Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Your fingers dance across my skin, trailing want like burns along the pale expanse of need and creating in my mind a conflagration of possibilities that make my eyes gleam feral in the dusk of the room. I feel you hot and hard against the back of my thighs, the damp warmth of your demand trailing stickily along the sweep of pale flesh pressed against the length of your body.

I feel your teeth sink into where my shoulder sweeps into neck, pressing with the promise of sharp, hot need and I arch into your want with a hitch of breath that leaves me panting. 

My hair tumbles over my face as you tighten your mouth and force me down and beneath the muted ruby of its curls, I feel cocooned and caught, enmeshed in the trembling panting of your breath.
I move restlessly, flanks twitching like a restive mare. You tighten your hands around my wrists stretched high about my head, shoulders straining and I feel your hand between my thighs, clever fingers burrowing and finding the hidden tightness of my need.

I buck and your body tightens around me and I feel the stiff hot demand of you slip between the slickness of my want and I growl. You jerk my arms tight and I involuntarily groan, caught between the promise of pain and fierceness of my rutting need, wanting both pain and pleasure with a craving that threatens to overwhelm me.

Your body presses my flesh into the tumbled sheets and I feel your teeth tighten on that sweet, meaty part of my shoulder that you love so much and in my mind, I imagine the hot copper taste of my blood trickling into your mouth as you break the skin. The pain is sharp and immediate and makes things tighten deep inside and I feel the throbbing slick release between my legs drench the material below me in sympathy with the warm trickle down my neck. Your body demands acquiescence and the subjection of self but the fierce, wild spirit in me fights your mastery and I struggle beneath you. Our breathing is ragged and harsh in the hushed twilight room as we struggle, a two-backed beast of slick flesh and dampness, of hot hard need and swollen promise.

My shoulders strain and tremble and pain lances through the tendons as you force my arms higher and surging, I feel you hot and damp and hard against me, pushing the firm flesh of my buttocks inexorably apart. 

Belly aching deep inside, the want pulling at me, I capitulate and whimpering struggle to my knees, pushing my hips up and back, straining against your weight, opening and presenting my slick wetness to you.

The spongy dribbling tip of you slips into my swollen folds and my breath catches as I feel your girth spreading me, parting me. Wiggling desperately beneath your weight, I seek to impale myself on your throbbing, stiff organ and laughing, you hold my wrists tight and pulling your hips back, deny me my pleasure.

I cry out, raging in my hot rutting lust and again buck beneath you, thighs trembling as I strain to sink onto you, breath hot, hair tumbling in long, crimson strands against the white sheet.

You fasten your teeth yet again in my neck and I cry out, neck straining as I writhe beneath you. Your body is heavy against my back and I am pushed harshly down until my nipples scrape against the soft cotton of the sheet and I feel the mound of my sex throbbing against the bed. The feel of you against the soft flesh of my buttocks enflames me and moaning, I try to lift my hips back against the hard, throbbing core of you.

Locking me in position, you lean heavily against my back and your fingers reach under and then between my thighs. When you touch the nub of me, I explode in frantic want, buttocks pushing back against you, the long hard length of you parting the plump, firm cheeks. Holding me still with one hand, I whimper as you rub the stiff length of your sex along the furrow of my buttocks, nestling the sweet spongy tip in the little flower of my 

Again, I buck beneath your weight, crying as the strain on my shoulders sends lancing pain through my arms. I struggle to push my ass further up your body, seeking to impale myself yet again. Slowly, inexorably, the tip of you pushes insistently against the tight furled nether passage and suddenly I am still as I feel your throbbing cock pushing against the most private part of me.

I feel myself twitch, my inner muscles tightening and a terrible thrilling fear floods me. Slowly, insistently, your hips flex and the plump, spongy tip of your cock pushes again at the tight ring of my ass. I lie still, heart beating rapidly, eyes now closed as I try to deal with the sharp pain which now floods my lower body as you push without mercy, determined to thrust yourself up and in.

My buttocks flex involuntarily, tightening and trying to expel the invading stiffness of your desire but you persist, your hips slowly pressing down, relishing the tearing, hurting feel as my ass is spread wide, the concentric rings tightening and throbbing against your length and girth. Your foreskin is pulled painfully back from the dribbling tip of your cock as you finally manage to slide the bulging head in the first inch of my ass and you groan, caught between pain and a fierce glee at forcing yourself in the tight, constricting passage.

Shifting slightly, tightening your hold on my arms so I can’t move, your knees spread against the back of my thighs so I am trapped, you push roughly and I scream as your length is suddenly thrust in, tearing minute little nicks in the sensitive skin and you sink deep.

The feel of you inside me is so frighteningly immediate that I stiffen and am quiet. My ass aches fiercely but just below I feel my cunt twitching and the liquid want of me is slick and slippery and as you pull back and before I can breathe, thrust again, the clear viscous dribbling from you mingling with the clear astringent proof of my own arousal.

My heart beats frantically and confused, I lie still, torn between thrusting back against your hips and pulling away, between the hot searing pain and the sucking, needy want. Now you lie heavy and reassuring against my back, patient, your long, thick cock sheathed deep to the root in my most private part and you wait, allowing me to accustom myself to the unexpected intrusion, organ throbbing gently in rhythmic hot pulsations that mimic the beating of my heart, which throbs like a frightened sparrow in my chest.

I hear your voice murmuring in my ears, and your tongue is soft as you lick gently at the trickling blood of the perfect teethmarks in my collarbone, indentations welling gently. Your other hand works gently between my thighs, tugging lightly at the silver rings, finger slipping between the swollen folds of my sex to barely brush the tingling quivering nub of my desire.

Slowly, I quieten, my muscles, tense and hard, relax and I lie quiescent, obedient, the trembling lessening, then stopping until my body is quiet and soft under you, even the clenching muscles of my ass softening and slowly, rhythmically you pull out with a rich, sucking quiver, then push in, still fighting the tightness, pull out then thrust and your hand sings between my thighs and my mind drifts and the ache on my shoulder throbs in sequence to the plundering thrust of your cock and I feel the need building, swelling deep in my belly.

My body quivers and starts to vibrate and I tighten involuntarily against you and you groan as the hot passage tightens and sucks at you and the crimson constriction of my ass is just this side of painful as you force your way in again and again.

I feel your fierce want and my breasts tighten and swell and you release my arms and with fevered hands take my hips and pull me up and tight against you and I scream as the thick base of your cock splits me wider yet and you yell triumphantly and jerk me closer, relishing the sounds of my pain and your fingers dig into the sweep of hip and the pale skin flushes crimson as your hips slap against the quivering flesh of my spread cheeks.

The hot heavy constriction at the front of my sex throbs and I feel the aching need and I whimper. Struggling to my hands, shoulders aching, my breasts hang loose, quivering and shaking each time your groin thrusts your heavy cock deep, the nipples swollen, hard, tips fiercely crimson, I pump back against you, relishing the ache, internalizing the pain, offering it to you with an exultant cry as your thrusting, rubbing as it does against the spongy, rough G-spot on the other side of the thin membrane separating cunt from anus, suddenly triggers a veritable stream of clear, sweet smelling fluid from the front of my sex where your fingers work.

As the hot fluid soaks your fingers, your balls tighten and I hear you groaning over the rapid panting of my own breath and my nipples swell further and I feel the tingling, growing wave coming and yelling, your hand comes down across my buttock with a fierce smack, the imprint of your fingers clearly marked, a bruise already forming and then clutching the bones of my hips, fingers pushing into the sore, bruised flesh, you lean back and drink in the sight of your thick stem appearing and then disappearing into the tight ass and then leaning over my back, I feel you give a mighty thrust, then another and another and the hot, molten stream of you spurts into my dark tunnel and my own peak is triggered and helplessly I cry into the musk of the room, my cunt quivering and pulsing in tandem with the pulsing of your cock.

My arms cannot hold me as quivering, trembling with release, I allow myself to fall to the bed. You lie across me, heavy and enveloping, your breath hot against my ear, the frantic beating of your heart pulsing in time with mine and together we struggle to find our breath and lie, enjoying the diminishing contractions of our pleasure.

Leaning over my shoulder, your lips kiss me gently. Your hand cups my sore bottom and sighing, you push yourself up and spreading my cheeks admire the foaming crimson-touched proof of your plundering. You slip out of the room while I drift, half asleep, my bottom throbbing, the abused passage burning slightly in the rapidly cooling air. I am almost asleep when cleansed, you slip back in, a basin of warm soapy water in your hands. Carefully, your big fingers gentle, you clean me, spreading my cheeks wide and inspecting carefully for any questionable damage.

Finally, pulling back the sheets you slip into bed, pulling me close beside you, my lips in the hollow of your shoulder and we sleep.


Luna Mauvaise said...

Lovely piece.


Anonymous said...

I like this stuff

Tiggs said...

Very nice... by the way, in reply to your post on your bother blog, rage DOES indeed have some benefits, and it often allows us to face things we wouldn't normally be able to face, or make decisions where we would normally be still.


Anonymous said...

You are still an incredible writer. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can barely formulate words in my head to express everything I've just read. You're writing is captivating on many levels. KayLynn