Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Drive-In

Note: NOT BDSM-related - just a little erotica story about fun sex

Life has a way of getting in the way of living, which sounds absurd until four kids, demanding jobs, numerous activities, sports and the mundane realities of running a home result in you waking up one day with the realization that other than hurried couplings, the passion you shared with your partner was largely a thing of wet dreams and memories.

Aoife did just that. An odd juxtaposition of events left her unaccountably alone with absolutely nothing that must be done and an empty house.

A luxurious bath later, shaved and smoothed, buffed and polished, she sat in front of her mirror, brushing the waist length mahogany mane which minimum care and good genes ensured continued to be one of her best features.

Maybe it was having her thick waving locks hanging silkily against her fine boned face, or the unaccustomed feel of smooth, shaved legs, but Aoife suddenly remembered what it was like when she and Finn had first met. Sparks had flown the moment the two had seen each other; introduced by a former boyfriend, Aoife found herself unaccountably breathless on meeting the shortish, well-built Scot. There was something about the way his green eyes, narrow and intense met her own, the manner in which the thick fair hair tumbled around the craggy, strong face with its decided nose and stubborn jaw. For his part, the long limbed goddess with the magnificent hair and intense blue green eyes completely and utterly enthralled him.

A scant hour later, the two left the party together, hand in hand, to continue their conversation in a less raucous atmosphere. Within weeks they were inseparable, and much of their time was spent engaged in a tangle of lust for each other that permeated their every waking moment and made them the horrified envy of friends who were alternatively appalled and envious of the way the two lovers could not keep their hands off each other.

Now 15 years and 4 kids later, Aoife had to think hard to remember when they had last experienced that spontaneous, joyous and overwhelming lust that used to be as natural as breathing.

Standing up, she inspected herself critically. With the exception of a few lines that added character to her face, her skin was excellent and belied her 42 years. Cupping her heavy breasts, she turned sideways. Most definitely not quite as firm or as high as they used to be, but nonetheless they were still more or less where they should be and the nipples were as large and luscious as ever. Her belly had a hint of softness, the legacy of four pregnancies but her narrow hips and long, very beautiful legs were still exceptional as vanity and a desire to stay healthy had her biking regularly and for long periods.

"Well, things are going to change – we need to rediscover each other," she decided then and there.

That day, Aoife began her campaign to seduce her husband. She began to rediscover the little things which he liked – like picking up the coffee he preferred, ensuring his mobile phone had minutes, and more importantly, making sure the two of them made a conscious effort to spend more time together without children.

Trips to the bookstore – a former favourite haunt – did much to help the two reconnect. Without the distractions of kids and mundane tasks, they learned again the fascination that the other held for them. Finn rediscovered his great appreciation for his wife's lively intelligence and it wasn't long before they fell back into their old stimulating argumentative debates.

Lovemaking became more than perfunctory, slowly but surely. Instead of hurried couplings, where Finn would push his stiff prick against the flannel-covered bottom of his darling and then merely pull up the hem to push its hard length between her taut thighs, he began to approach lovemaking from a more leisurely perspective.

Teasing and tender, he would strip off the nightie and cup the full, heavy breasts, suckling the long firm nipples for long periods, his prick stiff against her belly, its winking eye leaking pre-cum, until unable to stand it any longer she would thrust against him, sighing as his long thick length slid up into her sheath.

Slow and leisurely, his lips suckling the swollen breast, Finn would push his prick in and out of her tight cunt, measuring the pleasure in long delicious strokes, savouring the feel of her hot swollen folds engulfing his throbbing cock until suddenly, the urgency would begin to build and moaning against the mouthful of heavy breast, he would thrust fast and strong until his prick would throb and jerk and empty long hot streams of cum into her pulsating cunt.

Things in short improved considerably.

Aoife, however, as much as she was enjoying their renewed concupiscence, still yearned for something really spontaneous, something really sexual. Her opportunity came sooner than she anticipated when grandparents swooped down to take the kids to a cottage for a week and concurrent with that she came across an advertisement in a local newspaper which piqued her interest.

Aoife planned her campaign. Telling Finn to make no plans on the Saturday night, she informed him a surprise was in store.

A shopping spree for clothes and other things and she was ready.

Finn was out most of the day on his endless quest for treasures in garage sales, leaving Aoife time to polish herself head to foot and leisure to dress. Unaccountably nervous, she inspected herself in the mirror – wondering for the millionth time whether she was too old for dressing like this.

A very tight low-necked sleeveless tee hugged and moulded the heavy breasts. Her large nipples were clearly outlined under the skimpy lace that barely cupped their bounty and when she walked, the fluid movement of largely unfettered heavy breast flesh was clearly provocative and enticing. The skirt was denim, short and flirty, hugging her narrow hips and flaring to just midpoint on the long toned thighs. If she bent over, the firm, plump cheeks of her ass could be seen, pale and luscious, her plump mound, its reddish curls trimmed and combed cupped in the skimpy protection of a thong.

A moment later, her husband soothed her unspoken fears, when chattering; he banged into the bedroom, treasures in hand.

"HOLY shit!"

Finn's mouth hung open as he took in the sight of his very sexy wife. From the tip of her magnificent hair which hung burnished and smooth to her waist to the long gorgeous legs, the shapely calves flexed from the pressure of 4-inch heels, she was stunning.

"Oh baby!"

Moving to her, Finn pulled her head down towards his own, tangling eager fingers in soft silken waves. One hand went up to cup and squeeze the full breast.

Laughing, breathless, Aoife pulled back.

"Come on, you! Have your shower – this isn't the surprise! Get ready!"

Grinning, she dodged her amorous husband's eager hands and shooed him into the shower.

An hour later, the waning sun to the west sending warm tendrils of dying light to streak and brighten the creeping dusk, they were on their way.

Aoife drove carefully but rapidly, the dark highway speeding past on either side of the car. It was as if they were cocooned in their own private world, caught in a warp of time and space. The air conditioning blew cool against her almost naked breasts, creating an aching awareness of her vulnerability and openness to him as he sat gazing at her. Between her legs, her cunt throbbed.

The car, an old Lincoln bequeathed by Finn's grandparents, was roomy and comfortable – if exorbitantly expensive in gas. But the leather seats, luxurious interior, superior stereo and best of all, superlative engine made up for what it cost at the pump.

Finn sat sideways, watching her mobile face as she drove. Grinning, he reached over and cupped a firm breast, weighing its luscious bounty in a hot palm.

"Finn!" Aoife grinned, feeling a thrill of daring as her bold husband fondled her breast openly.

"Pull up your shirt," he said coaxingly.

"FINN! Are you nuts? It's still bloody light out!" she laughed.

"Please darling, do – for me?"

Aoife looked around – there was something about driving in a car, cupped in a speeding metal capsule, the road flashing by, affording quick glimpses into other people's universes as they sped by that gave her a sense of freedom.

"After all," she reasoned, "it's not as if anyone will ever see us again!"

A bit nervously, she reached down to the waist of her tight tee – grasping the end she slowly pulled it up over her taut midriff. Teasingly, Aoife tugged until the heavy, lace cupped underhang of her full breasts was visible.

"More, sweet one, more." Finn said, his voice tight.

There was something intensely provocative about seeing his wife's pale belly, the heavy jut of breast in an open car in broad daylight. A part of him almost wanted someone to see her – to lust after that bounty of overflowing breast flesh – to look at him and envy him this woman.

Glancing at him, one hand on the wheel, Aoife honoured her husband's request.

Slowly, she pulled the shirt higher, tugging it over the tip of pale, freckled breasts. The bra was scant, barely containing the swelling mounds; the tip of her shell pink areoles visible.

Aoife's breasts were obscenely obvious as the tight tee pushed her breasts out even further.

Finn's breath came short as she watched her expose her breasts to his gaze. Leaning over, he ran a calloused finger between the swollen globes, pushing into the tight cleavage and rubbing gently.

Aoife groaned. Her breasts were remarkably sensitive, within a second, the long, plump nipples hardened, and lengthened, pushing out the thin lace of the underwire bra.

Grinning, Finn ran his hands down and over the tips – feeling his prick jump as he saw her face tighten, the green eyes cloud.

Reaching under, he pushed his fingers under the tight underwire and pulled it up and out with some difficulty.

"Oh you bitch, you are so fucking gorgeous!" he breathed as the heavy white breasts tumbled out of the tight confines.

Aoife's nipples were already erect and throbbing, their long plump length elongated, their normal shell pink colour deep and crimson. The bra, still fastened, was tight and dug into the long sloping top of the breasts, pushing them out and making them appear even firmer. Although Aoife's breasts weren't bad for 42, she had miserably failed the infamous pencil test she had once passed with flying colours. Four pregnancies and breastfeeding for the better part of 7 years had stretched and softened their shape, although admittedly Finn had never complained.

Finn slit his eyes as he reached over and pushed his fingers underneath the heavy weight. He had told her repeatedly but wasn't sure if she believed him, that he actually preferred these mature, lovely breasts. They were softer, more pliable, their warm mass comforting and unbelievably erotic.

Reverently, Finn cupped and then squeezed the warm mass, his fingers wandering over the sweet, soft skin to the rubbery, throbbing nipples. He knew his wife's weaknesses and ginning, pinched sharply.

"Oh fuck!" Aoife almost screamed. Struggling, she tried to keep her concentration on the road. She had, she believed, a direct line from her breasts to her womb and right now, she felt a gush from between her plump lips that soaked the thin gusset of her thong.

Finn smiled delightedly– he knew exactly what he was doing. Leaning over, he put his other hand on the long slender thigh. Aoife's skirt was hiked up, the long legs slightly spread, her right one taut as she kept a foot on the gas.

He relished the feel of the soft warm skin, then snaked his hand between her legs, ignoring the inarticulate noises she made in protest. Sighing, he took his fingers and rubbed them lightly against the damp gusset, breathing deeply the musky aroma that suddenly wafted into the still, cool air of the car.

"Keep your eye on the road," he said semi-sternly.

Aoife spared a quick glance. Helplessly, she allowed her thigh to relax and sprawl slightly open, giving her husband access to her most secret place.

Stiffening a finger, his hand pinching and cupping the heavy breast, Finn wiggled his finger under the thin line of silk, brushing damp curls as he did so. He sighed as his questing finger rubbed lightly the plump, furred pubes, then nestling between the swollen labia. Very, very gently, he ran his finger the long length of his wife's slit, barely tipping the tight furled ass as she pushed her hips forward against his bold, welcome intrusion. Then back up, his finger wet now with the juices which were beginning to drip out of the swollen cunt, right up to the tiny, shy clitoris which was just beginning to wake up. Barely touching, he flicked its sensitive tip.

Aoife groaned and rewarded him with a hot gush which actually soaked his finger and trailed wet tendrils of glistening moisture to the crux of his fingers.

Finn sighed and moved uncomfortably. Removing his fingers, he pushed his hips up and thrust his hand down his pants, adjusting his burgeoning prick which was now uncomfortably twisted.

Aoife grinned as she took a quick glance and watched her husband try to fix himself.

"Serves you right!" she said jeering.

Dusk was beginning to fall. A muted light permeated the green fields, intensifying the verdant wilderness flashing by. That peculiar golden glow of a summer evening lent a muted ambiance to skies deepening to indigo, streaks of crimson and deep violet washing the waning sun.

A sign flashed by, capturing her attention..

"That's our exit!" she said.

"We're almost there! We'll finish THIS..." she said with a grin, grimacing as she pulled the tight bra back over her jiggling breasts, wiggling their heavy fullness into place, "LATER". Then, quickly, as traffic increased, she pulled the tee over the lace.

Lifting her ass, she went to pull her skirt down. Finn's hand stopped her for a moment. Fondling the shivering breasts, he left her skirt pulled up to her waist for a moment longer, then reaching between her legs, pushed his fingers up her wet, glistening cunt, leaving them there as she continued to drive. Aoife felt as if she were attached not just physically — his fingers actually in her cunt — but mentally. She felt breathless and almost panicked as she visualized pulling up and someone looking down and seeing her naked cunt with his fingers inserted in it. Then voluptuously, he pulled them out slowly, glistening with the sticky residue of her arousal. She caught his eye as he brought them to his face. He drank in the scent as if it were ambrosia, relishing the rich, musky smell of her essence, then keeping eye contact with her, he delicately put his tongue out and thoroughly licked each finger clean.

Aoife slowed the car and turned. Looking around, Finn laughed delightedly on seeing the Drive In sign. They waited in the line entering the park, the atmosphere in the car almost alive. She could smell not just herself but that private, funky scent which rose from him when his cock was stiff and the love juice dribbled and scented his pants.

They soon got to the kiosk and paying, she pulled onto the gravel lot. Aoife went to pull into a space towards the front, but looking around, Finn directed her to the back. A well-wooded copse of trees stood at the back of the park and at the far left there were spaces for many cars but none were parked there. He had her pull up so the woods backed them and in front a large space remained before the next line of cars. The park was sparsely populated, the day of the Drive In long past. In fact, this particular one she had heard about by chance and it was in its last days before a development took over.

The movie had already started but neither of them paid much attention. There was an unspoken realization between them that the movie was secondary, that what they were here for was not celluloid dreams on a big screen but a delicious, chance met opportunity to indulge themselves.

Aoife felt her throat tighten as she threw the car into park and fastened the speaker to the window. Out of the corner of her eye, she took in the sight of her husband's taut groin, his heavy prick tenting the front of his jeans .

All day she had been anticipating this night, being in this car alone with him. She had trimmed and scented her cunt at home, slathered her wonderful crème over her entire body, paying special attention to the inside of her thighs and her breasts.

Looking at each other, they reached down and pulled the levers, pushing the seats back as far as it would go, then, reaching into the back, Aoife pulled out the cooler. From within its chilled depth, she pulled pate, crackers, cheese and shrimp. From behind the seat she pulled a thermos full of aromatic, strong espresso and two small china cups.

Prolonging the moment, allowing anticipation to build, they shared and fed each other and laughed and feasted. Aoife sipped her hot, dark coffee, enjoying the rush of caffeine and for once not worrying about being kept awake. Indeed, she had made is doubly strong to ensure that they were both alert and full of energy for this precious night.

Fin gathered up the remains of their feast and putting them back in the cooler, placed it in the back. Then looking at her, his eyes crystal in the ambient light, he reached over and clasped her breast through her shirt.

Aoife gasped and felt a hot sensuous flash of lust race from her cunt to her breasts.

"Push it up so I can see your tits," he said quietly.

Oblivious to the people who occasionally walked by, she did so, pulling up the shirt then reaching underneath and pushing her scanty bra over the quivering mounds of her breasts. Their heavy weight settled slightly, jiggling on her chest, the tips already red, engorged, and stiff.

"Now your skirt."

Moving her ass, Aoife pulled the skirt up over the plump globes of her ass, bunching it at her waist and revealing the insubstantial scrap of material which made up her thong.

Finn pushed her back against the door of the car, pulling her legs apart so he could look at the thin gusset of the thong disappear between the lips of her cunt. Her right leg was awkwardly placed, so reaching, Finn took the long silken calf, rubbing hard fingers along its sweet swelling length and then pulled her leg up to dangle over the back of the seat.

"Spread wider, darling," he whispered, "I want to see your slit."

Flickering images on the screen illuminated and sent an ambient light into the dark car, moonlight tendrils lending a further cool glow.

Aoife hesitated, then biting her lip, feeling an aching deep within her womb and a wantonness that made her swollen breasts heave, pulled her other knee up to her chest. Watching his face intently, she allowed her legs to fall open.

Finn almost forgot to breathe. She looked unbelievably erotic, those long gorgeous legs spread sluttily, the big heavy breasts jiggling with her ragged breathing, their long succulent tips engorged and crimson.

The gusset of the thong was barely a string, running between the swollen, neatly trimmed but thickly furred cunt. As she widened her thighs, her long slit gaped open, a red glistening gash, hot woman scent perfuming the air as her arousal increased.

Aoife's eyes raked his beloved face, drinking in and responding to the raw lust which twisted his features.

"You like?" she asked huskily.


Taking her hands, Aoife reached between her spread thighs and lightly rubbed her swollen sex. Delicately, she pinched first one side, then the other and fastening her gaze on him, pulled apart her labia, exposing the now erect and quivering clit and the deep swollen folds of her vagina.

Breathing harshly, Finn leaned over. Gently, but firmly he took the insubstantial scrap of underwear and holding it in two hands, suddenly pulled, ripping its delicate lace asunder.

Aoife gasped as he pulled the scrap of destroyed underwear from between her thighs, the thin gusset wet and dark with her arousal. Pulling it to him, he used both hands and brought it to his nose, and took a deep, cleansing breath, groaning as the rich, pongy scent of her cunt wafted into his senses. Putting out his tongue, he flicked it along the glistening gusset, tasting a mixture of arousal, a scent of urine and warm woman scents

Then throwing it to one side, he leaned down to study her slit up close.

Aoife had a lovely cunt. He had thought so 15 years ago and he thought so now. Slightly scarred from childbirth, nonetheless her labia were plump, thickly furred with soft tight lovely sherry coloured curls. Her clit, when quiescent, was a tiny shy little soldier, hidden under the sweet pale hood but now, aroused and glistening, it poked a bold swollen head from betwixt the tight vee where her cunt began. The swirls and whorls of soft, firm flesh drew the eye, tendrils of glistening arousal pooling in translucent pools in its delicious nooks and crannies. Finn's breath grew short as his gaze slowly swept down to the deep, swollen apex of her womanhood. Unable to resist, he stiffened his fingers and slowly, exquisitely, pushed their stiff length into the swollen folds.

Aoife groaned deep in her throat, breasts quivering, as her husband sunk his fingers deep within her essence. Finn felt her clinging flesh envelop his digits and marvelled anew that this delicious, swollen, clinging cunt had birthed his children, and been the recipient of so many hot molten libations from his spurting prick.

Yoga and a passionate commitment to daily kegels had kept Aoife as tight as a young girl. Now, eyes heavy lidded and glistening from beneath lowered lids, she gave a wicked hot smile and Finn gasped as her hot cunt squeezed his invading fingers.

Finn realized that his prick, heavy and aching was almost painfully constricted by his pants.

With an audible sucking sound, he pulled his fingers free. Leaning back, he caught his wife's hot gaze and narrowing his own intense green eyes, captured her sultry gaze with his own. Keeping her enthralled, he brought his glistening fingers to his nose, breathing deeply. Flecks of pale white dotted their glistening length and flicking out his tongue, he delicately lapped up the aroused essence of his girl.

Aoife sighed as another gush of arousal trickled from the swollen folds of her vagina.

Finn leaned back, pushing his tented, straining pants into proximity. Slowly, he reached down, Aoife's gaze following the questing hands and carefully unbuttoned, then pushing his swollen prick against his groin, unzipped. Finn's thighs tightened as he pushed his ass off the car seat, and carefully peeled the tight jeans down the strong thighs. Cotton boxers, normally loose strained on his hips, his prick pushing its heavy length up and out. A dark wet stain trailed across the front as precum leaked in a steady stream from the winking tip of his prick.

"You want to see my cock, lass?"

Aoife, mute, nodded vigorously.

"Tell me, then, sweet one, tell your Finn what you want."

"I want to see it – your prick..." Aoife's voice was hoarse.

"This, this is what you want, sweet lassie mine?"

In a quick motion, Finn stripped the boxers down his hips. Freed, his heavy erection sprang up, throbbing and swollen, the hooded head glistening and a long translucent thread of pre cum trailing from the swollen tip to the furred flesh of his stomach.

"Oh GOD."

Aoife couldn't help herself. Reaching between her spread legs, she touched her own swollen aching clit, running a trimmed nail along its length. Her hips jerked as sensation flooded her groin.

"Yes, that's it, my little bitch, Finn's little slut – touch yourself," he crooned, his own hand grasping and pulling at his own aching cock.

His eyes glittered with barely suppressed lust as he watched his wife rub herself, a finger dipping into the swollen folds of her vagina, then dancing up the long swollen slit to the beckoning clit. A flick then back down again. Her other hand, almost of its own volition, cupped one heavy, heaving breast, pinching and pulling the rubbery distended nipple.

"That's my girl, touch that pretty cunt, rub it."

Grasping his own prick tightly at the base, Finn squeezed sharply. He could feel his arousal peaking and wanted to keep things going longer. His balls were tight and pulled up into his groin and he couldn't resist rubbing a calloused finger along their plump, hairy sac.

Then suddenly, Finn thrust himself up, kneeling on the seat in front of his spraddled darling. With a thunk, his head hit the roof.

Aoife snorted, trying to suppress her laughter. Then helplessly, as she watched her husband rub his sore head, laughed out loud.

"Bitch." Finn said grinning.

His prick, obscenely swollen and bright crimson bobbed in front of Aoife's face, a translucent bubble of precum bubbling from the hooded tip. Aoife suddenly smelled it, sharp and male and her laughter strangled in her throat.

Aoife couldn't resist. Leaning forward she breathed the strong, aroused male scent, filling her lungs with its essence. Then, slowly, her eyes flicking up to watch his face, she extended a pink tongue until delicate as a butterfly, she began to lap at the glistening tip, her tongue cupping and pulling the viscous fluid into her eager mouth.

Rounding her small lips, she brought her right hand around to cup her husband's firm buttocks; her left she used to grasp the heavy prick at its base. Taking a deep breath, closing her eyes, she stretched her lips as wide as they would go, pushing it down on the swollen head of her husband's cock.

Smoothly, experienced and eager, Aoife's warm tongue laved the quivering, silken skin of his prick. Her cheeks hollowed as she pulled strongly from the back of her throat, sinking her mouth further down, breathing harshly through her flared nostrils as her mouth filled with hot, swollen prick.

Finn stifled a yell as he felt his prick pulled strongly, his wife's suctioning mouth causing an exquisite, almost painful intensity of tactile overload. His breath was harsh in the close confines of the car. Outside, the flickering screen waxed light, then dark, static crackled and spat as tinny dialogue from the scarred and battered speaker droned in the background.

Realty was now, this exquisite pulling ecstasy of his wife's warm, sucking mouth.

He felt his balls tighten, the roiling sperm gathering in their swollen flesh. Reluctantly, groaning, he pulled back.

Aoife made an inarticulate sound of distress, her mouth clinging. Fin reached and gently grasping her chin, shook it, laughing, forcing her to release her delicious mouthful of hot cock.

Leaning,, he captured her lips with his in a long, clinging kiss, his tongue laving the inside of the warm mouth, tasting himself on her breath.

Then falling back, he looked at her with glazed eyes.

"Keep that up, lass, and there won't be a thing left for you!" he said in a strangled voice.

"Well, now that would be a shame," she admitted.

"Was a time, though," she pointed out, mocking a sad face, "that I could get my mouthful and you would be good to go shortly after!"

Finn grinned back and leaning over tweaked the long, engorged nipple, making her squeak.

"Sure, and I'm an old man, now, lass!" he said mournfully, his green eyes laughing. "You'll be out looking for a young lad the minute me back's turned, if I'm not mistaken!"

Aoife's face softened. Leaning to him, she caressed his chin with her soft hand.

"Be a cold day in hell before I find another laddie I like half as much," she said fondly.

"Now, let's see how this fella is doing."

Aoife leaned on her arms, the lovely, heavy breasts swinging forward, jiggling enticingly, their long nipples almost brushing the swollen tip of Finn's prick. Finn's mouth twisted as he watched her, then reaching, he grasped is own prick and began to slowly pull at it.

Aoife could see the juice dribbling out of the small eye at the top. As Finn pushed the skin of his prick down over the hard muscle, the mushroom head, glistening and flushed would appear, then as he pushed the skin back up, the juice which was trembling at the tip would well out and over and dribble down the side of the hard white shaft.

She actually felt her cunt throb as she drank in the sight and her cunt hole literally seemed on fire, aching with a deep desperate need to feel that big cock right up her.

Aoife's breath was harsh in the confines of the warm car. Musk, pungent and rich, wafted through the still air, filling their sense with atavistic desire and a primitive urge to couple that almost overwhelmed.

"I want that up me ... now!" she said huskily.

"Please, darling, push your prick up me!"

Aoife's voice was harsh and panting, her desire palpable. Finn responded, his own desire throbbing and growing as his glistening gaze watched pure lust twist his beloved's face. Her breasts, swollen and pale, blue veins beneath their white surface, seemed to glow, pale and delicious in the encroaching darkness. Her nipples looked almost sore, engorged and a bright crimson, while the smell of her cunt's rich dampness permeated the air.

Finn sat back against the seat, pushing Aoife gently to give him some room. Bracing his legs, he adjusted his swollen balls comfortably, the hard white shaft of his prick engorged and swollen, trembling and throbbing between his thick thighs.

Turning slightly, he pulled Aoife to him, his lips meeting hers in a clinging, deep kiss that sent tendrils of desire twisting through her abdomen. One hand cupped and squeezed one of the jouncing breasts. Then moving his hands to the narrow hips he pulled her over him, so she straddled his lap, her swollen glistening cunt just inches above the yearning prick.

Now she felt the spongy tip of his cock pushing at her yearning cunt and moving restlessly, tried to rub her enflamed cunt on it. Holding her hips in an iron grip he would not allow her to impale herself on the delicious length of his cock, but kept her kneeling high enough so that he could rub his prick along the long slit.

She was already soaking wet and his prick slipped easily along the length of her cunt from her ass to her cleft. Rhythmically he rubbed his cock up and down, paying special attention to the small, stiff nub of her enflamed clitoris.

Then just when she thought she would go mad, he took her hips firmly and in one smooth motion impaled her.

Aoife groaned, feeling as if she was going to die as she felt his entire long hard cock push up into her womb. His girth strained her cunt hole to its maximum, pushing aside the enveloping folds of hot swollen flesh with ease, oiled as it was with her cunt juice. He pushed her down even further and she gasped, as he impossibly seemed to surge further than he had ever been before.

She actually felt her vulva strike his hard groin and his pubic hair tickled her own swollen pube in an indescribable sensation of engorgement.

Without being aware of it, lust clouding her mind, she went to pull up, the better to feel that wonderful thrust again. His strong hands stopped her and he remained still, the whole length of his hard cock embedded in her, savouring the feeling of hot juicy cunt squeezing his entire prick.

She closed her eyes, sensation clouding her senses, feeling almost overwhelmed by the wonderful, aching fullness of her womb. She felt his hands shift, and then gentle as a butterfly's wing, one hand caressed her face.

She opened her eyes, looking deeply into the green depths of his compelling gaze.

"Fuck me with your cunt." he said.

She went to shift her hips but his hands again came down hard on her hips.

"No", you can't move." he said.

She widened her eyes, then suddenly understood what he wanted.

She closed her eyes and concentrated. She visualized his big stiff cock and imagined how it looked right this moment. Its normally pale white shaft, flushed and engorged with blood had penetrated as far as it could enter. Its entire length was now embedded in her innermost being. She literally could feel her cunt pulsating around its hard length, her soft pliable folds gently sucking and caressing the stiff welcome invader, her juice lubricating and flowing and seeking egress.

She visualized then the concentric rings of muscles which encircled her entire cunt hole, then biting her lip she began to bear down. He gasped. Her warm pulsating cunt seemed to be seizing and squeezing his prick, sucking at the spongy head and encircling the full girth of its length, as if somehow, a hand was inside her cunt, encircling it, squeezing and releasing and squeezing and releasing.

Amazingly, she felt his cock pulsate and grow yet again. She felt stuffed full of hard cock, her cunt hole strained to the utmost, it was like giving birth except with a painful, exquisite edge to the pain that caused the sensation in her groin to become almost unbearable.

She opened her eyes and drank in the sight of his contorted face. His eyes were closed and an intent focus twisted his beautiful mouth in a grimace. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead and his teeth were clenched tight.

Moaning, she couldn't stop her hips from swivelling. There was an atavistic need to grind her cunt onto the stiff prick embedded in its soft folds, to pull and push and thrust and coax the life giving juice from his prick.

He pushed her hips down again, controlling her movements, commanding her obedience. She groaned in frustrated agony, then gave a cry of fierce joy as he suddenly pulled her up, off that delicious cock, then down, then up.

Her breasts were jiggling and bobbing in front of his face, their stiff red nipples bouncing. Taking one hand off her waist, he suddenly reached up and cupped a hot swollen tit.

Grasping it almost cruelly, moulding and fondling the soft mound, he leaned forward and caught her yearning nipple in his mouth. He sucked fiercely at her nipple, suckling it like a baby, his lips clamped on the pink areole, the sensitive tip alternately flicked with his soft tongue and left to point down his throat.

She surged forward, thrusting more of her breast into his mouth. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, revelling in the suckling of her tit and yearning for that indescribable sensation of letting down milk that she had experienced when suckling the children. It was as if her nipple was a tiny penis and she longed for it to spurt into his mouth as his cock would spurt into her cunt. The harder he sucked, the more she felt her cunt contract against the welcome invader which now thrust inexorably into it. It was as if there was a live nerve extending from the tip of her breast to her cunt. With each hard, demanding suckle she felt a gush of juice release from somewhere deep inside her womb, coating his cock with thick, sticky liquid, smoothing the friction and giving his stiff moist prick even greater entry into her cunt.

Her groin felt like it was going to explode, and without conscious volition, her hips began to pump madly down on the stiff cock of her lover. Up and down she thrust herself, desperate to bring to culmination the almost painful constriction of her cunt, the great aching need that seemed to grow with each hard thrust. Each time she rose, Aoife rocked slightly forward and back, allowing her clit to rub against the swollen prick.

Finn let go of her hips entirely and brought his hand up to the other bouncing, jiggling tit. First softly and then harder, he began to mould the soft, plump breast, his mouth never letting up its hard, erotic suckling of its partner. Gasping, she moaned, harder, harder and his fingers grasped harder, squeezing and cupping and pinching until pink finger marks left marks on the soft, sensitive skin of her breast and her nipple turned bright crimson, swollen and hard.

Then she felt it start, like a wave it began deep in her belly, ripples which began at the tip of her womb and began to spread in concentric circles down the length of her vagina. She literally screamed as her orgasm crashed in on her, forgetting to breathe, forgetting to move, but pushing herself down on the hot cock, ensuring that every single available inch of prick was shoved as far up her as she could physically manage, feeling it thrusting almost painfully against her womb.

Around the overflowing bounty of the flesh of her breast, she felt him moan as he felt the contractions squeeze his prick. His own hips began to push harder into her in a fast, helpless rhythm and then, with the peak of her orgasm just starting, she felt him explode.

It was like liquid gold flung against her womb. She could actually feel each individual spurt against her innermost recesses and his mouth on her breast suckled even harder. He took both hands and desperately grasped the soft breast, squeezing it tightly, moulding its firmness and pushed it together so he could suck in even more of the tit flesh. He sucked harder, moaning around its soft flesh, mimicking the jerking motion of his cock as it emptied its bounty into her cunt, his hips jerking and pounding against the enveloping cunt.

It seemed to go on forever, the two of them meshed in a lustful, joyful mingling of flesh and sensation, he in her, his prick jerking and spurting, she opening and expanding like a great flower, sucking in the very essence of his flesh and bursting into great wonderful blooms of pure pleasure.

As the contractions in her womb began to subside she became aware that the cock thrusting so mightily into her had quietened. Collapsing against him she laid her head on his shoulders, relishing the sticky residue she could feel gluing them together between her straddled legs. She couldn't bear to let go yet, and wiggled her bottom down to ensure the softening prick remained up her cunt.

His arms went about her, pulling her close, hugging her and the two of them rested. A staccato of noise startled both of them as they almost dozed off ..and jerking up, Aoife felt her husband's prick slip out. A long warm stream of cum streamed out, wetting Finn's thighs and soaking her red curls.

Grinning, she rubbed her soaking crotch against his now soft prick, pushing her still swollen slit against its soft, wet length.

Leaning, Finn captured his darling's lips with his own in a long, deep kiss that sealed yet again their delight and commitment to each other. His heart soared and met hers as he realized anew how lucky they were.

Lights flared, startling them and Aoife scrambled to one side, pulling herself together. Looking out they watched as some cars began to leave the park. On the large, bug splattered drive-in screen a dancing hot dog and box of French fries amused the remaining crowd, many of whom took the reprieve between films to grab food or relieve themselves.

Looking over, Finn grinned.

"Lovely film! I don't think I've ever enjoyed one so much!"

"Damn right!" Aoife said laughing. "Just give me a few minutes and I'll get us coffee and a bit of something sweet to strengthen us."

Winking, she pulled her skirt down, adjusted her tee shirt and leaning over and pecking his lips, opened the car door.

Pausing, Aoife turned back for a moment. With a mischievous grin, she said to her husband:

"By the way, sweetheart, tonight is a 'Dusk til Dawn'

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Buffalo said...

Well done!

This seems to be written with a slightly different voice than normal. It isn't quite as lyrical, but is more earthy and definitely very erotic.

I hate that there has to be an adult content warning. It won't come up on my feed.