Monday, September 29, 2008


Note: (I've posted this story before, but not on this story blog - Poem is by f-cynyr - Incubus - story is mine)

The moon reels in a wine-dark sky and the constellation of stars fades before its silver dominance. A whisper of cool breath and the moon breathes into the night and probes silver fingers and feels through the night for dark moments and realities of time and place.

She lies sprawled, her alabaster body relaxed against the soft embrace of Indian cotton, arms upstretched and relaxed, hips slightly twisted, the long legs lying closed. The moon probes through the fluttering of pale curtains, exhaling into the intimacy of the room and on its cool hoary breath rides something made of silver and shadows and hot red moments of lust.

She moves, restlessly on the bed, and the silver fingers of the moon pick out the sweet curve of breast, silvering the plump pale nipple and licking curves of shadows into the sweep of waist and arc of hip.

Dappled shadows drift in gossamer strands of maybe across the perhaps of hot green eyes which savour the creamy flesh and warmth of the girl on the bed, glowing against the strong line of jaw and the reality of hard flesh.

He slips onto the bed, quiet and as light as a cat and gently moves a curve of tumbled crimson silk from her pale face and the silver moonbeam tumbles her curls into darkness against the shadows.

Her breathing is even and shallow and her sweet breath exhales through half parted lips. The silver of the night shows the fluttering beneath translucent delicate eyelids and he leans and his long firm lips breathe above her breath until in unison they inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale and her restless body quiets and she tumbles into the inky darkness and deep inside herself watches the moon reeling in a wine-dark sky.

Gently, delicate as the brush of butterfly wings, his lips meet hers and they cling and she breathes acquiescence into his warm mouth and the silver light seems to dance through his pale flesh and cast shadows of questions against the smooth curve of back and kisses the strong curve of buttock.

He trails moist soft breath down the long curve of neck as she sighs and settles against the cotton sheet, her head tipped back exposing the fluttering of breath in her vulnerable throat. He watches the blood race beneath the delicate skin and with his mouth traces the subtle blue tracery of veins along the throat, down over the sweet curve of collarbone to the impossibly soft flesh of her breast.

He sits back, and reaches out his hand and sighing, cups the warm reality of plump flesh and gently squeezes one round breast which swells against the skin of his palm and throbs and he watches the plump pale nipples tighten and swell and he sighs. Silver seeps between the shadowed edge of the curtains fluttering in the breath of the moon which reels in the sky and watches.

A sliver of silver seeps
between the shadowed edges
of blind and window,
silvering your
round, heaving breasts
as I fondle and
toy with an engorged nipple.

He releases his delicious handful and gently toys with the swollen tips, twisting and pulling until, engorged and now a deep, blood-red crimson they seem to yearn toward his hand. Her breath quickens and a soft moan resonates in the quiet of the cool room.

He squats, graceful and sure on strong legs and feet, and sighs as the moon licks along the curve of buttock and a glistening beam illuminates the long thick distended phallus, the tip swollen and glistening as pale, translucent drops of lust well up from the winking tip, swelling, glowing then trail down the quivering shaft.

His fingers play a symphony upon the girl’s engorged breasts, pinching harder now and pull the long hard tips and rolling them in clever fingers until her breath comes short and her chest heaves and he watches as her eyes flutter frantically beneath closed lids and her hips move restlessly. He cups in both hands the small, plump orbs and squeezes and releases until the indentation of finger can be seen like bruises on their smooth pale surface and he smiles.

I lay awake in this
glow of night and
watch as
you rustle and twist
in your passion,
as your tormented
body is drawn
to my sliding
hands and probing

She moves her legs restlessly and the moon caresses the long line of his back and he moves silently to the edge and allows the moon to probe between the long, firm thighs and she sighs. Her legs fall open slightly and the moon licks glistening trails of light along the long smooth slit and the silver rings gleam in the pattern of shadows and light and he slips lithely between the slightly parted thighs, his fingers drumming a soft Mandela on their smooth delicate inner skin until they part wider and he settles between them, not touching with flesh but his gaze as substantial as touch caressing and licking the slighting gaping smooth sex, hint of deep pink and promise of mystery now open to his eyes.

In the silent, shrouded
you moan and whimper
in your aroused, thin
your thighs dream of me,
of my hands and mouth and body,
as your pelvis tilts with
wishes of lust and
wet throbbing hope.

He reaches and runs a finger up over the smooth mound of stomach, dipping into the hollow of hip and along the achingly sweet dip where hip meets smooth thigh and with his palm, cups the plump mound of her sex.

She moves restlessly in her deep unconsciousness and the narrow hips tilt and he watches as the long slit swells and the blood flushes beneath the pale flesh and the moonlight glistens on the silver rings which bracket the top of the deep vee of her sex. Leaning, his eyes probe and then narrow as he sees the small, plump pink clitoris peeking from between the tight lips. Breathing warm breath, his tongue flicks out and barely flicks its sensitive head and her hips jerk ….

He breathes deep, pulling in the unique scent that is only hers, vanilla and almond and the sweet, astringent perfume of natural fluids and exhales his lust along the length of her from the delicate rings to the sweet indentation of her secret place. Her body twitches and moves restlessly and like a breath, her moan trails through the dappled silver light and shadows of the room. Her long legs fall open wider and her hips tilt and she pushes her swollen sex onto his lips.

Light dances along the curve of his back and a moonbeam sighs along the swollen length of his prick, its cool fingers brushing gossamer tremors of sensation along the tender, delicate skin of his shaft. He sighs and his hot green gaze devours the opening of her sex to him and his breath quickens as he watches the deep pink of her inner lips unfurl and glisten as moisture seeps from her inner self and trails glistening paths of want. His tongue tastes her delicately, lapping at the translucent glistening moisture and pulling it deep in his mouth and his tongue dances along the intricacy of her woman’s sex and probes and licks until the sweet hot musk of her tightens something deep inside.

Outside the world spins and the moon reels in the reality of time which triumphs over even its will and moves lower in the horizon. Silver moonbeams slither through the fluttering curtains and dapple a heaving back with light and shadow and illuminate the girl’s glistening, swollen sex.

Your eyes rapidly
dance under frail lids,
as you push your wet
dream against me
and I, stiff and inflamed,
enter you and your fantasy.
You moan and expel
a breath in the midst of
undulating blankets as
the aroma of musk

Insubstantial in the dance of shadow and light he holds himself over her on strong arms, not touching the trembling, shivering flesh beneath him and probing only with the hot swollen prick he runs himself luxuriously up and down the long swollen slit, the engorged tip of him leaking a viscous translucent fluid, mixing and mingling with the fragrant juices which are welling up from deep within her.

His breath is hot in the cloying, delicious musk of the room and his hips move restlessly and he probes and feels the sweet indentation and pushes and exhales hot lust as the hot swollen head, slippery with his secretions pushes the hot clinging folds of her apart and thrusts. His arms tremble as he hovers over her, their flesh connected at the hips as he thrusts deep and the hot inner muscles of her sex caress and lick until his cock feels as it is being suckled and her legs, long, lean muscles flexing and trembling, wrap around the firm hot flesh of his thrusting buttocks.

And she writhes beneath him and her eyes flutter and turn up under the translucent skin of her eye lids and her breasts heave as she rustles and twists and her hips rise to meet his and she expels a moan and the smell of their coupling rises and envelops them in a cloying delicious miasma of musk and pure lust.

He pulls out, the sucking folds of her sex clinging to him, and lowers until the top of his shaft is rubbing against the swollen tip of her clit is throbbing against the flesh of his prick and then exhaling hot silver breath he thrusts harshly into the depths of her body, running its length and pressing against the tiny nub of her desire.

Just the other side of
you franticly jerk and thrash,
quickening your fall
over the precipice
till breath and dreams

The moon peers through the gossamer of pale curtains and watches and then insinuates its long silver fingers through the open window to glisten on the pale buttocks as they flex and push and thrust and picks out crimson as she thrashes her head and the silken curls spill in a frenzy of fire across the pale sheets and the shadows and light grapple and wrestle and the world reels and a kaleidoscope of time passes ….

Deep within he feels the tugging and she is impossibly swollen and impossibly hot and she grips him and pulls him and suddenly in the heat of the room he hears her groan and stifle a scream and with a long exhale she tips over the precipice and he feels her inner muscles, strong and toned, grip him in rhythmic contractions and the tip of his prick is pinched as her womb begins to contract. Like a wave of sound, she squeezes and pulls at him, and before his eyes, a hot red flush spreads across her found, heaving breasts. And her breath is held tight within her and the wave hits and she exhales as she ejaculates rhythmic steams of clear fragrant fluid that soaks his groin and pools beneath her ….and he tips over the edge.

Almost painfully, pulled violently from deep inside his groin, he ejaculates in long powerful streams deep within her contracting warmth and he feels himself thrust helplessly, filling her, flooding her, spilling his essence in her most private place, filling her up with his hot creamy emission, claiming her as his own ….

And the moon moves across the wine-dark sky and sighs, enveloping the thrashing couple in hot silver light and licking along the curve and play of shadow in thrusting buttock and the spill of tangled curls along sheet and breathes in the hot essence of lust and glows luminously in the night sky.

In the warmth
and pause of release,
sleep’s tendrils pull
you deeper,
back to your nether
world of wet repose
and throbbing urgencies.

Her breath softens, evens as his arms tremble and the moonlight dapples his green gaze and runs a caressing finger along the line of jaw. He pulls himself, still stiff and wet, sticky with their secretions and lithely moves away from the trembling moist body of the girl to crouch in the shadows. The moonlight peeks through the fluttering curtains and licks a line of light along the length of leg then slides up onto the bed to glisten along the long length of parted thigh, lighting the droplets of moisture and creamy froth bedewing the swollen flesh of her sex.

The girl’s eyes flutter then calm as the moonbeam licks gently along the closed lids and breathes softly into her mouth.

Moonlight dances in the dappled shadow and light of the room and the figure stands almost transparent and waits and then as the world reels and time calls, the moon lowers on the horizon and he reaches for the pale flesh and cups a round, heaving breast and at his groin, he twitches and stirs and the pale nipples began to flush as he twists and pulls…

The silver sliver
of light along the
edge of the blind spills
onto your ripe silver
breasts; I cup and gently
pinch erect nipples,
and my hands whisper
dreams to your thighs
as my fingers probe
promises into you,
as you throb and leak
in another of your
incubus haunted


ms_monk said...
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Max said...

You both so beautifully spin this tale. Very nice...

Buffalo said...

It was great at the first reading and even better at the second - both the prose and the poetry.

Zen Vision said...

What is hidden if often visible in another light.