Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Your fingers dance across my skin, trailing want like burns along the pale expanse of need and creating in my mind a conflagration of possibilities that make my eyes gleam feral in the dusk of the room. I feel you hot and hard against the back of my thighs, the damp warmth of your demand trailing stickily along the sweep of pale flesh pressed against the length of your body.

I feel your teeth sink into where my shoulder sweeps into neck, pressing with the promise of sharp, hot need and I arch into your want with a hitch of breath that leaves me panting. 

My hair tumbles over my face as you tighten your mouth and force me down and beneath the muted ruby of its curls, I feel cocooned and caught, enmeshed in the trembling panting of your breath.
I move restlessly, flanks twitching like a restive mare. You tighten your hands around my wrists stretched high about my head, shoulders straining and I feel your hand between my thighs, clever fingers burrowing and finding the hidden tightness of my need.

I buck and your body tightens around me and I feel the stiff hot demand of you slip between the slickness of my want and I growl. You jerk my arms tight and I involuntarily groan, caught between the promise of pain and fierceness of my rutting need, wanting both pain and pleasure with a craving that threatens to overwhelm me.

Your body presses my flesh into the tumbled sheets and I feel your teeth tighten on that sweet, meaty part of my shoulder that you love so much and in my mind, I imagine the hot copper taste of my blood trickling into your mouth as you break the skin. The pain is sharp and immediate and makes things tighten deep inside and I feel the throbbing slick release between my legs drench the material below me in sympathy with the warm trickle down my neck. Your body demands acquiescence and the subjection of self but the fierce, wild spirit in me fights your mastery and I struggle beneath you. Our breathing is ragged and harsh in the hushed twilight room as we struggle, a two-backed beast of slick flesh and dampness, of hot hard need and swollen promise.

My shoulders strain and tremble and pain lances through the tendons as you force my arms higher and surging, I feel you hot and damp and hard against me, pushing the firm flesh of my buttocks inexorably apart. 

Belly aching deep inside, the want pulling at me, I capitulate and whimpering struggle to my knees, pushing my hips up and back, straining against your weight, opening and presenting my slick wetness to you.

The spongy dribbling tip of you slips into my swollen folds and my breath catches as I feel your girth spreading me, parting me. Wiggling desperately beneath your weight, I seek to impale myself on your throbbing, stiff organ and laughing, you hold my wrists tight and pulling your hips back, deny me my pleasure.

I cry out, raging in my hot rutting lust and again buck beneath you, thighs trembling as I strain to sink onto you, breath hot, hair tumbling in long, crimson strands against the white sheet.

You fasten your teeth yet again in my neck and I cry out, neck straining as I writhe beneath you. Your body is heavy against my back and I am pushed harshly down until my nipples scrape against the soft cotton of the sheet and I feel the mound of my sex throbbing against the bed. The feel of you against the soft flesh of my buttocks enflames me and moaning, I try to lift my hips back against the hard, throbbing core of you.

Locking me in position, you lean heavily against my back and your fingers reach under and then between my thighs. When you touch the nub of me, I explode in frantic want, buttocks pushing back against you, the long hard length of you parting the plump, firm cheeks. Holding me still with one hand, I whimper as you rub the stiff length of your sex along the furrow of my buttocks, nestling the sweet spongy tip in the little flower of my 

Again, I buck beneath your weight, crying as the strain on my shoulders sends lancing pain through my arms. I struggle to push my ass further up your body, seeking to impale myself yet again. Slowly, inexorably, the tip of you pushes insistently against the tight furled nether passage and suddenly I am still as I feel your throbbing cock pushing against the most private part of me.

I feel myself twitch, my inner muscles tightening and a terrible thrilling fear floods me. Slowly, insistently, your hips flex and the plump, spongy tip of your cock pushes again at the tight ring of my ass. I lie still, heart beating rapidly, eyes now closed as I try to deal with the sharp pain which now floods my lower body as you push without mercy, determined to thrust yourself up and in.

My buttocks flex involuntarily, tightening and trying to expel the invading stiffness of your desire but you persist, your hips slowly pressing down, relishing the tearing, hurting feel as my ass is spread wide, the concentric rings tightening and throbbing against your length and girth. Your foreskin is pulled painfully back from the dribbling tip of your cock as you finally manage to slide the bulging head in the first inch of my ass and you groan, caught between pain and a fierce glee at forcing yourself in the tight, constricting passage.

Shifting slightly, tightening your hold on my arms so I can’t move, your knees spread against the back of my thighs so I am trapped, you push roughly and I scream as your length is suddenly thrust in, tearing minute little nicks in the sensitive skin and you sink deep.

The feel of you inside me is so frighteningly immediate that I stiffen and am quiet. My ass aches fiercely but just below I feel my cunt twitching and the liquid want of me is slick and slippery and as you pull back and before I can breathe, thrust again, the clear viscous dribbling from you mingling with the clear astringent proof of my own arousal.

My heart beats frantically and confused, I lie still, torn between thrusting back against your hips and pulling away, between the hot searing pain and the sucking, needy want. Now you lie heavy and reassuring against my back, patient, your long, thick cock sheathed deep to the root in my most private part and you wait, allowing me to accustom myself to the unexpected intrusion, organ throbbing gently in rhythmic hot pulsations that mimic the beating of my heart, which throbs like a frightened sparrow in my chest.

I hear your voice murmuring in my ears, and your tongue is soft as you lick gently at the trickling blood of the perfect teethmarks in my collarbone, indentations welling gently. Your other hand works gently between my thighs, tugging lightly at the silver rings, finger slipping between the swollen folds of my sex to barely brush the tingling quivering nub of my desire.

Slowly, I quieten, my muscles, tense and hard, relax and I lie quiescent, obedient, the trembling lessening, then stopping until my body is quiet and soft under you, even the clenching muscles of my ass softening and slowly, rhythmically you pull out with a rich, sucking quiver, then push in, still fighting the tightness, pull out then thrust and your hand sings between my thighs and my mind drifts and the ache on my shoulder throbs in sequence to the plundering thrust of your cock and I feel the need building, swelling deep in my belly.

My body quivers and starts to vibrate and I tighten involuntarily against you and you groan as the hot passage tightens and sucks at you and the crimson constriction of my ass is just this side of painful as you force your way in again and again.

I feel your fierce want and my breasts tighten and swell and you release my arms and with fevered hands take my hips and pull me up and tight against you and I scream as the thick base of your cock splits me wider yet and you yell triumphantly and jerk me closer, relishing the sounds of my pain and your fingers dig into the sweep of hip and the pale skin flushes crimson as your hips slap against the quivering flesh of my spread cheeks.

The hot heavy constriction at the front of my sex throbs and I feel the aching need and I whimper. Struggling to my hands, shoulders aching, my breasts hang loose, quivering and shaking each time your groin thrusts your heavy cock deep, the nipples swollen, hard, tips fiercely crimson, I pump back against you, relishing the ache, internalizing the pain, offering it to you with an exultant cry as your thrusting, rubbing as it does against the spongy, rough G-spot on the other side of the thin membrane separating cunt from anus, suddenly triggers a veritable stream of clear, sweet smelling fluid from the front of my sex where your fingers work.

As the hot fluid soaks your fingers, your balls tighten and I hear you groaning over the rapid panting of my own breath and my nipples swell further and I feel the tingling, growing wave coming and yelling, your hand comes down across my buttock with a fierce smack, the imprint of your fingers clearly marked, a bruise already forming and then clutching the bones of my hips, fingers pushing into the sore, bruised flesh, you lean back and drink in the sight of your thick stem appearing and then disappearing into the tight ass and then leaning over my back, I feel you give a mighty thrust, then another and another and the hot, molten stream of you spurts into my dark tunnel and my own peak is triggered and helplessly I cry into the musk of the room, my cunt quivering and pulsing in tandem with the pulsing of your cock.

My arms cannot hold me as quivering, trembling with release, I allow myself to fall to the bed. You lie across me, heavy and enveloping, your breath hot against my ear, the frantic beating of your heart pulsing in time with mine and together we struggle to find our breath and lie, enjoying the diminishing contractions of our pleasure.

Leaning over my shoulder, your lips kiss me gently. Your hand cups my sore bottom and sighing, you push yourself up and spreading my cheeks admire the foaming crimson-touched proof of your plundering. You slip out of the room while I drift, half asleep, my bottom throbbing, the abused passage burning slightly in the rapidly cooling air. I am almost asleep when cleansed, you slip back in, a basin of warm soapy water in your hands. Carefully, your big fingers gentle, you clean me, spreading my cheeks wide and inspecting carefully for any questionable damage.

Finally, pulling back the sheets you slip into bed, pulling me close beside you, my lips in the hollow of your shoulder and we sleep.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Evening Interlude*

Dusk stained the sky a moody swirl of red and black, of clouds roiling and embracing, while golden shafts of sunlight twisted spears of liquid gold through the teeming mass of restless night. She was in a restless state of arousal, hypersensitive to the swirl of breeze through a window, touching her legs with gossamer paws, sound seemed amplified and her attention was constantly distracted.

Between her legs, her cunt was aching with a painful intensity, a heaviness which was impossible to ignore while the brush of cotton against her breasts lay somewhere between agony and ecstasy.

She jumped each time she heard a sound, sure it was him, her cunt gushing liquid juice which trailed down her thighs in a sticky residue of lust only to discover it was a cat or a child or any one of a number of other things.

The mundane tasks of her day were eventually completed, two small ones in bed, one picked up and away for the night, the other in Montreal. Now night was here and the house itself seemed to be holding its breath.

Expectation clouded her mind, confused her body and created an irrational sense of anxious excitement she couldn't ignore.

He had been in and out over the course of the long, endless evening, pausing here and there for a kiss, a quick fondle. With the children in bed, she had entered the bathroom to clean up and casually sat on the toilet.

Suddenly the door had opened and he appeared. Saying nothing, he simply squatted in front of her, parting her legs and indicating that she was to hold her skirt high. Then intently, doing nothing, he watched her piss. She was barely able to accommodate him. Her arousal was so intense that at first she was unable to void, until finally, when he smacked the side of her leg lightly, her urethra opened and a hot, thick stream of piss splashed into the toilet. He watched intently, fascinated by the way the stream emitted from between the swollen lips of her cunt. He waited until the stream thinned and then stopped, small drops patterning the water of the toilet bowl, then he simply got up and walked away.

Now the time was getting late. She went into the bedroom and lay on the bed, somehow at peace now that she knew her waiting was coming to an end. She heard the door to his office open and he came into the room. Her heart was beating rapidly, so loudly she wondered if he could hear it. Going over to her, he pulled her so she lay sideways, her legs trailing over the side of the bed..

Then without saying a word he pulled her dress up and over her upper body then her face. The soft cotton enveloped her mouth and eyes. She was able to breathe through its loosely woven strands but it was if she were cocooned in a web which enveloped her and restricted her movements.

He took her arms and brought them to the top so they lay above her entwined, then with the skirt of the dress he wrapped them loosely so she was in essence suspended, her face and arms invisible in their soft prison, her breasts, belly and cunt open to the cooling night air. The heat generated by the enfolding dress served to make the bareness of her lower body even more naked, she felt utterly vulnerable, open to whatever he chose.

She waited with baited breath. She could not see him through her blindfold but could sense his breathing, feel the heat of his body near her. It was as if her senses were multiplied and increased, as if a sixth sense could track without the aid of her eyes and ears.

He stood between her spread legs and she jumped suddenly as she felt his warm breath on her cunt. She almost cried and could feel her cunt twitching, her hole opening and closing, and involuntarily, a stream of juice suddenly squeezed out of her vagina. She groaned as she felt his tongue lick up her libation, then involuntarily tried to push her hips even more into his face. He said nothing, but the tongue suddenly disappeared and she cried with disappointment.

She stilled her treacherous body, aware that he was intent on controlling things, exerting superhuman control to curb the almost insatiable need to thrust her hips. She was rewarded a few moments later when he licked her entire cunt from anus to cleft in a soft, warm delicious caress. Then he began to lap at her like a dog, flicking his tongue up and down the long cleft, pausing to scoop up the juice from her vagina, pushing the swollen inner lips aside to pay homage to her stiff, painful clitoris.

She felt the sensation gathering in her groin, the wonderful, painful, overwhelming pressure which preceded her coming. She fought desperately to control her movements, her hips were actually jerking as she fought them from moving, terrified he would desist. She was close, so close, from between her bound lips small desperate grunts were audible, her mind began its strange fogging which always accompanied an orgasm and then suddenly the sensation was gone.

The disappointment, the despair was almost beyond bearing. The cotton which swathed her eyes dampened with her tears. For a moment she luxuriated in her disappointment, then taking a deep breath, counseled patience and waited. She felt he was away from her at the moment but unsure, stayed very still, not seeking to dissuade him even more. She strained to hear him, to orient where he stood, what he was doing. She couldn't get a sense through her bindings and was tempted to pull her arms down and look around.

She stopped herself, aware that this ultimate submission, this subjection even to his desires was creating a storm of arousal and emotion she wasn't quite sure how to handle, yet the emotion it engendered was so persuasive, so seductive, she didn't want to question it too closely.

The night air from the open window caressed her body in a silken, soft caress, soothing the flames between her legs, calming her churning heart. She felt suspended somehow, removed from herself, as if she were somewhere else and the part of her which felt primitive, basic emotions had somehow surfaced and become dominant. She was aware of arousal, excitement and yet a strange lassitude stilled her limbs and calmed her soul.

He entered the room and looked at her. Her pale, slender legs were stretched wide, slightly outturned so that an unobstructed view of her vulva was possible. The soft, plump mound of her cunt swelled at the base of her soft belly. There, her cleft split into two separate lips, normally pale and slim, now fiery pink and swollen and turgid with arousal. The delicate inner lips of her vagina which were usually almost hidden in the folds of the outer vulva were bright red and enflamed, extending beyond their normal confines by an inch or more. Her sprawled, positioning himself to see the stiff, swollen nub of her clitoris, poking saucily from its usual hiding spot, visibly elongated and stiff with desire.

He followed the line of her soft belly and admired the swell of her hips. She could never be mistaken for a boy, he mused, not with the way her hips bloomed voluptuously, proclaiming her femininity.

The line of her waist was taut and then he feasted his eyes on the breasts which heaved on her chest. On her back, their weight pulled them to each side, their fullness bulging out over the tender pits of her arms. Her nipples were taut, small stiff nubs, their areolas crinkled and tight. The dark shadow under her arms were visible as her arms were raised over her head. The dress caught just above her spread breasts, entangling her arms and covering her face. Its folds drifted and twirled around her upper body, obscuring her features and erasing any hint of identity. She was the epitome of female voluptuousness as she lay there spread-eagled, her body open to him, available and subject to his whims. She was woman personified, with no true personality or ideas of her own, a body, a cunt, two tits there for him to play with, torment, ravish.

His cock felt like an iron bar in his pants. He pulled at the buttons of his fly, undoing them and allowing the stiff erection to poke out. Then, bending, his cock bobbing, he pulled off his pants and peeled off his shirt. Naked now, he began to pull at his cock slowly, leisurely allowing his eyes to travel over the prone body before him, lingering on her hard nipples and probing visually between her legs. His cock was throbbing and erect, its purple tip glistening with the pre-come juice which oozed in a steady stream from its bulging tip. He relished the feel of his fingers and the pull of the velvet skin over the hard muscle, the slippery friction engendered by the juice, soaking his cock and squishing through his fingers. It was immensely exciting and satisfying to know that she was completely open to him, obedient and vulnerable.

He reached for the thick dildo which he had earlier put on the dresser. Stepping between her legs he kneeled, moving close to breathe in the heavy, musky scent of her arousal, the thick sweet smell of her juice which was literally streaming from her swollen vagina.

Grasping the heavy fake prick firmly he took the head and gently probed her cunt hole. He heard her gasp and draw in her breath sharply. Her hips gave an involuntary shudder then stilled but where he gently probed, her cunt hole began to open and close. He pushed just the tip in about an inch, letting the mushroom head disappear slowly, very slowly up her. He could hear her panting beneath the cotton bindings and her chest was heaving, causing her breasts to jiggle lusciously. He could actually sense how hard she was struggling not to push further down on the stiff invader.

His own cock quivered in sympathy, a large drop of pre-come juice oozing from its straining tip.

Then with a smooth, controlled thrust he impaled her, pushing aside her soft folds, filling her, stretching her, engorging her until he felt it strike her womb. Her hips shuddered and her cunt seemed to suck at the big cock as he watched. Grasping it firmly he pulled it out, wet and glistening with her juices, sliding slowly, sensuously through the folds of her cunt.

Again he thrust and again he pulled it out. Her legs which had been sprawled to either side were tense, her thighs trembling with the strain. She seemed to be trying to spread her legs even further apart and she looked incredibly voluptuous and abandoned as her slender legs widened.

Leaving the dildo impaled in her, he stepped back to admire the sight. With her legs agape, her entire cunt seemed tipped up, her cunt lips open while the white shaft of the dildo looked obscenely arousing as its thick base barely peeked from the swollen red folds of her cunt hole.

As he watched, it began to slide out, slippery from the juice which was pouring out of her. He saw her hips shiver and then jerk and her cunt working as she tried desperately to retain its hard length deep inside her.

Reaching down he pulled it out and tossed it to one side. Then stepping between her legs holding his prick in one hand he aimed it at her cunt and shoved it in. He made sure to keep his hips from banging hers as he wanted her unsure as to what she was being fucked with. He had to stifle his groans as his stiff prick sank into the soft, enveloping folds of her cunt, juicy and soft and incredibly deep.

As he pulled out for another thrust her cunt seemed to hold onto his cock, her inner lips clinging, her clitoris throbbing. Her cunt felt as if it were as deep as an ocean and as wet.

Rivulets of her own juice were running in streams down the tender inner skin of her thighs and beneath her sprawled buttocks she could feel a pool of her own juice cooling in the night air.

Her breasts were aching, almost like when she was breastfeeding the children and a feeding was long overdue. It was as if she needed them to empty of the arousal which was tormenting her.

Suddenly she felt his fingers at her breasts, pinching the nipples roughly. She moaned as she felt a jolt of pure lust flash from the pillaged breasts to her cunt. She tried to push her breasts into his hands, sure now that it was his beloved cock between her legs and desperate to wrap her legs around his strong, working buttocks.

"OK," he told her,

Giving a cry of joy her hips surged up to meet his, her legs twining like vines around his back, her vulva pushing into his groin until he lost sight of where his cock started and her cunt finished. The palm of his hands began to slap against her breasts, he found the pink marks of his fingers unbearably erotic. She was like some wild thing beneath him, bucking and straining, her arms and face still covered, just a writhing, twisting female body, a hot, juicy cunt and two jiggling, swollen breasts.

He could feel his balls tightening and the hot intense fire deep within his groin signaled that his cock was getting ready to come. Suddenly he felt her convulse and beneath the shrouded torso, he heard her scream in a long, indrawn breath, a groan almost painful in intensity and her cunt began to pump against him.

The tip of his cock literally felt pinched as her womb began to contract, like a wave of sound, her cunt squeezed and pulled at his thrusting cock, almost expelling its heavy stiff mass.

In front of his eyes, a hot red flush suddenly spread across her heaving breasts and the soft swollen mounds literally seemed to expand another inch, the tips reaching toward him. A hot gush of come seemed to soak his groin and for a moment he thought she had pissed but it had a sticky clear consistency at odds with that. Feeling it soak into the tight nub of his balls and run in streams down the base of his cock he felt his own orgasm trigger and gritting his teeth he grabbed her hips and with a harsh, massive thrust buried his cock as deep as he could within the willing cunt which enclosed it.

Like molten lava he felt the sperm erupt from deep inside, trail fiery veins through the hard shaft of his throbbing organ and erupt in a powerful, burning explosion deep within her. She screamed as she felt the individual spurts strike her already convulsing womb, triggering an even stronger series of contractions.

He was helpless except to thrust and thrust again, seeking to bury within her the essence of his being, his sperm, his brand and she joyfully, accepted all he could give her.

Together they reached heaven, their minds fogged, their senses so permeated with sensation they were almost delirious, then as the series of convulsions weakened within her womb, as the last drop of sperm was expelled, they collapsed.

It seemed an ages later when she felt his hand gently unwinding the skirt which bound her. Cool air reached her flushed cheeks and glazed eyes and she squinted in the soft light of the room.

It was like coming out of a dark fog. Her eyes met his and glowed in answer to the light which glittered in his. He reached for her and gathered her in his arms and gently dropped kisses on her forehead, her nose and then her clinging lips. They exchanged a long, deep intimate kiss and then he bundled her exhausted, satiated body between the cool cotton sheets, pulling the blanket to her chin and hugging her closely behind, clasping her spoon fashion. She drifted in a sea of contentment and love, and true to her nature, fell into a deep velvet sleep.

*This was actually written a couple of years ago- just came across it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Good Neighbour - Chapter 2

Rob stirred as Monique crept out of bed. A dim light bathed the room, barely illuminating the rich wood of the headboard, the tumbled deep blue of the duvet and the sensuous yellows and blues in the Kashmir carpet. He snuggled into the silky softness of the cotton sheets, missing her warmth beside him. He felt pleasantly sleepy and relaxed for the first time in days.

Quietly, Monique slipped into the attached powder room, donning the clothes she had left ready the night before. Tiptoeing back in the bedroom, she went to where her husband slumbered, leaning down, and brushing soft lips across his forehead.

"Eh?" Rob mumbled.

"Shhh. Go back to sleep. I'll see you later – I have to get to the airport." she whispered.

Rob reached up sleepily, tangling his big hand in the silky strands of her dark hair. Pulling her down, his sleep softened lips captured hers. He breathed in her scent, clean and sweet and soft and his morning erection twitched. Still half asleep, he reached for her hand, placing it on the mound now pushing up the duvet.

Monique giggled. Squeezing, she grinned as he moaned. Pushing aside the duvet, she admired him as he lay still half asleep.

A big man, shoulders wide and strong, a slim waist and narrow hips and that big beautiful cock, now tumescent and full, laying twitching across his left thigh.

Leaning down, she breathed her warm breath along its length, her tongue flicking out to lap at the tip.

Rob groaned and his hand came down and pushed her head towards his groin.

Monique complied, opening her mouth and sucking the spongy head of his prick into its warm cavern. He groaned as her mouth enveloped him, thrusting his hips up and pushing his stiff prick further into the warm prison of her mouth.

Monique's mouth stretched wide as the heavy prick pushed in toward the back of her throat. Experienced, her tongue flicked at the sensitive underside, relishing the reaction as his prick jumped. Then, reluctantly, she pulled back up, her mouth leaving a glistening trail along the swollen shaft.

"Sorry, sweetie, gotta run." she said, dropping a butterfly kiss on his sweet cock.

Rob opened sleep gummed eyes and grimaced.

"What about this?" he said.

Monique grinned then leaning down, brushed her lips against his.

"You'll have to take care of that yourself." she said.

"I'll make up for it when I get home!".

With that, Monique grabbed her overnight bag and in a swish of perfume and warm woman scent, left.

Rob lazily brushed his cock with his own hand, running fingers up and down the shaft, slick with his wife's saliva. His mind wandered over various scenarios, shying away from the one he most wanted to explore.

It was several days after he and Aisling had had that incredible sex session in his office. Unexpected and unbelievably erotic, he was consumed with guilt that he had betrayed his wife. He took full responsibility for their transgression – it was he after all who had been lusting over those heavy firm breasts, those long legs and that curvy ass. Seeing her with that boy's cock fucking her mouth had been too much and he was weak.

Rob dropped his cock as it twitched in his hand, swollen, its tip wet with pre-cum and slippery with the clear fluid.

He WOULD stop thinking of her! He had apologized to her profusely the next morning, when guilt ridden and mortified he had seen her in the gardening, pulling weeds in a brief tee and some very short shorts.

"Don't be silly, Robert!" It was wonderful!" she had said grinning.

She had pushed up to him then, warm woman scent and heavy breasts loose under a tee-shirt, long legs bare and the firm warm globes of her bottom glimpsed under the short edge of the brief pants. Rubbing those beautiful breasts against his chest, she had reached to cup his erection, which despite his best intentions, was straining the front of his sweatpants.

Mortified, glancing back at the windows of his house where Monique was cooking breakfast, and determined to be strong, Rob had pushed her away. He knew what was best, he explained, and they couldn't do this. It was just plain wrong!

Aisling had just grinned, a saucy, salacious smile that had made his prick quiver..

Sauntering away, twitching the full, firm globes of her delectable ass, she had tossed an insouciant “we’ll see” over her shoulder.

Lying in bed, Rob felt a sting of regret that he would never again feel his prick pushing up that tight wet cunt.

Groaning, Rob rolled over, his heavy prick flopping to the bed as he buried his head in the pillow and determined to forget it all.

Drifting, he started to fall back asleep, lulled by the warmth of the room, a shaft of morning sun just starting to illuminate its interior, dust motes dancing in the weak light.


The next thing Rob was aware of was the delicious, indescribable pleasure of a warm mouth sucking his cock. He had fallen back asleep and still dazed, eyes closed, grinned.

"Getting the next plane?" he asked.

The mouth on his prick ran experienced lips up and down the swelling shaft, lapping at the tip then enveloping its heavy length in a warm prison. Her mouth felt particularly tight around his cock today, an exquisite unyielding pressure which made his balls tighten.

"God, baby, that feels amazing!" he said, his voice thick.

The bed, ruffled and warm, enveloped him in the smell of the sex he and his wife had indulged in the night before. That tangy scent drifted around his face like a sweet veil of arousal. He stretched, keeping his hips still, focused on keeping that warm mouth wrapped around his turgid member.

His hips tensed and reaching down, his eyes still closed as he savoured the sensation, he tangled his hand in curls. For a moment, it didn't compute, then as he held the head firmly so he could thrust up into that delicious mouth, he gave a startled exclamation.


His eyes snapped open and he stared down the length of his naked body to see the dancing eyes of his naughty neighbour, her little mouth stretched wide with the thick shaft of his prick.

"Aisling!" he said, horrified and tried to pull his prick from her mouth.

Two capable hands came around and clasped the firm globes of the firm buttocks. Determined, Aisling sank her mouth right down on the delicious cock, pushing his ass up toward her mouth so the big prick sank further down her experienced throat.

Rob was lost. Groaning, watching with a mixture of horror and lust, he grabbed the red curls and began fucking the delectable mouth.

The long shaft, swollen and red, a large vein throbbing along its length looked incredibly good pushing in and out of that soft mouth. A mixture of Aisling’s saliva and precum which was now flowing out of the purple head of his cock glistened each time he pulled his stiff prick out of that sweet mouth. Then, exquisitely, the warmth and sensation of her mouth as he pushed his prick back in, deep.

Aisling gagged slightly as the thick cockhead touched the back of her throat. Then relaxing her throat, she was able to swallow and now almost the entire prick was in her mouth. Her tongue busily ran up and down the shaft, lapping at the head and inserting its tip into the slit at the top.

God he tasted good!

Aisling took one of her hands and ran it between the strong thighs, trailing a finger up between Rob’s legs until she reached the heavy balls. Groaning around her delicious mouthful of cock, she cupped the heavy testicles which were already tight and starting to pull up towards his groin.

Carefully, she scraped the lightly furred surface of his turgid testicles, and was rewarded as she felt that great prick jump in her mouth and swell even more.

"Baby, you have to stop ... otherwise I'm going to cum." Rob groaned.

The fingernail again scraped lightly at the surface of his balls, which tightened up further, gathering and ready to push all that sweet cum up the heavy shaft now buried in her greedy mouth.

Rob looked down and thought he had never seen anything so erotic. Aisling was crouched over him, her heavy breasts swinging and jiggling as her mouth worked busily, the nipples engorged and stiff. Her little ass was up in the air as she knelt over him, he could see the crack at this angle.

His whole groin felt on fire, his cock felt like it was three feet long and all he could think of now was he wanted to spurt his prick right down that working throat. He wanted to hold her head while he did that so he could make sure she swallowed every drop of the hot, thick bounty.

Groaning, he pushed her head down and closed his eyes as his balls gathered and then spat their load up the turgid shaft. Rob actually felt the cum as it filled his prick and then almost painfully erupted from the tip of his prick, buried deep down Aisling's throat.

Aisling choked for a moment as the hot, heavy jets of cum began to spurt down her throat. Pulling back slightly she began to frantically swallow all that yummy frothy white cum, but despite her best efforts, her mouth filled, ballooning out her cheeks. Cum squeezed out the tight sides of her mouth, which, stretched and pulled was barely able to encircle the spasming member.

Rob felt like he was dying. His hand on the red curls weakened and fell off as his prick emptied itself, his hips thrusting helplessly. Looking down his body, he watched as hot cum dripped out of the side of his pretty neighbour’s bow lips.

As the last dribbles of cum jerked out of the spongy tip, he lay back, exhausted and depleted.

Aisling waited, savouring every drop of cum, and lapping very gently at the now extremely sensitive tip of his cock.

"God, that was SO good." she thought as the prick began to shrink and soften.

Her tongue carefully cleaned the sweet prick, lapping up every drop of cum and cleaning it thoroughly.

Rob's chest was going up and down like a bellows, his heart still beating frantically as he recovered from an incredibly intense orgasm. He lay, catching his breath as Aisling crawled up his body to lay a curly head against his chest. Encircling her, he tried to process what had just occurred.

Kissing the side of his neck, Aisling took his hand, placing it on her swollen breast. Rob cupped that beautiful, heavy orb, squeezing gently, his fingers pinching the stiff rubbery nipple. Aisling groaned and sat up. With a lithe move of her strong body, she straddled his chest, her breasts jouncing, her wet slit trailing a glistening trail along the hair on his chest.

"Me now, baby!" she said imperiously.

Rob looked up at her.

Putting his hands on her hips, he pulled her towards him.

The hairless slit, smoothly shaved, plump and inviting was right there. He studied it, feeling his depleted cock twitching. Her taut thighs were spread, pulling the tight lips apart and showing him the dark pink inner labia. Peeking between, at the apex of her slit where her mound began, was the impudent bright red clit, swollen and erect.

Pulling her close, Rob breathed in the smell of this beautiful woman, ripe and rich, sweet and yet innocent. Her entire slit glistened with her arousal. Taking a deep breath, he pulled that cunt onto his mouth.

Aisling groaned as Rob’s soft tongue began to flick at her swollen clit, first laving then ever so gently nibbling. She pushed against his face, rubbing that wet slit around his mouth and nose.

Rob's hand came around and he began to caress the firm tight globe of her ass as he continued to lick and suckle the sweet cunt. A finger wandered between the tight crack, running an experimental finger to gently touch the furled anus.

Aisling jumped as Rob’s finger gently touched her back there. She had never had anyone do that and wasn't quite sure. Then she groaned as Rob took that swollen clit between his lips and began to suckle.

Rob's prick began to twitch as he buried his face in the delectably firm crotch. Carefully, but determined, he worked his finger in her tight crack, gently flicking and pushing extremely lightly against the tight rectum. Aisling, caught up in the sensation of Rob licking her swollen cunt, ignored the forays into her tight behind.

Rob felt his prick swelling as his finger probed at the tight asshole. Her cunt was soaking against his lips, the labia swollen and pink and scrumptious. Aisling's clit was quite large when aroused, succulent and stiff, like a tiny penis. Surreptitiously, he pushed his finger forward and pushed his finger into the swollen folds of her cunthole. She was soaking and sweet, clear juice dripped off his fingers as he slowly frigged them in and out of that luscious hole.

She groaned, making his prick swell even more.

His fingers well soaked, Rob pulled them back and then carefully pushed against the tight asshole yet again. Aisling, unconsciously, now thoroughly aroused, pushed back against the stiff digit. Rob groaned against her sweet clit as he felt his finger sink in to the first knuckle.

Aisling yelped as she felt the finger push up her rectum. For a moment, she stopped, but Rob quickly captured that succulent clit and began nibbling. Her ass relaxed a bit, as the stiff finger very gently pushed further in.

"That feels .. different!"

"Relax, sweetheart, just sink down on it, relax your ass. It will feel good." Rob promised.

Aisling complied. Taking a deep breath she pushed her firm ass down on the invading digit.


"It feels wonderful!"

Aisling felt that sweet deep tugging in her womb. Reaching up, she cupped her own heavy breasts, fondling and squeezing the swollen orbs then cupping the nipples she pinched them first gently, then as her arousal began to peak, harder.

Rob looked up and watched her play with her tits. She had her nipples in a firm grip and was pinching and pulling them away from her chest, swollen, dark brown and erect.

Impatiently, Aisling rubbed her slit against his lips, wiggling her ass on the stiff finger embedded there. Her breathing quickened.

Rob suckled the little clit and began fucking his finger in and out of the tight ass. He felt her taut thighs stiffen and her breathing became ragged. Suddenly, with a long wail she pressed down against his tongue and he felt her cunt spasming against his mouth. Thick viscous fluid gushed out of the swollen cunt hole, soaking his chest.

Rob's prick was rampantly erect again as he felt her cum. Aisling pulled back, her clit too sensitive to touch as her orgasm peaked. He watched intently as her cunt hole pulsed and contracted with the strength of her orgasm.

Rob gave Aisling a few minutes to recover herself, then pulling her hips towards him, he began to gently flick his tongue against her clit, his finger still buried deep in her ass.

"I'm done,!" Aisling said, laughing.

"No sweetie, you're not. We're just starting." he told her.

Reaching back, Aisling grinned as she felt her the now rampantly erect cock, throbbing and firm.

"I thought you were too old to come more than once." she said teasingly.

Rob took his soaking mouth away from where he was avidly devouring the viscous, delicious cunt.

"I thought so too, sweetheart, but apparently, you have this strange effect on me!"

After several minutes, Rob heard a hitch in her breathing. Beneath his tongue, the sweet clit began to swell yet again.

Holding the narrow hips, he pulled his head back.

"I want to fuck you, darling. I need to bury my prick in you." he said plaintively.

"Yes, I want that too." a breathless Aisling responded.

Aisling moved her hips further down so her hips hovered just over Rob’s narrow groin. His prick was swollen and stiff – glistening still from his previous cum as well as her saliva. The head was purple and spongy, the slit gaping, leaking a clear fluid which ran in rivulets down the lightly furred expanse of his flat stomach.

Reaching between her spread legs, she grasped that beautiful prick at the base, ready to sink down.

Rob stayed her with his hands.

"I'll do this, babe, you enjoy." he commanded.

"Kneel so that your feet are on either side of my hips and your ass is just over me." he directed.

Aisling, legs strong and toned from running, complied.

Rob now had a perfect view of her entire slit – from the impudent clit to the sweet furled mystery of her asshole.

Taking his prick in his hand, he pushed the head gently into the swollen folds of her cunt, soaking the head and then pushing gently, but inexorably upward.

He groaned as he watched his prick sink into the tight hole.

Slowly, taking his time he pushed it up as far as it could go, actually bumping against her cervix and causing her to take a breath.

"Did I hurt you, sweetie?" he asked anxiously.

"NO. That felt great!" she said.

Moaning, Rob held the narrow hips tightly, pulling her up and off his long stiff prick. Aisling watched too as the thick member pulled out of her tight hole, glistening with her juices. With a groan she sank down on it again, loving the feel of it pushing into her, splitting her open, pushing her folds impossibly apart and tight.

Rob reached over and fumbled in the night table, ensuring that his big prick remained embedded in its sweet prison.

Grabbing the KY, he poured a generous amount on his fingers.

"What's that?" Aisling, asked a little breathlessly.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass, sweetie?" he asked.


Aisling sounded a little troubled.

Reaching up, Rob cupped her face and made her look at him.

"Would I EVER hurt you?" he asked.

"Noooo." she said a little uncertainly.

"And I won't now." he promised.

With that, Rob took his gel covered fingers and gently began to spread the KY over her ass, pushing a gel covered finger in and out of her tight rectum.

Aisling was pleasantly surprised. With the gel, there was no pain at all and in fact Rob’s finger felt really good fucking her up there. It felt full and sort of strange but definitely felt hot.

She closed her eyes and leaned back a little, giving him full visual access to his finger fucking.

Rob watched his own fingers push in and out of the tight sweet rectum. Carefully, not wanting to hurt her, he inserted a second finger, pushing slowly up and waiting as her asshole adjusted to the new invasion. Aisling groaned.

Above her swollen cunt was wet and glistening, leaking a clear arousal from the deep red hole while her clit quivered between her tight outer labia, clearly visible.

Rob pulled his fingers out with a pop and reaching, spread some more gel. Grasping his stiff, moist prick he coated it liberally with gel.

"Ready babe?" he asked.

Aisling opened her green eyes, heavy lidded and languorous. Her engorged breasts quivered, their nipples stiff and erect with arousal.

"Yes, I want you to fuck me there. Do it. Fuck me in the ass."

Holding her hips tightly with one hand, grasping his slippery heavy prick with the other, Rob directed the moist head of his cock toward the impossibly tiny asshole. Pointing the moist head of his prick, he pushed it gently at the tight muscled entrance, the slippery gel making it slide and occasionally push slightly, very slightly in.

There, the tip barely entered. Aisling squealed as she felt the thick head push the tight folds of her ass apart. She tensed. Rob reached down and began to caress and gently squeeze the wet slit. He badly wanted to thrust his big prick right up and to hell with it, but he held on with an iron resolve, allowing just the head to rest just inside that beautiful ass.

Aisling began to relax. She closed her eyes and explored the sensation of having the tip of a prick right up her virgin ass. It actually felt really sexy, she realized.

Her legs trembled as she maintained her crouched posture, legs akimbo, slit open to Rob’s unwavering gaze. Carefully, she looked down and by craning her head was able to just see the thick shaft whose head was now up her.

A wave of lust hit her at the sight of that thick red prick pushing up her asshole.

"Oh Robert!"

With a grunt, she carefully pushed her ass downward toward the slender groin and felt that big stiff prick sliding up her fundament.

"Oh God, oh god, oh god."

Rob literally thought he would go mad. His prick was buried so deep inside the tight ass, her sweet cheeks were actually resting on his groin, his balls nestled up against their firm warmth. His prick was so tightly held that it was almost painful, but a pain so exquisite he thought he would die.

It was no good, he had to thrust.

Holding her hips tightly, Rob pulled her up. The tight ass literally scraped and sucked at his prick as he pulled it out, then, with a groan, thrust it back in.

In and out, Rob shoved his thick cock. He watched avidly as that tiny asshole expanded as he pushed up, enveloping his cock in the most delicious tightness. Adjusting his rhythm, he released one of Aisling's narrow hips, and reached between the spread thighs to rub and manipulate her quivering, wet cunt.

Aisling's breath came rapidly. She had never felt anything like this before, this invasion up her most intimate parts. The feel of that big prick pushing up her ass was indescribable but unbelievably exciting. As he fucked his cock in and out, her own juices, running clear and sticky down the crack of her ass, coated the glistening shaft of his prick as he pulled it out only to thrust it up again.

She felt her womb quivering deep inside, her breasts trembling and jiggling, her clit hyper extended and sensitive. She looked down, her mouth slack, her eyes glazed and watched Rob take his big hand and oh so cleverly touch and twist that swollen clit. The sensation, together with the feel of that big cock pushing in and out, brought her over.

Wailing, Aisling pressed down, pushing as much of that huge cock up her as she could get. Her cunt spasmed and contracted, its deep red hole opening and closing, a thick whitish fluid spurting from between her nether lips.

Rob watched her cum and felt the sperm in his cock suddenly explode. Yelling, he pushed down on her hips, fucking his cock up deep, not caring if he hurt her, caring only that he had to empty his prick and spurt deep within that succulent ass.

Through the fog of her own orgasm, Aisling felt the long hot spurts of Rob’s prick emptying itself deep inside her most intimate hole.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, cum in me." Aisling mumbled, breath hitching, breasts flushed and quivering.

"Here it is, sweetheart, here it is. Take all that cum, all that cum."

Rob thrust helplessly up, emptying his prick up Aisling’s tight, beautiful ass.

"There, there, it is. All of it. All of it up your ass." he cried.

Aisling felt the spurting cock start to slow as the last teaspoon of hot cum trickled out of Rob’s cock. Her breath came rapidly and hard as she gulped and tried to catch her breath. She felt weak and completely limp.

Leaning forward, she draped herself on Rob’s chest, relishing the comfort of his arms as they came around her to hug her close.

Rob's prick began to soften and shrink, and pulling Aisling closer, he felt it slip out of her abused asshole, cool air striking its reeking, glistening surface.

The two lay exhausted yet replete. As Rob drifted off to the soft sound of Aisling’s breath against his neck, he thought "I'll deal with this later."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Lady - Chapter 1

Her skin ripples, a soft whisper of movement as awareness of Her presence embraces and surrounds. Beneath the blindfold, her eyes flutter as her heartbeat drums a staccato against the pale flesh of her breast. She breathes deep and whimpers in pained ecstasy as her Lady’s scent fills her senses.

The small hairs on the back of her neck stand straight as warmth reaches out and almost caresses. Swaying, she undulates towards Her presence, yearning for Her touch.

caer is naked, her arms pulled tight behind her back, encircled with soft leather cuffs, strong with a velvet underband that caresses a translucent blue-veined wrist. Her shoulders tremble slightly, pulling her hands tight like this behind her always strains but she welcomes the small pain and offers it to Her with unspoken gratefulness.

She kneels, thighs spread wide as told, whispering a mantra to herself to keep open and available with pure devotion and determination. The delicate pale pink labia, already dewed with moisture and proof of her arousal glisten in the muted candlelight. The small breasts, tip tilted with swollen crimson nipples tremble as she moves restlessly on her knees. She straightens, thrusting her soft breasts out for Her use.

Cool, soft braided leather slip along her cheek causing her to start and stifle a cry. She can smell her own odour on its twisted cool surface and moans. Slowly, gently, barely touching, her Lady caresses her face, following the contour of jaw down the sweep of neck with its thick collar, touching and slightly flicking the straining shoulder blade then dropping to the plump, swollen breasts.

caer gasps as she feels the long slender stalk of the crop push in under her breasts, in the crease where the soft flesh meets the broad ribcage. As if weighing their bounty, her Lady lifts the breasts away from her chest, digging in with a sweet sharp pressure that makes caer cry out …

Her breasts, swollen, the nipples aching, are suspended for a moment and then she suddenly feels her Lady’s soft tongue sweep across their swollen tips.

Between her legs caer feels her arousal swell in a trickle of glistening clearness that trails a teardrop of diamonds across her inner thigh.

Her breasts fall back against her chest as her Lady pulls the crop from beneath them.

caer strains beneath her blindfold, eyes fluttering, ears straining as she tries to ascertain where her Lady stands.

She feels warmth as her Lady’s presence is suddenly behind her. She sighs as Her long slender fingers tangle in the muted ebony of tumbled curls. Tugging, she sways back, thighs trembling as she seeks her balance. She feels her Lady’s warm breath against her ear, not quite touching, a teasing promise that makes her shiver, goosebumps rippling the golden skin.

caer feels the promise of the crop again, trailing down the wings of her shoulder blades, pulling slightly at the bound hands, then suddenly, shockingly, she feels its leather kiss between her legs. Panting, she keeps her thighs spread although instinct pushes her to pull close, to protect that delicate inner skin against the intrusion.

caer moans as the fall of the crop snaps against her spread inner lips, flicking the swollen nub of her pleasure and torment.

A wet sweet sound as moisture spatters against the long, pale lips, as the crop licks at her perfidious body, then again, soft, then hard and she feels Her Lady’s hand at her neck, holding her still and breasts trembling, she fights to stay still as her Lady demands.

The hot sweet lick of pain against her most delicate parts sparks fire in caer’s soul. She moans quietly, pushing back against her Lady’s fingers which dig cruelly into the slender neck, grasping the collar which declares Her ownership.

She feels her Lady’s sweet breath against her cheek, vanilla laced coffee scent which floods her with an atavistic rush of memory and want.

Her own hands, capable and practical, checking the beans for freshness, sliding them through expert fingers, assessing the oil and colour and texture. Breathing deep the deep, rich scent and choosing carefully the amount. Arms piled with fresh coffee beans, dairy fresh butter and crusty multigrain bread, slipping quietly into a silent house where her Lady sleeps a deep, welcoming sleep of contentment.

Muffling the grinder with a towel so as not to wake her Lady, slicing thick crusty rounds of yeasty grainy bread, topped with fresh churned butter and the jam she had put up the summer before. Setting the tray with Irish lace and heavy silver cutlery, pinching off the tip of a beautiful yellow tulip from the bunch she had bought her Lady yesterday, placing it in a small cut crystal vase on the pristine tray.

Then, with a click allowing classical music, muted and sweet, to infuse the quiet air of the house, carefully balancing her tray, eddies of ambrosic coffee scent eddying about her, she gently wakes her Lady.

A sharp nip at her ear brings her back to the reality of sensation. Consciousness floods back in a delicious wave of pain and pleasure, so inextricably entwined she cannot differentiate where one starts and the other ends.

She gasps as her Lady kneels behind her, her Lady’s hands coming around the trembling torso to cup the heaving breasts. Lost, she cannot stop herself from leaning back against Her, the feel of her Lady’s hard nipples, the soft fullness of her heavy breasts against her back so all encompassing she panics as she feels the heavy, painful pressure deep inside so intensely that she fights for control.

Her Lady’s soft seductive breath is hot against her ear. caer pants, desperately, harshly, her breath loud in the quiet air.

Her Lady grasps the firm breasts, their sweet flesh barely filling Her palms, but the nipples, thick, engorged with blood and arousal deliciously swollen.

caer stills as her Lady’s hands cup, squeeze, and then pull, thumb and forefingers grasping the crimson tips suddenly, pinching and pulling them away from the soft flesh.

Between her spread thighs, caer feels a warm, hot stream of liquid trickle from the swollen, aroused folds of her most intimate place.

Without conscious volition, caer pushes back against the delicious, heavy breasts of her Beloved, her skin singing with desire and lust, relishing the feel of hard pebbly nipples scraping along her shoulder wings, the hot soft give of breast flesh.

Rich, earthy, the air is perfumed with their arousal, hot, rich female scents, clean and astringent as their bodies burgeon and flow, hot sweet trickles of desire and preparation bedewing thighs, swelling breasts and engorging nipples.

Deep within, the hot sweet ache of lust, the familiar heaviness building deep in her groin, caer trembles on her abraded knees. The building, the pushing, the urgency of her need begins to overwhelm and she trembles, her strong body weak and disoriented as her Lady plays, pulls and pinches, abusing the soft breast flesh of Her plaything with delight. Against her back her Lady’s breasts create a symphony of sensation that threaten to drag caer into a maelstrom of acquiescence.

“Not yet.” Her Lady’s voice, implacable.

Tears seep unbidden from beneath the blindfold, acid trails of despair trailing a crystal trail of regret along the flushed cheeks. caer breathes deep, seeking her center, seeking her control as she has been taught by Her Lady and finds a shaky, tremulous hold over her treacherous body.

Ruthlessly, she mentally pushes back the hot heaviness which wants to explode from her abused flesh, grasping the dissipating threads of determination to exert a terrible control over what she cannot have.

Her Lady stands and caer moans in despair as she feels the soft warmth of her Lady’s body leave her back, her breasts bereft as her Lady’s hands leave their sensitive tips.

Then she feels Her beloved presence in front of her and her Lady’s hands are at her eyes and the flaps unclipped and caer blinks even in the muted candle lit glow of the room, her great eyes luminous, their deep, rich sherry coloured orbs glittering with the sheen of tears.

Her lady stands before her, Her very presence a shining beacon of glory, the pale hair silky and wild around the ivory face, Her pale blue eyes stormy, glittering and clear, relishing the sight of Her property kneeling before Her. Her magnificent breasts are bare, full, heavy, swollen globes, deliciously soft skinned, the luscious nipples, swollen tipped and erect.

Capturing the adoring gaze of her girl, She smiles a rich, lazy smile of ownership. Her Lady carefully, slowly cups a heavy breast.

caer, frozen, feels her mouth dry as she watches Her Lady hold Her own breast in Her soft, strong hands, cupping the heavy weight of it and holding it like a luscious piece of fruit, then leaning, her Lady comes near. caer watches as her Lady’s beautiful breast, the flesh firm, the skin soft, ivory pale over flushed muscle and the rich swelling deliciousness of it fills her gaze and a rush of intense, hot need to her lower body, so overwhelming she almost cries out in pain.

Her Lady delicately, softly rubs the hot tip of Her erect nipple against the flushed cheek of Her possession, trailing the sweet tender flesh along the path of tears as if sipping up the reality of caer’s submission, coating Her own flesh in the salt bounty of Her property’s sacrifice.

caer sways, her eyes caught by the beauty of the pale tipped breast, its tip glistening with her own tears, the flesh incredibly soft and pale, the fingers of Her Lady denting the swollen, rich underside with its delectable rich underhang.

Still holding her full, heavy breast, the tip glittering, her Lady pulls a small hassock in front of where Her property kneels. Now, Her breasts are directly in front of the pleading gaze of Her submissive. Gently, She tangles Her fingers in the tumbled curls of Her darling, and guides Her breast to the soft lips which tremble as caer sees the bounty being conferred upon her.

Like a baby at the breast, her Lady rubs the salt tipped glistening nipple against Her property’s small mouth and obediently, caer opens her trembling lips, moaning as she sighs and closes her eyes and pulls into her undeserving mouth, the prize she has been offered.

She can taste her own despair on the full, warm deliciousness of her Lady’s flesh and the reality that she has been given this bounty, this delight, overwhelms. Breathing through her nose, she suckles strongly at her Lady’s breast, her lips pulled up and around her teeth so as not to mark the beautiful flesh, pulling the hard swollen nipple to the back of her mouth, her tongue laving the sensitive tip, her lips working strongly at the ducts surrounding the nipple.

As she suckles, caer feels her Lady’s hands tangle in the black curls, tugging at the roots, lightly, then harder until a hot searing delicious pain sparks fire into the aching tips of her own breasts. She whimpers against her Lady’s sweet flesh, tears seeping from the corners of her shut eyes, feeling overwhelmed between the bounty of her Lady’s flesh and the ache now spreading throughout her abused scalp.