my lips. In the golden glow and intense blue of the fall sky, my breasts are luminous and pale, skin translucent, nipples tumescent and crimson.

You press hard against me and I feel your cock like a bar across my groin. I reach down and gently but firmly run my fingers along the swollen length, pausing at the tip, to gently pull and squeeze ever so gently beneath the harsh denim.

Eagerly, I unzip and with some difficulty, manage to free your rampant erection. Your stiff swollen penis shrinks slightly in the cool air, then rallies as I run expert fingers up and down the sweet pale shaft, pulling the velvet skin up and down as your hands continue to cup and fondle my breasts, tweaking the hard swollen nipples, pinching the soft flesh until I sigh my need against your neck and squeeze the sweet, hard flesh of your want between my fingers.

My breath is coming faster now as my very sensitive nipples are rolled and pinched gently between your fingers. I groan and you, understanding, delicately take my nipples and squeeze them firmly, almost painfully, taking the turgid, crimson nubs between fingers now warmed, and pinch until I moan into your neck and feel the connection to my womb. As you squeeze my nipples, beneath my skirt a trickle of clear arousal runs from the swelling folds of my cunt and I move restlessly against use, pushing the mound of my sex against your want.

You press your painfully stiff prick against the wool of my skirt, then impatient, you release my breasts and bending down, gather the bottom of my skirt and pull it up.

I am wearing stockings underneath, flesh coloured, clasped by a white garter belt. My legs are long and muscular and curvy, thighs taut. I am wearing a thong, the skimpy silk barely covering my groin, the string gusset running between the plump, swollen lips of my cunt.

You grasp me urgently between the legs, no preliminaries required or wanted. Your fingers push aside the string of my undergarment, and burrow between the slippery smooth lips of my sex, probing between my swollen folds then finding the slippery entrance, you sink your finger up me, to the knuckle. I gasp and sink down on you’re your invading digit. Against my groin I feel your prick jump and looking down I see a long thread of clear sticky fluid extending from the crimson tip of your prick to my skirt, glistening in the cool golden spill of sun.

Our breaths come harsh and quick in the crisp fall air, pale puffs of lust, heating our bodies and warming our intimacy.

I spread my thighs, giving you egress to my cunt.

You pull at the folds of the full skirt with frustration, an urgency firing your blood and infecting me with a sweet lust.

I spread my thighs, your fingers probing roughly, deliciously between. Then you pull your fingers out, coated and wet with my juice. Pulling up the skirt, you grasp the base of your stiff, hard prick and push forward. I angle my hips and the spongy head of your cock probes firmly. The tip enters my tight, swollen cunt, pushing aside the deep pink folds and sinking deliciously up, pushing aside the firm, swollen flesh.

I gasp as I feel your cock impaling me. Although thoroughly aroused, I am still tight and you have to push a little harder to sink another inch up my sweet hole.

I close my eyes and lean back, weak kneed against the rough bark of the tree. I feel as if your prick is holding me up. I look down and my mouth is dry. Your prick juts out obscenely from your pants, long and pale and thick. My skirt is flattened against my belly and I can see the shaven mound of my sex, the rings glinting in the tendrils of sunlight.

Your prick disappears, a thick bar between my pale, white thighs.

Your face is closed, intent, determined, your eyes glued to where we are joined. You push closer, sliding that beautiful cock even deeper and making me gasp yet again. My juices are running in clear, sticky rivulets down my thighs and coating your prick. As you pull out, we both look down and watch as its long thick shape emerges, glistening from my sweet juices in the harsh sunlight.

You moan as my rings scrape ever so lightly against the distended velvet length and push in and up again, seeking the sweet sucking pull of my cunt.

You begin to thrust then, hard and rhythmically, in and out of my secret, swollen depths, pushing your sweet hard prick up and deep, impaling me deliciously, probing and pulling, thrusting in and out, in and out, trailing liquid fire and sticky discharge along my slit, gasping each time my rings rub your cock as you pull it, sucking, out.

I am moaning now because each time you push in I feel your cock trail over my now distended and erect clit, hiding usually but now peaking from between the lips of my labia.

I try to thrust my hips at you, claim more of that delicious treat but our stance is awkward.

Impatiently, keeping your prick buried in me, you carefully lean down and hook my knee over your elbow. Immediately I feel the full thick length of your prick sink straight up me as your groin smacks against my spread cunt.

I hang on to your shoulders, my leg braced against your arm. My cunt is spread and open to your big thick prick, now pushing hard in and out of the red, swollen folds.

I can feel the tugging, insistent, from my womb, warning me that I am coming close. I moan, gasping louder, closing my eyes, and relishing the feel of that hard cock pounding into me. Your other hand is grasping my hip almost cruelly, pulling me toward you each time you thrust. I know I will have a bruise there from your fingers, my pale skin purple, the mark of your fingers clear, but I don't care.

All I care is that your prick continues to push into me, that your sweet hard cock keeps fucking me, pounding into me.

Your breath is harsh in my ear, and I can tell that you are getting close. I reach down and am just able to scrape my nails lightly across your balls, which are tight now and pulled up close into your body. You moan and your tempo increases.

I feel the tugging, pulling and push my cunt hard against you, so that the swollen distended clit scrapes against your hard groin .. and then it happens. I scream as my orgasm floods over me ... contractions grasp and milk that thick stem and my cunt seems to swell and tighten even more. I have a hand on your balls and suddenly, in the midst of my euphoria, feel the thrumming and know your balls are emptying and suddenly, deep inside, I feel the hot almost painful spurts as your cock erupts.

Once, twice, three times you push as deep and hard as you can, hot jets of frothy white sperm inundating my most secret passageway, filling me with a forceful, throbbing heat that sends me spinning into another reality.

My orgasm begins to subside, my contractions lessen...

You lean against me, your breath harsh against my neck, one hand spasmodically clutching my swollen, aching breast, our heats throbbing against each other, echoing the beat of satiation, your hips pushing spasmodically against me ..

I feel your beautiful prick softening slightly. You slump against me, our breathing harsh and measured, as we both recover.

I feel the bark against my back, prickly and hard. Our conjoined parts are warm in the frosty air, but I feel the coolness against my belly, as our fluids trickle out and down my inner thighs as your prick softens and shrinks.

You pull away, your prick reluctantly pulling out, sticky and softening. A stream of warm cum trickles out, cooling rapidly and making me give a low, satiated laugh.

Your prick, still humid and thick, droops against the blue of your jeans, a sticky tendril of cum trailing from its crimson tip.

You pull my sweater down, cupping my breasts over the warmth of the wool and leaning close, kiss me, your mouth warm and sweet, our breaths frosty.

I reach and tenderly gather your prick in my cool palms. Falling to my knees, I take it for a moment in my warm mouth, licking it gently clean, my tongue laving and swallowing the taste of my own cunt and the sharp, tangy sweetness of your cum, then carefully push it back in your pants, zipping up, leaning my face against its still swollen length.

I shake my skirt down and move, legs trembling. I feel the warm sticky reality of our want. You take my hand and kiss me gently, and we continue our meanderings through the vibrant woods, content and satiated.


Buffalo said...

Wow! This is full of the white hot heat of passion and the tenderness of love.

Max said...

Haha...that was really great! The second to the last paragraph really topped it off. A loyal and faithful fan I remain...